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Glad to hear that you "AUTHENTIC" scientist have something to go at......
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Science vs Philosophy 4, touchy and feely:

Duc de Brogiel is of course a figure in the history of science. Piggy read a bit story of him (piggy doesn’t know whether the pig got wrong information on line): Once upon a time, when people knew light is electromagnetic wave, Duc de Brogiel initiated a genius – rated ASSUMPTION “all micro particles should have wave characteristic”. Then, the conception of “matter wave” appeared on the stage of physics.

Again, piggy says that at Duc de Brogiel’s era, people weren’t yet AWARE of the (effect of) PRESENCE and SELF.

As piggy illustrated in the physical model in the physics thread: the MATTER STATE of a released photon is different from other particles. Namely, the PRESENCE of a released photon is different from other particles. Then, of course the SELF of a released photon is different from other particles.
In piggy’s physical model, a released photon is a section of electromagnetic wave travels in straight line. Of course, it has wave characteristic.
But in piggy’s physical model, other elementary particle, such as electron, is “spherical electromagnetic wave”. As a whole, it doesn’t demonstrate wave characteristic. So, the electron can’t pass through two slits in the form of wave.
(For details, please see relevant chapters of the physics thread.)

The fun thing is that Duc de Brogiel’s idea of wave length λ = h / p is applicable to piggy’s wave function of electric interaction in the unit charge model. It seems works in the explanation of single / double slit (s) experiment of electron. (For details, please see relevant posts in the thread “matter vs anti matter”.)
Summary: in the double slits experiment of electron in QM, the electron passes through either ONE of the slits. It’s the wave characteristic of electric interaction causes the interference pattern.

Liqiang Chen
June 9, 2021
No matter how much social resource they input, no matter how complicated / cruel their game would be, their only purpose is to play piggy down. That’s their iron law / rule, “the first law of cosmos” created by the First Order, which never changes. (Piggy would die hard in CN… absolute affair. I am sure.) But piggy trusts that history / science is ever developing.
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