can we reconcile darkness in man with madness(lunacy) ?

Reply Wed 26 Feb, 2014 01:13 pm
When I think about the darkness of man I do not only associate it with the criminal or deviant behaviours that would get you in trouble with the law, but also the various vices of man.
What do you think the darkness of man is?
and what about madness or lunacy.
When looking at history we see a change in the views of what lunacy is and also the treatments of such patients. It has gone from being blamed on goblins and demons to being physical ailments that were supposedly treated through purging and bleeding. Today we talk to patients with various mental ailments and we medicate them.
But is the definition of mad really working the way it is today? What is mad?

I mean a general definition may be that we go from the general public and observe what behavior is deviant depending on the group the individual finds itself in, yet that seems to cause a great deal of confusion, for instance when an American commits a crime in Israel that would not be a crime in America.

and what about mass murderers. The general public would be appalled by the actions of a man who i.e. killed 50 school children in his home town. Most people may jump to the conclusion that he is mad because he is behaving in a way which deviates from the rest of society, but when he goes to court the psychiatrists find nothing wrong with him and declare him mentally sane.

So if someone sane can have that kind of darkness in them, then what are they? just dark?
Could we argue that human darkness and human insanity can be reconciled?
What emotion does it trigger when we think of people who committed a crime because they were insane? Pity? anger?

If anybody has any thoughts on these subjects I would love to hear them. I may use your statement in my bachelor assignment, but I will ask first!
Thank you
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Reply Thu 27 Feb, 2014 07:01 am
You must remember darkness is merely the name we give to a lack of light.
The darkness you speak of is merely a lack of goodness, which can be enhanced by mental conditions that infract upon the necessary inhibitions.
Like all human nature, boundaries can be trained, goodness can be nurtured, but without desire for such things, even the best of help would be returned result free.
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Reply Sun 22 Jun, 2014 03:31 pm
the darkest darkness is the crucifixion of Jesus; the crowd; enmity of God.
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Reply Sat 5 Jul, 2014 09:35 pm
I enjoy madness. There is a difference between insanity, and being a psychopath. Insanity is just a very abnormal thought process deemed unsafe by some individual. Insanity is a wonderful idea if they are not violent. I love hearing how they think from psychological analysis. I think drugging them is very wrong. I was once admitted to a "Mental Stabilization center" It is similar to a prison. Strict schedules. You have to take your meds on time. You have to have permission to access certain things. if you act out they would sometimes not allow you to eat dinner. Most of the people there are seemingly normal. They just have different feelings than we deem normal. I think we can learn a lot from them. Psychopaths is mixed, it could be from insanity, but it is just a completely deranged and delirious person. They are so drastically violent and dangerous. All we can do is contain them. Fixing mental illness is not possible. It is also very wrong. Removing one from society because of how they think in most cases is wrong, And usually forced. Socrates was condemned to death by drinking hemlock because he was a threat to the public ideology.
Reply Sun 6 Jul, 2014 07:44 pm
I am a member of mindfreedom international. I advocate for people who are labelled with a "mental disease" and I offer supportive thinking and also my research is in disproving that "mental diseases" or lunacy exists, and discrediting the agencies that identify them.

I support mad thinking and I try to show how "detention prevention detention" is unconstitutional. (just saying for instance I think the right to be dangerous is literally explained in the constitution, outright stated. IMO people have a right to be dangerous, or to hold property that is dangerous to another, the right to look dangerous, and so on.)

I literally do not like psychiatry. I hate the profession and those in it. I'm militant anti psychiatry since early, since a long time ago, 1998 I think. Asylums are really too creepy to be there for the proported reasons that they are. It's basically that, this person did something that is not necessarily a crime and they want to torture him or her. Who knows really, but they are too creepy to be existing for the said reasons they exist.

Aren't they just too creepy? Isn't that a stand alone reason why we must stop them?

jails aren't creepy. asylums are.

If there is anything I'm militant about it's that. Other than that I don't really get involved in society's affairs.
Reply Sun 6 Jul, 2014 08:04 pm
I hate 'mental disease'. I hate psychiatry..


I don't think we have a right to prevent people from committing insane acts, note insane, but we have a right not to punish them if deemed to be insane acts. And I don't think anyone, see that's the thing like, we try to disprove or deny credit to the ability to predict human behavior, any human behavior, much less lunatic behavior.

There's no way to prevent people from committing insane acts, by being deemed insane, deems it unpredictable. But, we can not punish them sure, I think that statute still stands even if we got rid of mental disease prevention centers.

I hate psychiatrists. It's literally the case that they go after people that hate them, too just for amusements sake.
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