Neverending Rap Battle II

Reply Tue 26 May, 2009 04:28 pm
ook in front and tell me wat u c
turn quick and boom there go da end of ya life
u think u can take me ima have u sayin im the answer to the game
like T.I.
cuz ill have u hooked up 2 a I.V. in the E R SON
i get dissed everyday comeback the next day with no pain
took 2 shots and just went back wit some glocks (think they made it)
when im on da court im like nash but get more cash
ray charles da blind sensation
wanted 2 be jus like him so i could be good wit da penetration
bitches love my style thats why i always get smiles
jus like Jay top down screamin money aint a thing
im wit da guerilla unit so step back or ima take u threw it
sent 2 to his dome that guy didnt make it home
i told em this p-jangles he said who p-jangles
so i slapped em in da face put a dik in his mouth
told em turn around he looked like dat F A G E T fukin mickey mouse
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Sir bumblz
Reply Wed 27 May, 2009 01:22 am
yo watup, this is just a word out there to all da Ozzie hip-hop/RnB/Rap fans.

brodie u can't rap for ****
mate i suggest u pick a new career and this time, stick with it.
Now Don't bring T.I into the game
mate the only person u gonna be impersonating is urslef brodie McLame.haha
take turns holding hands wit yo mumma
dont worry abt it, she aint nowhere near a stunna,
maybe give her a few years then u might have a gunner,but still, she'll have everone pulling runners.****,
See they call me that azn from asia, u know why? coz i did yo mumm that favour,
did wat? thats rite im da one who laid her.
keep still dont get stressed, i still got this cock of mine to get her undressed,
people might say that u gettin lyrically molested, b4 neone could've stopped u, u wud've still protested. haha.
see im Sir bumblz, and mate sorry to break it to u but this isnt a test, reading this **** is clinically putting u to a rest, Sir bumblz here also fucked ur mum and corressted her breasts.****.
Now mostely imporantly remember Sir bumblz that bumble-bee.
You dunno wat you've done, but its ok its only just begun.
I know what your thinking, wen's this dickhead gonna be done, Well guess what right NOW bitch i just finished with yo mum. just dont forget to breathe and exhale with ur lungs coz you know who i am, Sir bumblz, and YOU SIR just got STUNG.

Reply Wed 27 May, 2009 01:45 pm
@Sir bumblz,
wow that rap didnt even rhyming
ring like shots from glocks that attract cops around the clubs that try to shut down the hip-hop but we only increase if everything is peace. Father U C King (fu***ing) the police.
now befor u comment on this u might wanna know how to rap man cuz imma gangster rapper

word from B-Dogg
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the lyrical prodigy
Reply Fri 29 May, 2009 08:02 pm
yo listen u you all are wussies
pussies infact
all your guys disses are beyond whack
if you try me ill hit back
i'm like one a them dudes rite of a smack
if u guys think that your skillls match mine
something wrong has set off in your mind
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the lyrical prodigy
Reply Fri 29 May, 2009 08:15 pm
yo ur rhymes are weak
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the lyrical prodigy
Reply Fri 29 May, 2009 08:15 pm
your rhymes are weak
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the lyrical prodigy
Reply Fri 29 May, 2009 08:28 pm
mr d, mr d as you can see You have less than limited skills they're just unsitely so i would prefer if you would deterr from trying to rap at all and spare us all watchin you trip and fall cuzz after all your just a guy tryin at sumting thats hes just bad at but you knew that but you still try to rap and i just dont understand the reason behind the fact tht your rap so just give up now thers no need retaleate cuzz if you do you'll end up dieng to early not to late
Reply Wed 10 Jun, 2009 03:48 pm
look a'l kick ya asre so fast that u din't see it coming
my foot so far up ya arse it like your arse is running
you all think u summin', but you ain't jak ****
hit ya so hard with ma fist ya arse doing back flips
change the tac-tics and switch too a pick axe
sick ass mo fo cut u in two relax n then kick back
see all u people chit chat well chit chat ta this
set fire ta ya matress with the fat end of ma spliff
theirs no end ta ma **** so u fools keep on chatting
this poetry flows thru me so u dudes am just laughin
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Reply Wed 10 Jun, 2009 03:58 pm
@the lyrical prodigy,
THE LYRICAL prodigy ,**** a think u need a labotomy
cos u chat out ya arse its like ya **** fall on top of me
speaking metaphorically, but yours nusery rhyme
it hurts wen a spit at ya, my words work yours be dying
a wipe floors of course he shines,thats wat they all say
but your words so simple like ******* four play
any1 can rhyme dat with fat or bat with cat
**** u runnin on low its like your ******* battery flat
so come on dog attack me back ,cos your lyrics ain't tight
they as slack as ma girl wen shes had an orgasmic **** night

