Pet names for pets

Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 11:42 am
Aside from your pet's given name, is there some other name that you occasionally use when you're addressing your pet?

My cat's name is Mikey. I frequently call him Goopie or Big Goop. I sometimes call him Mr. Bunny. (When he was a kitten, I called him Honey Bunny. The Honey is gone, but the Bunny has lingered.)

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Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 11:56 am
Molly Eats-her-poop. Pitty-boo fat-girl.

Richard. Scrotally-otally-oat (not so much after he got snipped, though).

God, that's embarassing. It's mainly the gf who uses these, just so you know...
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Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 08:39 pm
patiodog, No need to be embarrassed. Those are exactly the kind of pet names I was hoping for.

Looks like you may have to come up with something new for Richard.
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Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 08:43 pm
Dog's named Bootsie:

Cat's named Screech:
Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 08:59 pm
I have 3 Dals, which are commonly referred to as the "Spots." They all answer to Spots. When they want to. Smile

I also have Gracie Ellen, who is relatively new here, and hasn't aquired many alternative names, except Fuzzy or Fuzz ball.

Then there is Maranda. She has names:
Maranda J. Sykes
Frog Dog
Brown Dog
Brown Hound
Brownie (guess what color she is?)
Bug Eyes
Biscuit Breath
Ching-O-Ling (collar noises)
Undercover hound
Cutest Dog in the World
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Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 09:05 pm
girly girl

big butt
girly girl
scaredy kat
favorite....lately someone calls her
bowling ball

thers lots..cant think o them though...probably too nasty to put anyway Wink
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Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 09:55 pm
ooooh, I forgot fuzzymuzzle - for both of them.
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Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 10:09 pm
not much imagination from me. had a doberman named "dobie" dumb as a rock, and a scottish terrier/poodle mix named "bear" smartest dog i ever had.

recently had a dog rottweiller/mix my oldest daughter named "hooch" which my youngest daughter kept calling "bootch" i called him "beavis" (which he answered to btw) died of parvo. even after getting his shots.
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Lash Goth
Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 10:37 pm
Mommy's good boy (this must be said relentlessly during bathtime)
Old Homo (when he's scouring the neighborhood for the buff Chocolate lab)
Cat/People/Dog (when he acts like a cat or a people)
Poor Puddin' (when hubby or son make moves to put him outside and he runs under my legs)

Mommy's sweet boy
You dummy

Mommy's sweet girl
Mommy's pretty girl
Miss Bad Bertha (when she runs the boys away from the food)
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Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 10:49 pm
Our dogs name is "Sparky", besides that name she get's called butthead, barky, barky larky, doink, and once in awhile a@@hole. (sorry, but you did ask) We love our Corgi, but sometimes she does things that wear on our patience.
Come on now, I know I'm not the only person guilty of being not so nice from time to time. The rest of you had better fess up, or else. Razz
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Lash Goth
Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 10:58 pm
Thank God for you, dlk33.

I was beginning to think I was the only one who insulted and demeaned my beloved pets.

They won't say what they've called me... I've seen them standing in a tight clique, casting secretive glances at me.
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Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 11:09 pm
Our Sam is commonly referred to as A__ Hole Dog. He even answers to it. He is not exaxtly "The Sensitive Type", particularly if he feels one of the other Puppies has some thing or attention Sam figures should be his ... which comes out to be just about everything.

Pebbles' nickname is Beeps or Beepers ... long story, funny puppy incident involving one of those canned-air safety signaling horns.

Li'l Bits doesn't really have a nickname ... we call her "Bits", but I don't think that counts

Frank has this grinning, goofy, air-gazing, head-waving thing he does ... we call him Stevie Wonderdog

Oscar IS a grouch ... he's not mean or anything, but he'll huff and go off and pout (where he's sure he can be seen pouting) if he feels slighted

Louie, the new little Cocker Puppy, was all freaked out and very skittery when we adopted him ... he'd had a pretty rough first few months before he had the good fortune to wind up at the local shelter. He still freaks, shrieks, hides and piddles when strangers come over (and to him just about everybody but us are strangers)
We call him "Braveheart".

