Pet names for pets

Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2003 11:33 am
THis is a funny thread! Good idea, Roberta!

I especially like that Maggie comes to JesusMaryJoseph. That's still got me giggling.

About the questions we ask our animals... What the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you know that's the garbage?

My dog Poppy is called Pop which confuses people since she is a girl, thankyouverymuch. When she was very young she was called Angel Puppy and her sister Penny was known as Devil Dog. Now, at almost a year, they're both adorable and hardly ever (hah) get into trouble, but Penny is well known as Pen-noid, the annoying dog.
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Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2003 04:23 pm
Well it is my personal opinion that it is good to talk to your kids. My pets are my kids and we talk all the time.
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Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2003 07:01 pm
More names for Mikey: GO AWAY, cut that out, and what now.

I once caught myself asking my cat Miranda what time it was. Not, "gee, I wonder what time it is," but "What time is it?" No answer. Okay. A temporary lapse of judgment/sanity. It never happened again.

I frequently ask Mikey what he wants. Also no answer. But we can try to play out a pantomime. Water? No. Food? No. Attention? Yes, always.
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Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2003 08:15 pm
I forgot:

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Peace and Love
Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2003 08:33 pm
Yesterday, I called Jack (my Border Collie) "Rosanne".... that's my daughter's name...Embarrassed

He was in the backseat of the car, and I said "OK Rosanne, we're here."

Normally, I call him....

The Jackster
Jack Of Diamonds
Move Over (he sleeps on my bed)

I sing the song "I've Gotta Dog And His Name Is Blue", substituting "Jack" for "Blue".

Rosanne and I do this really silly thing.... we narrate the dogs playing. I'm the voice of Jack, and she's the voice of Bonnie (her Border Collie). I talk in a low slow big-dumb-guy voice, with a pause between each word....

"Well, I'll just drop this toy here for a second."

Then, Rosanne, in the voice of Bonnie, a little girl, high pitch, sweet little sister voice....

"HaHaHa, I got your toy, and I'm putting it over here."

"Hey, How'd my toy get over there? I better go get it and bring it back over here."

.....and many many variations on the above theme....

It always ends up with both of us laughing so hard we can't go on.....

Very Happy
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Reply Sun 19 Jan, 2003 08:34 pm
That's so dang cute PaL!
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Reply Tue 21 Jan, 2003 09:23 am
We've had 4 dogs, plus I had a dog when I was a kid.

My dog when I was a kid was a beagle named Snoopy. My Dad, mainly, used to call him Snoopala or Snoopidgecal which are both Yiddish endings that mean little.

Our dogs:
* Jake - Jacob Jehosephat, Jakie, Jakie-Joe, Jacob, Jakester, Jakarama, Mr. Puppy, The Guy with the Feet (he was a Mastiff and had feet that were the size of my hands), Mommy's Little Sweetheart, oh, and Jacob Jeremiah Jehosephat if he was naughty.
* Chewbacca - Chewie, Chewbie, Chewster, The Attention Monster.
* Shadow (the only female dog we had) - Miss Shadow, Pink Belly, PB Girl (she was a pit bull), Little Lady.
* Abenaki Knight - Knight, Knight-ey.
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Reply Tue 21 Jan, 2003 10:08 am
well, urs uses the cute names with our cats, I don't.

Nisse is also known as Pisse-Nisse, Nisse the Dork, The Coward and the terrorist when he keeps awake at night!

Mysan is usually Ms. Showoff when we have guests, other than that she's just the Cuddly Monster!
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Reply Tue 21 Jan, 2003 12:39 pm
Joanne, yes, that's exactly what I think. You have to talk to them. Nisse usually answers. He will sit and look at me. I say 'What?'. He says 'Mae!'. 'What do you want?' 'Maaaeeee!' And so on and on. We both have a good time and BigDice just shakes his head.
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Reply Thu 23 Jan, 2003 06:47 pm
Pet Names for Pets
Brady ~ Bigboy, boobear, snuggles, lovebug

Vastrada ~ Sweetgirl, mammacat, littlebody

Mandy ~ Mandygirl, mamma's girl, sweet thang

Callie ~ Little paly, tazmanian, scuddles

Boots ~ Bootsieboots, boots la tour, cats n' jameezz, mammabear

Bella ~ Ms. Bell, chatty cathy, zoomerrang

Willy ~ William the Conquerer, willy the pooh, snoopy cat
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Reply Sun 26 Jan, 2003 03:48 am
My dog Rupert-I became enamoured of the name Archangelo. I know someone by that name-he's Italian, of course. He is called Arky. But-Archangelo-how enchanting. Archangelo Corelli.
I took to calling it to Rupert years ago. He's is really SUCH a love.
Archangelo , Angelo,Angie

I also call him the usual:
Good Boy
When he was younger, I called him Houdini when he visited our neighbor-dog by putting his feet in the spaces of the chain link and climbing.
And then there's the old favorite
WHAT are you standing there for?? MOVE!!!
(This first thing on a pouring rain morning, as he admires the day)
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Reply Sun 26 Jan, 2003 04:04 am
Oscar - large chocolate male siamese:

Oscar the Boscar
oskles boskles
Blubby belly
ferk you you smegging bastard
he's the boy

Miranda - tiny blue tabby point siamese

manda banda
you're the girl
miranda banda
wee mandy
weeny paranoia (she is nervous - never had a nervous cat before!)
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Reply Sun 26 Jan, 2003 06:02 pm
Recently Bean was crowned with a new name by a friend. He calls her the Supreme Bean.
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Reply Sun 26 Jan, 2003 07:58 pm
These names are GREAT. I'm getting some new ideas for what to call Mikey.

Are we confusing our pets with all these names? I don't think so. They always seem to know when we're talking to them. And when I want Mikey to come to me, I always call him Mikey. And he usually shows up.
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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2003 10:29 am
Li'l Molly picked up a new one this weekend -- "Doobie Dog" -- and was very calm on Saturday...
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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2003 10:48 am
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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2003 11:45 am
pdog, once long ago, back in days of personal hair and enthusiasm, I was participatory in a gathering of like-minded psychotropic voyagers to which one attendee had brought a nice, resiny, "piney-smelling" tanish/brownish lump of Afghani produce. Returning from some distraction or another, the owner of the offering noticed and commented upon its absence from the table on which the unused remainder had just moments previously been set. Investigation into the matter was thorough but fruitless. Puzzlement resulting therefrom was dispelled a short time later. A normally disruptively active canine sat distractedly, contentedly, inanimately staring at a blank wall, a bit of cellophane attached to its drooping whiskers.

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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2003 12:46 pm
Ya know, I've always been jealous of the charge cats get out of simple catnip. Course, if it did the same thing for people, it'd be illegal. (And Doobie Dog was neither intentionally fed nor did she eat anything that belonged to her owners, just for the record).
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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2003 02:36 pm
I have some interesting "substance" cat stories! One of mine used to be fatally attracted to flame, or embers, when stoned (if you ask how she became so, I answer "There was something in the air that night") - she would, unless stopped, stick her nose into candle flames, and if she succeeded and burnt herself she would do it again an instant later, un-heeding - or she would lie down on cigarettes in an ashtray - it was quite hard to keep her safe! If outdoors, this cat would circle the garden, carefully placing a paw on each and every chirping cricket, thus "putting it out". By the time she got to the end of the crickets, the first ones would start chirping again, so her task, happily and dreamily performed, was endless..... an odd sight...
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Reply Mon 27 Jan, 2003 04:32 pm
Stoned pets! Mikey has only come in contact with catnip. When he eats it, he's sleepy. When he sniffs it, he's nuts.
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