Good friend, sad to see brainwashed

Tt Man
Reply Sun 25 Dec, 2016 06:26 pm
Well, the short version is I'm watching someone being completely used to the detriment of her physical and mental health. She was originally in a pimp situation and broke out of it and saw him for what he was. However, an escort entered the picture from an agency and said there's a better way and has brainwashed her to the point of her feeling she rescued her and owes her and basically is as controlled mentally by the escort agency as by the pimp but is blind to it because she now keeps 75% of her money and overall makes a lot of money.

I have no issues with the job or the choice to do the job. I know that many men women are able to do this and be happy and can view this simply as their job with minimal mental or emotional issues. Just like any job.

Unfortunately, that is not the case here. Years of mental physical and verbal abuse have beaten her down. In moments of clarity when the defense mechanisms went down she expressed all the trauma, the mental and physical pain of seeing Johns, the self loathing. However, when it comes to the person that "saved her" and got her to an agency she is still an angel. The view is so entrenched that because what she does now is better than what it was with the pimp and that she has to keep making the money she does, that to question her saviors words or motives invites a lot of anger. She has even hit me for broaching the topic that this person gets a cut of every dollar you make and her advice is only doing one thing, making you continue to make her more money while you fall apart.

I had first met this person in a personal setting over two years ago and have great affection for her and can see the person she used to be and still is underneath. At times she has asked for help when she lets me in and allows herself to be open.

However, since discussing all the issues at length and helping her confront what is occurring I now face a losing battle. Since the person that she looks up to is the one doing the real controlling of her she cannot confront or accept that reality. Which then puts me as the bad guy since I conflict with someone she is holding onto as a hero in her life.

As a fellow human being, I would really prefer if this woman was able to stay alive and not end up on the heap of dead used people in this world.

I have tried the obvious solutions of getting her help or seeing a psychiatrist, etc. Most things push her away at this point.

Any suggestions of value?
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mark noble
Reply Mon 26 Dec, 2016 10:06 am
@Tt Man,
Psychiatry is based on reconformation with an increasingly entropy-destined paradigm - And is of no useful purpose to that which is liberated from said paradigm.

You want her to conform to your (Soft-interpratation) of reality, under the belief that her (abominable) worldview will, somehow, reset - If such is 'indoctrinated' correctly?

It is you who is 'brainwashed'.

Another case of 'The blind, leading the blind'.
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Reply Tue 27 Dec, 2016 07:58 am
How ya gonna keep them down on the farm, once they've seen Pariee?
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