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Finding Inspiration for Creative Writing Ideas From Everyday Life

Creative writing ideas can come from experiences and individuals that writers encounter in their daily routines - noted In essay writing help online.

Writers often struggle with finding ideas for their creative works. For fiction writers, character creation and storyline development can prove to be especially challenging. Many writers use writing prompts journal writing in order to generate ideas for their next character or story. While the use of daily writing prompts can encourage topic ideas, some writers might find it more useful to elaborate on their daily experiences.

Writing Inspiration from Everyday Life

Writing is a creative process that requires imagination and the ability to subjectively interpret a variety of environmental factors. In its most authentic form, the creative process is one that seems to unfold on its own, without any direct intent or deliberation from the writer. A writer may find that ideas for character creation and plot development seem to come to life while they are in the middle of working on their current piece. Other times, a writer finds that they can’t seem to come up with an idea of where to take their character next or provide enough of a back story to make a fictional being believable.

Believability can be interpreted to mean the ability to represent real-life scenarios and motives by causing an emotional response within an audience. In order to create effectively, a writer should understand, experience, and convey intimate knowledge of the human experience. By elaborating on some of the individuals that they may encounter in everyday life experiences, writers can broaden this understanding and their creative potential.

Similar to the idea of a writing prompt, creative writing ideas can springboard off of tidbits of conversations and colorful real-life individuals encountered during everyday activities. For example, a writer may encounter an overly enthusiastic dancer at a local nightclub. With the use of a few observed details and subjective interpretation as to the person’s motive a character’s background can be created with the following description:

He was a man of the disco era, who liked to hold onto the false hope that he could become the playboy he envisioned himself to be. Whenever the sun began to set behind the edges of the sky, highlighting the sprinkles of stars and the face of the moon, Rico would burst into any club he could find. He wouldn’t wear anything special, but he would encircle the floor as though he were walking the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere. His dance moves would draw more laughter than intrigue as he begged any woman with legs to join him. It was a flirtation, a means of temporary euphoria that erased what was waiting at home. The only things missing were a leisure suit and an old worn-out eight-track stamped with the vocals of the Bee Gees.

Writing a Novel from Everyday Life

As artists, writers often draw upon what they know in order to create an illusion through the written word. In creating characters and the details of their lives that form the framework of their storylines, writers can inject pieces of themselves and those that they know. Creating an illusion can also offer a writer the opportunity to reinvent the choices they made or actual life occurrences.

Some writers may go so far as to conduct character research in the same way that an actor prepares for a role they have no prior experience with. Interacting with other individuals and drawing out personal motives from personal conversations is an additional way to gain perspective into a potential character’s mindset. As long as the ideas for additional characters and existing character motivations fit into the overall theme and development of a novel’s storyline, the potential to extract inspiration from every day is limitless.

Writing prompts can be a source of inspiration when writers find themselves stuck in an idea rut. However, the use of creative writing prompts may not result in enough creative license and believability to be of any marketable use. Drawing upon personal experiences, day-to-day interactions with others, and personal observations of everyday life may result in a more solid source of inspiration, character, and storyline creation.

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