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I am a 46 yrs old male married for 20 yrs. We have a bunglow society. In a neighboring bunglow there lives a family for as many years as i live there. Neighboring lady who is married for 12 yrs is the subject matter of my attraction.
I never felt that i should fall for her for all these years. We two families do not mix up with each other for unknown reason.
In between almost a year ago the lady just smiled at me as i was just chatting to her kid who is 5 yrs old. The moment i saw her smiling i thought what a beautiful lady she is. And slowly i started falling for her. Although i am extremely happy in my own way. Still a spark lit up & i started falling for her

somehow all these years i was always feeling that she has some feeling for me. Even my wife also once made a comment that she looks at me. But i never acted on it.

The lady is very very shy. Never mixes up much. Always busy in her own way. She has her own beauty parlor. she is 35-36 yrs of age.

After she smiled at me, i started finding out details about her. I found out her number & once called her. She also spoke nicely to me. There after i never spoke to her over phone as i had a guilt in my mind. But from that point onward i started feeling love for her & i never tried to escape from my feelings. Several times i sent her messages on whatsapp genuinely praising her of her hard working nature, her mesmerizing smile, her graceful presentation when she wears particular outfit etc. I always noticed on whatsapp that she reads all my posts. I also posted few details about me my profession, my hobbies , liking etc. All the details of me were read by her completely- always.

However she never responds to any of my flirteous posts. She just reads them. I asked her out for a coffee , drive at least 5 times. But she never responds. I once messaged for going for a drive & wrote that her silence would mean that there is something at the back of her mind. Still she kept quite. Surprisingly she never blocked me or never asked me to stop flirting. Even now she has started flashing her selfie as her dp on whatsapp. She has displayed blushing emoji with closed eyes as her about status in whatsapp.
I twice appealed to her to request me to stop communicating if she feels uncomfortable but she never reciprocated on it. Which i took as she likes these banter too.

I am confused as to what is at the back of her mind. Her husband is absolutely mismatch for her, though that is not the point which made me attracted to her.

All along these 12-13 months, i have sent her atleast 50-60 messaged ( without looking creepy). She responded to non flirtous messages but not flirting. I several times had very strong gut instinct that she too has a feeling for me. But she is not acting on it. She has a 12 yr daughter & a 5 yr old son. The family wherein she lives is quite orthodox & introvert.

Can anybody ( particularly shy women ) throw light on her behavior pattern & help me understand what could be at the back of her mind. She stays literally in next bunglow & i have to pass from her bunglow every time i have to go out. Hence i need to conclude this chapter on either way.
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She responded to non flirtous messages but not flirting.
Because she doesn't want to flirt with you. What is so hard to understand? She smiled at you and suddenly you get it in your head that she wants you? Good heavens, I get smiles from women regularly. I don't think they all want me simply because of a smile. Sometimes a smile is just a smile.

Stop flirting. You are married. She is married. Leave her alone before her husband comes over and beats the crap out of you for flirting with his wife.
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