Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 12:51 pm
What a scare! I'm glad you're going to be going home. Now take care of yourself, OK?
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 01:03 pm
Hope you are well and over the effects of this little reminder of the mortality we all share. Phoenix was right about the likely beneficial effects of the wake up call.

Interesting also to note you analyzed it all just like a geologist - not at all logically like an engineer -- as our engineers are fond of saying of our geologists, "there's one under every rock".

And, like a rock, I suspect you will endure.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 01:09 pm
You sure sound like you're in good spirits! Keep it that way, glad to hear your getting everything in order.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 01:12 pm
I hope you gonna be a good boy, Farmerman, and smell roses instead of fumes.

Be happy!
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 03:08 pm
I yam home. Lots of tests , few definitive answers except what I went in with. Low takeup of K led to an elecrolyte problem which probably triggered it all.

Haggis, yeh , Im certainly gonna add that to my menu..

Ive never given much aditional thought to the electrolytes in some of the sports drinks.

We did the dye echo cardiogram and I had a chance to compare it to a 3-d Seismic rig. seeing my valves in action and seeing the complexity involved in preventing any backflow during the episode was a good expewrience. They had me exercise so to get my heart rate up to a target and then let the dye in via a "cell phone" controller. Then as I was treadmilling they had a new style of sound source , it was a pad rather than a greased knob. Very cool technology. AND, thye could control the frequency to increase the resolution.

Ill be taking many tests as an outpatient this week, but the effect of the K boost isalready noticeable.. Only side-effect is the minor salty taste in my mouth.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 03:22 pm

All good news--particularly being out of the hospital and working with a plan.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 04:19 pm
It's good to hear that you're home! Cool
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 04:42 pm
wishing you speedy recovery , FARMERMAN !

our new doc is obsessed with checking our pot level - at least once a month !
have been taking a "waterpill" since my early 60's , eventually ENALAPRIL was added to keep my bp in the low 120/70 range .
our new doc ordered pot test and put me on "5" slow-K pot pills a day !
my bp came right down and i was able to discontinue the enalapril - which suits me just fine !
there is a study somewhere linking LOW pot level with HIGH bp - will look for it .
hope the wind will billow your sails soon !

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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 04:49 pm

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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 04:56 pm
Oh no. I dont understand all this medical stuff, but you're in a hospital and thats no good. Especially if you have to watch out for stuff from now on.

But smelling the roses is good, and you have a knack for finding the good ones, I think - yer a man of many talents and goodhearted rugged character.

Wishing you all the best, Farmerman. Take care of youself, ok?
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 04:58 pm
Oh you're out of the hospital now, yay! Good going Cool Still wishing you all the best though, and still take care!
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 05:12 pm
Oh good, you're out of there. Hospitals give me the creeps Shocked

So glad you're ok ((((((Farmerman)))))) :-D
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 05:13 pm
Partially inspired by this thread, I've packed packages of electrolyte-power powder to mix with our walking water while we're in New York.

(and antihistamines to allow more rose-sniffing)
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 05:14 pm
Thanks again , I am stunned by therole that K plays in keeping BP down.
When I went in the hospital, the tests showed my initial K was at about 1.8 meq/L. The "low average" was listed as 3.5! I was so low that it coulda been waaay more serious. Like a dreunk whose blood alky level is TOXIC, maybe my K regulating system has been wacked up. Noone has looked at it as anything but a result of my taking diuretics.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 05:22 pm
Glad you are feeling better, Farmerman! Here's a manual for you to read when you're up to it.

How to Wake Up and Smell the Roses
By Debbie Mandel


And, if that doesn't help cheer you up, just think about how nice I am for only giving you these lyrics to read and not the entire album to listen to! Wink


Stop And Take The Time To Smell The Roses Lyrics
Ringo Starr
(Harry Nilsson and Richard Starkey)
Stop and take the time to smell the roses,
Stop and take the time to fill your noses,
Stop as you stroll through life, ("pitter patter, pitter patter")
Stop and take the time to talk it over with your wife.

I said, stop and take the time, take the time to read the label,
Stop, you must remember clark and betty grable.
Stop, there's no train to catch, no there isn't, rose!
No, no, no.

Come on, ev'rybody, you've gotta stop!
Stop on the highway,
Stop when you're in a car on that highway,
Roll down your window,
Look for a man in a porsche and say,
"brother, let's get out and walk, let's go! Can you hear me?"

You know when you're accident prone,
Nobody likes you.
Wave to a man in a rolls
'Cause he knows how to live, ha! Ha!...

Stop and take the time to stop that smoking,
Stop, before the light turns green.
You won't be blue.
Stop, in the name of the law!

"well, i was walking down the street the other day,
You know, and i said to myself, what's all this hurry,
What's all this hustle and bustle.
Why don't i just stop, look at the pretty roses,
Smell them for one moment, take the time to see,
Take the time to smell, have a good time in life.
Don't let ev''rything pass you by, you're only here once
And i've been here longer than most of you."

So stop and take the time to buy this album,
So i can plant roses and smell them all day long.
Stop ev'rything you're doing,
Run to your local record shop and say,
"give me that record called 'stop'"
I'm going crazy with this record business,
I wanna stop it, you want me to stop it,
Ev'rybody wants it to stop.

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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 05:36 pm
PFFFT ya big girl.

Have a bannana and get back to work.

So ya wanna smell flowers?........Pull my finger.........
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 05:42 pm
Glad that didn't turn out worse, Farmerdude. They say an Apple a day keeps the doctor away... but that's bunk. Bananas man! That's where it's at. Quite possibly, the worlds most perfect food... unless you can get your hands on a Acai Berry producing tree.
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 05:43 pm
glad to hear you're back and feeling better

now stay that way
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Joe Nation
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 05:55 pm
Farmerman: does this mean you are not buying a round on Friday?
Have some chicken soup.


So, this is years ago, my father's potassium level crashed (he was 77 then) Things looked grim. We flew in from all over the country to gather at his bedside. When he opened his eyes and saw me he said "Oh sh-t, I must really be sick if you're here."

They had him hooked up to about a million dollars of beeping, chirping and humming equipment. Tubes everywhere and stuck in all available orifices and some additional punctured sites.

The highly educated doctor's came in. "Your father's salt levels dropped to a dangerous level." they murmured to the engrossed crowd of children aged 35-53, "what we recommend is that you make him some homemade chicken soup and that he eat as much of it as he wants over the next few days."

We looked at the million dollars worth of equipment, we looked at the highly educated medical staff in front of us, we looked at each other.

"Right." I said, "Six thousand years of medical research, ten of thousands of studies of highly complicated drugs and the answer is still Chicken Soup."

Two days of chicken soup and the old man was himself again.

He'd still be alive today if he hadn't insisted on climbing onto bench to trim the fruit trees.

Joe(men in our family only die from falls. Eat soup. Don't climb)Nation
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2007 09:39 pm
Get better soon, farmer!
You rest & behave & do whatever the doctor tells you to do, OK?
You had me very worried there for a bit. Goodness me! Shocked
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