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Lash Goth
Reply Fri 17 Jan, 2003 11:23 pm
Love "Braveheart".

Glad he has a good home.

Jack had a similar rough beginning and we adopted him, against the advice of the Animal Shelter workers. He was chained in a corner, and snapped at us. They said, "He has severe personality problems, and can't get along with anybody."

I said, "That's the dog for me!"

He's my darling.

Jill and Ranger were adopted off the street.
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Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2003 12:13 am
Well, I'm breathing a sigh of relief now. Very Happy
Let the honesty in naughty pet name calling begin. :wink:
I'm sure our pets have called us things worse then we've called them, as well as smiled at us in the process of the name calling.
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Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2003 12:18 am
BEAN - the dog
Beany baby

CARLOTTA - the cat
girlie girl
baby girl
momma's little sweetie pie
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Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2003 12:57 am
Today was add a pet to the family day. I went to the Pet Hospital and picked up my 7-9 month old male sealpoint siamese cat which the Animal Rescue League had dropped off for nuturing (a stipulation for adoption). They had a nice little box for him, as he was still drowsy and I secured Jaimie McPherson in the back of the land cruiser so he wouldn't be a pain, and he howled all the way home. Now what did I call him? S-head, dumbdog, when I got home I put Jamie on the upstairs porch, and brought the cat into a downstairs room and made him comfy. A little box to sleep in, a little food, a litte water and a litter box. I had thought that this was going to be a traumatic experiencre for him, but not so. He immediately took charge and went exploring, he checked out every room in the house, all ten. He came upstairs and planted himself in front of the slider door to the porch and started tormenting Jaime through the glass door. He batted the glass, moved up close and went nose to nose through the glass, mooned him a couple of times. Totally in charge, finally he got tired of it and jumped into my lap and took a nap. Mind you I didn't pick this cat out, he picked me out. Guess he could spot a sucker. I originally was going to call him Pake Ye which is Chinese for my father's brother, but he likes Simon better.

Now whatta ya do is you are allergice to cat dander?
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Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2003 03:16 am
I'm loving these names. They are funny and affectionate and nasty. A great combination.

And in my view, if you can't call your cat a big, dumb, f###, who can you call a bdf? Well, I can actually think of a few people, but that's another thread.

More Mikey names: Monster, Menace, and Meshugina. Best Boy and Stoopie. And S### for Brains.

I hope none of these affectionate pet names will be bleeped out of here.
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Joe Nation
Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2003 06:15 am
We had Puddie for sixteen years. Solid black, not a single mis-colored, or mis-placed hair.
Miss Puddie, Puddie-girl, the Pudd.
She also permitted L to sing songs to her as long as they contained her name thus:
(sung to the tune that opens Warner Brother's Cartoons)
Puuuuuuddie, puddie,puddie,puddie, pudd, pudd, pudd, pudd.
puddie,puddie,puddie,puddie, pudd, pudd, pudd, pudd......

We had her older brother Blue for eighteen years. He was a patrol cat when we lived out west. Stranger cats attempting to cross the yard and gardens were "asked for ID" He had no front claws so he gripped any intruders between his front legs and pedalled furiously with his back feet.
Very few second challenges. He loved his retirement home, inside a New York apartment. He came into our bedroom each night to recieve his good night pets. He liked to play mouse on a string till three days before he died in his sleep.

Bluecat, Mr. Blue, Bluuuuuuuooooooooo. (The last when sounded across a yard would be instantly responded to, Blue materializing out of a rosebush with an expression of his face that said "What orders, General?"
It took two years for us to recover from Blue's absence.
We went to get a boy and a girl cat from the shelter.
We got Ruby and Max.
Except when we went to the Vet's for the er.. excising we found out we had
Ruby and Maxine.

or Rubella and Maximum.


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Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2003 08:50 am
Seaglass, I have had some success with a product called Allerpet. It is a liquid that I sprinkled on a bristled grooming mit, brushed, which the cat thoroughly enjoyed.
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Reply Sat 18 Jan, 2003 08:54 am
Just teach your cat to shower regularly ... that should do the trick.

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