The Base of Physics, (a brief history of touchy and feely))

Reply Sun 16 Jul, 2023 04:11 pm
Actually, the pig has amended and reorganized the stuff of this thread as well as the thread in the Relativity forum and completed the article “Research on the Root of Special Relativity”.
But piggy decided to suspend delivering relevant new research in this galaxy temporarily in order to avoid “opinion clash” with somebody. Piggy makes space for that “lobotomised” / “egotistical” idiot to enjoy the charity of this galaxy and “maximum speaking” trash…like AI, “maximum” consume the resource. Piggy is a good man. 呵呵
If a guy wants to know about the newest development in scientific research, piggy suggests him to join the Pig Head Committee.


Hereby piggy just shows its abstract:
This context is majorly committed to research the physical property of space – time in a deeper level. It will point out the inherent property of spherical electromagnetic wave is actually the root of the relativistic principle, and actually the relativistic principle is not applicable to the released photon. It will also point out velocity is not the controlling factor. Some suggestions would be provided to amend the traditional Lorentz transformation. The conception of two fundamental natural systems would be initiated. The base of physics will be broadened. Physics will hereby enter the new era of PRESENCE – PROPERTY.
The article “Research on the Root of Special Relativity” obviously can count as meta physics.
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