Stonehenge - new theories and facts

Walter Hinteler
Reply Fri 12 Feb, 2021 12:26 am
@Walter Hinteler,
Dramatic discovery links Stonehenge to its original site – in Wales
Find backs theory that monument was dismantled and dragged over 140 miles to Wiltshire

An ancient myth about Stonehenge, first recorded 900 years ago, tells of the wizard Merlin leading men to Ireland to capture a magical stone circle called the Giants’ Dance and rebuilding it in England as a memorial to the dead.

Geoffrey of Monmouth’s account had been dismissed, partly because he was wrong on other historical facts, although the bluestones of the monument came from a region of Wales that was considered Irish territory in his day.

Now a vast stone circle created by our Neolithic ancestors has been discovered in Wales with features suggesting that the 12th-century legend may not be complete fantasy.

Its diameter of 110 metres is identical to the ditch that encloses Stonehenge and it is aligned on the midsummer solstice sunrise, just like the Wiltshire monument.

A series of buried stone-holes that follow the circle’s outline has been unearthed, with shapes that can be linked to Stonehenge’s bluestone pillars. One of them bears an imprint in its base that matches the unusual cross-section of a Stonehenge bluestone “like a key in a lock”, the archaeologists discovered.

Mike Parker Pearson, a professor of British later prehistory at University College London, told the Guardian: “I’ve been researching Stonehenge for 20 years now and this really is the most exciting thing we’ve ever found.”

The evidence backs a century-old theory that the nation’s greatest prehistoric monument was built in Wales and venerated for hundreds of years before being dismantled and dragged to Wiltshire, where it was resurrected as a second-hand monument.
The discovery will be published in Antiquity, the peer-reviewed journal of world archaeology, and explored in a documentary on BBC Two on Friday presented by Prof Alice Roberts.
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@Walter Hinteler,
The acidic soil had destroyed almost all organic matter that could have been carbon-dated. But traces of ancient sunlight lingering in the soil was analysed and gave a likely construction date of around 3,300BC – finally confirming Stonehenge’s secret, lost history.

I like the image that phrase brings to mind!
Walter Hinteler
Reply Fri 12 Feb, 2021 05:13 am
Indeed. But seriously: archaeology can date even e.g.the last time dirt was exposed to sunlight.
Reply Fri 12 Feb, 2021 05:38 am
@Walter Hinteler,
That is just so fantastically cool — I can hardly get my head around the concept.
Reply Fri 12 Feb, 2021 05:59 am
Its pretty cool. induced luminscenc and alpha-recoil fission tracking , need to have the samples be exposed to sunlight and then "buried at some time in the past. The electrons that "build up" can be used almost like any "daughter products" and , while the techniques are fraught with lotsa calibrations and QA concerns. You can gt ome fairly good dtes (lotsa multiple samples for x checking).

Glacial geologists use the techniques on erratics and end moraines , along with another simpl trick called "seriation" to get some RELATIVE dates of when a glacier passed by your neighborhood. Ive been told the accuracy can be as short a time as 50 years ago.(ome guys used it as a forensic tools for dating old local battlefields in the Revolution v the Civil War).

We used it once but, because we had tree ring data that was more easily understood by the court, we abandoned the "Higher tech" alpha-recoil or Induced Thermoluminescence tricks.

Sometimes we do **** just to look smart and the **** de do often had no means of understandingly explaining it my mother ,
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Reply Fri 12 Feb, 2021 08:00 am
@Walter Hinteler,
very interesting
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