Guns: how much longer will it take ....

Reply Mon 22 Feb, 2021 02:04 am
Everything that you say about me is a lie. You have no honor and no integrity
You can spout such claims all you like...you don't back it up with anything of substance. It should be easy for you to demonstrate that I have no honor or integrity - all it would take is you linking places where you weren't racist (when white people have been involved in conflict with black people)...but of course you can't...so all you have is hot air.
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Reply Mon 22 Feb, 2021 12:40 pm
Well, this nonsense conversation has gone on long enough
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2021 09:57 am
Concerning your debate with Ollie:
Take the quote "illegal aliens are hurting the financial situation of black people".
I believe that it is a fact. Statistics can be shown which will both support and oppose the statement.
It could also be considered an opinion.
Ollie does not lie. He believes his statements are true.
Reply Tue 23 Feb, 2021 05:10 pm
As I said previously - I think it is quite rare that Oralloy lies, in that most of the things he says he believes to be the absolute truth.

The issue is that truth relies on honesty, most particularly with ones-self. Truths arrived without self-honesty are almost always flawed.

Human beings have a habit of using flawed reasoning to convince themselves that they believe something to be true, then argue from a point of view of the truth of the matter, rather than the reasoning that it is the truth. In this, many aren't willing (and here is where the issue lies) to honestly review their reasoning. Honest review needs to include: all the information / context / perspectives; to fairly apply (the observers) values to all the information when judging where and how it fits into the outcomes (including sub conclusions that lead to your overall conclusion). If it doesn't fit properly, then a review needs to be conducted again, because there is flawed reasoning being used. Once you come to a conclusion, you still need to keep an open mind that: you may have missed something, not understood a perspect / context, or similar. If you find such, then a review is again required - this is honesty. Honesty differs from truth, and truth relies on honesty for its accuracy. If someone challenges you with something that sounds credible that jars with your conclusions - a review is warranted.

In other words, a person uttering a truth not founded in self-honest evaluations, and who refuses to honestly review their reasoning, creates all sorts of conversational nightmares when you try and engage them on their reasoning.

Unfortunately, a great many people are this way in the world. It takes desire (to look inside yourself), courage (to accept that you have flaws), spirituality/morals (to want to be better), empathy (to test your conclusions / beliefs / values), and dedication (the willingness to keep doing this). Like taking up exercise - it sounds difficult at first, but becomes much easier once it becomes habitual.
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