Prostitution, or good sense?

Reply Thu 14 Jun, 2012 06:43 pm
chai2 wrote:
What is someone supposed to do if they are not looking for a relationship?

spend time with friends.


that flying thing you described wouldn't be considered a date in my world. that was a day with a friend.

if that was a date then I've been dating a lot of married men in the years I've been with Set.


My friend George K is going to be very surprised to find out we've been dating for the last three years.
Reply Thu 14 Jun, 2012 06:57 pm
well, ehbeth, all I can say is that the man I flew with, and other men I dated, were not in the "just friends" catagory.

maybe no sex with some of them, but there was handholding, a kiss and more than friendly hugs going on.

I didn't think I wanted to explain what would go on during the entire date.

Also, and more importantly, my dates did not feel like just hanging out with a friend and spending the day together.

You'd have to be a very very special person to have me call you a friend. Nowadays, and I'm definately not addressing this to you ehbeth, many people call someone a friend because sat in the same room together.

These were dates, let's leave it at that.
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