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Sun 26 May, 2019 06:56 am - Running for President has definitely allowed him to amass a nice chunk of change for retirement, if nothing else. Good for him. (view)
Thu 23 May, 2019 07:35 am - [quote="Olivier5"] Why??? And why agreeing to it with the father-in-law? [/quote] Because reading unhappy things makes a person unhappier. There is truth in the ignorance is bliss... (view)
Thu 23 May, 2019 07:29 am - Brandon, are you trying to come up with a defense of Trump disobeying possible a Supreme Court decision? Just curious. (view)
Thu 23 May, 2019 07:21 am - Only if they pay $15/mo to listen to Stern on XM radio. His show couldn't be broadcast over the public airwaves. Our country is too conservative with sex-talk. You can show all the violence... (view)
Thu 23 May, 2019 07:19 am - My father-in-law and I have decided to take a break from the news, politics, political podcasts for the 28 days leading up to the first Democratic debate. For me, that means also giving up A2K... (view)
Wed 22 May, 2019 10:47 am - There is not a single country that has health care benefits as wide reaching as what Bernie has proposed. His Medicare for All plan is much greater than what even Medicare offers. It's not a... (view)
Sat 18 May, 2019 07:28 am - CI has 3 or 4 facebook accounts....which is why some get turned off. I doubt he was banned. (view)
Thu 16 May, 2019 01:41 pm - [quote="Baldimo"] "Scandals" that would ruin a GOP candidate are down played and softened by the left and MSM if it is a DNC candidate. [/quote] Scandals like cheating on... (view)
Wed 15 May, 2019 07:29 pm - It’s more likely you forgot your password. I see you posting on Facebook now CI. (view)
Wed 15 May, 2019 07:23 pm - I go to Monterey every few years for the classic car races at Leguna Seca. Very good time. (view)
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