What made you smile today?

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The two bird stories reminded me of something that happened back when our offspring, little G'bag was about 9 or 10 years old. He called me at work to ask breathlessly "Mom, the kids at the bus stop found a nest of birds in that big squatty shrub....they shouldn't touch the babies right?" I told him the kids need to leave the birds alone, the mother will come back but not while the kids were fooling around. He seemed to be very anxious about the future of these birds, so I said a few more comforting things before a light bulb went off in my head, then I said, whatever you do, don't move the nest or bring the nest home. As soon as he asked 'why not??', I knew that nest was now sitting on the kitchen counter.....so, I did tell him that birds carry lice and other nasty things and they won't do well inside somebodies house....He took the bird nest back to that bush with the little birds inside, and we all wished the bird family well. Then I drove home and cloroxed the entire kitchen and young master g'bag. He meant well.
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Teen with cystic fibrosis uses hospital window to ask for pizza — and strangers delivered
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