Rising fascism in the US

Reply Sun 24 May, 2020 03:52 am
Well, she has a dilemma. Americans either support Satan's attempt to murder God or they oppose it. She feels she has no other course of action than to oppose it.
Frank Apisa
Reply Sun 24 May, 2020 05:21 am
blatham wrote:

Easy as pie, too.

Green Party seats in Senate - 0
Green Party seats in House - 0
Governorships - 0
State Lower House seats - 0
Territorial governorships - 0
Territorial lower and upper seats - 0

So clearly this is a viable political party and all/any votes cast for them will change America.

If you wish to remove the sociopath from office, you can either vote Green or stick a pencil up your nose while standing on one foot and singing the Volga Boat Song. Same result in either case.

Very well argued, B.

In any case, some people are going to vote third party...and some are not going to vote at all.

So be it.

In 2016 it helped get Trump elected...just as many of us warned it would. Now we have seen what Trump is like in the office (no need to just imagine)...and if that doesn't cause people to re-think those options...nothing will.

We will survive people like Trump, his supporters, and the people who will vote third party or not vote.

We have to.
Reply Sun 24 May, 2020 05:59 am
I'm always surprised at how so many USAmericans have a monarchical view of the presidency as if the name at the top of the ballot is all we're voting for. Biden's shortcomings as a candidate are cringeworthy and there for all of us to see. But I every reason to believe that his cabinet and his administration will be filled with decent people, his judicial appointments will be responsible, and that he'll make every effort to undo the damage done over the past three years.
Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 24 May, 2020 06:09 am
hightor wrote:
I'm always surprised at how so many USAmericans have a monarchical view of the presidency as if the name at the top of the ballot is all we're voting for.
Charismatic authority is a concept of leadership developed by the German sociologist Max Weber in 1919.
In "charismatic rule" the "prestige of the person" takes the place of rules. In other words, "charismatic rule" is characterised by a high degree of personnalisation and personalised rule relationships.

Hitler was a "charismatic ruler", the "Führerstaat" with him at the head was a "charismatic rule" - this is the tenor of countless Hitler biographies and descriptions of the Nazi dictatorship.
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Reply Sun 24 May, 2020 06:10 am
@Frank Apisa,
Frank Apisa wrote:

and the people who will vote third party or not vote.

That's how Lash tries to portray herself but I doubt anyone believes her. Edgar is a genuine 3rd party voter. Lash put all her energies into attacking the Democrat nominee, and if sanders had gained the nomination I've no doubt she'd soon start finding fault with him.

Edgar criticises Trump as much as Biden, Lash only criticises Trump when pressed, and even then it's quite dismissive with muted language like he's not good enough or something like that. Compare that to the vitriol she piles onto to Trump's detractors.

She's a Trump supporter, just not honest enough to admit it.

Btw, no everyone has survived the Trump presidency the Coronavirus death rate is approaching 100,000.
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Reply Sun 24 May, 2020 06:19 am
@Frank Apisa,
Lash and her crowd have failed. There just aren't enough people so stupid as to buy the claim that both parties are the same. It was never true but now, with Trump and with the GOP behavior during a pandemic, the differences stand in high relief. As her post above makes clear, she'll continue playing her game of denigrating the Dem party but she's irrelevant.
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Reply Sun 24 May, 2020 08:34 am
Americans — who are suffering under the duopoly — who realize that both parties are nothing but well-paid stooges completely sold out to oligarchs — who realize that the prison for profit system and the three strikes law were designed as a new plantation system to profit from free labor — who have lost loved ones needlessly to a for-profit ‘healthcare’ system —

They have decided to stop supporting this duopoly slavery system. We’re voting #Green to repudiate what has been done to this country and those who are responsible for it. To continue allowing the duopoly to see just how low we can go is to be complicit.

10% for Greens will be a win. We’ll strengthen this party for the people and have a fighting chance to have healthcare based on our symptoms—not how much money we have.

We’ll have a chance to slow the progress of climate change.

We’ll have a chance to stop our corrupt political machine from killing us with our own Monsanto-poisoned food. We’ll have a chance to stop watching helplessly while corrupt politicians give our money to millionaires and billionaires when we’re dying for it.


Take it back.

Power to the people.
Reply Sun 24 May, 2020 02:18 pm
I can't decide if you are an ultraconsertive or a Commie. Wait! You can be both. Communism and ultraconsertive are almost alike.
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Reply Fri 21 Aug, 2020 11:15 pm
fas·​cism | \ ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi- \
Definition of fascism
1often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
2: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control
early instances of army fascism and brutality
— J. W. Aldridgge

Yeap, Drumpty Trumpity sitting on his wall........
Reply Fri 25 Sep, 2020 10:13 pm
blatham wrote:

Well, she has a dilemma. Americans either support Satan's attempt to murder God or they oppose it. She feels she has no other course of action than to oppose it.

blatham, there are a few of us out here who believe in a yin and yang kinda thing. Satan and God balance each other out. Without one you can't have the other and the only way the Universe is in order is to be balanced.

Only in politics and religion does each side want to murder each other.
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Reply Mon 28 Sep, 2020 06:31 am
Fascism exalted nation for the good of the whole,, Nazism exalted race and extermination,,, Eastern block communism (which it never was) exalted brutal control which included murder on an even larger scale,,, and Anglo -Americanism which is neither of the above in any of its doctrinal forms exalts money. And, for money we committed genocide in the Philippines, here with the American Indians, and mass murder (700 K) in Iraq for weapons of mass hallucination. We are destroying the middle class and FDR's reforms to save it by using his lessons on socialism and fascism in 1932. And our greatest achievement for the quest of profit will be the total destruction of a sustainable ecology for global survival before the turn of mid century. More destructive than anything experienced in humane history to date.
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Reply Mon 28 Sep, 2020 06:36 am
Unfortunately, it cannot be done without force. Greed, ignorance and indifference are the most powerful evils of our day and their proof is in existing despite the intellect available. And yes, both parties do serve the same financial wizards behind the curtain, we have a 2 party system unlike many other multi party democracies. Two... that's just one more than those nasty dictatorships and just enough for gladiatorial entertainment.
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