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Reply Wed 10 Jun, 2009 04:39 pm
lets go dis-co or lets go sick so
the walls fall down bitches get down this low
touch yo tip toes, and listen on up
drugs got **** loads, lets sniff em on up
yo hands stick em on up, cos were ere t rock it
pop pills till our pu-pils, swell out our eye sockets
reach in ma sky rocket, n pull out the white powder
bitches seem 2 steam, get rowdier and louder
i wonder how d, **** a turned out t
be the man a am eat pussy like chowder
so pussy they surround ya,like flys round ****
she was dead wen thay found, er left with 1 tit
my brains gone tick ,tick,tick..boom
dynamite stick lit quick get out this room
am try na write **** that people can relate 2
so lets party up in ere till the whole world hate u!!!!!!!

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barney fountain
Reply Tue 16 Jun, 2009 02:04 pm
yo first time and im feeling fine
cos you other fake ass mc's are mine
ill have yor ass my ime to shine
13 and yo ass is mine watch out cos i grind grind grind
in a battle home or the street
they all want me to make a sik new beat
coz you all crap im dun wid that
you probly fat like a pussy...cat!
i crewl like that
but cool like that
i never even went but i is back
move over grandad the future is here
girls screamin my na wenever im near
i dont even see her
but she hear my voice cos i spit s clear
yh yeah
you probly til live wiv ya mom i know that idont
you think that youll beat me i kno that you wont
and ou who invited the vicar you want me to get baptised
you listen t this **** you get hypotised

from barney 13
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Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2009 01:20 pm
MC King, r u 4rm Aizawl???
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First Respawns
Reply Wed 1 Jul, 2009 07:35 am
@Mr Insane,
You act like a Gangster but you know you aint one
this aint fun rapeing little kids with fake guns
this is a mistake i will take them away
put that damn thing down don't point it at me
you think you loaded up
but you're too scared to pull the trigger
i'll drive your car off a bridge into a river
and **** your mom on the windshield while i give you the finger
i don't give a f@ck i aint no nigger
like you only half insaine gay pretenders
leave me a message if you got something to say
i'll press this issue cuz my brain has gone away
and i can't help myself life won't be the same
i'll be jerkin it with a bottle of jergens serving
you toothpaste with the sperm already in
there are so many kids that wanna talk like this
but they get hospitalized when this coin gets flipped
this pissed off nsync **** was just an accident
like the world trade center planes hit before they landed it
it brought down your mom and killed the b!tch
and she's overweight so we should all be dead
no one will ever know what happened
but millions of years ago before i was passionate
the dinosaurs experienced it
peace out
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Reply Wed 5 Aug, 2009 01:13 pm
The only wack thing on this page is that shitty ass reply ,
The task master lacks style damn bro your denied ,
negative 4 thumbs and i know that **** is CONFIRMED , BUmping metal beats while im letting that blunt burn,
smoke it all up till there aient nothing left ,
If you dont like this flow man your probably ******* def ,
Ha no pun´╗┐ intended
twist your spirits till ya body is bending
leaving all these neverending rap battles offended
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King Rabbitss
Reply Wed 5 Aug, 2009 01:23 pm
yo...im the new MC spitting this **** spinning em winning em look at the croud im killing them i got a dark soul ill kill u so hard in ur brain ill leave a hole go against me and ill go blow for blow they call me King Rabbits so remember my name this nigga cant win cuz he got no game u think im normal u better check twice cuz bitch im insaine i never new i can go so low but for messing with me im showing my flow is this the end no its just the beggining i read ur raps and they got no meaning ur a disgrace ill get a gun and aim it at ur face ill stomp on ur face and leave u flat on the ground u thought u beat me but bitch this is still my crown
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King Rabbitss
Reply Wed 5 Aug, 2009 01:44 pm
Yo Bitchies U cant Mess With Im King Rabbitss The New MC u Started Talking **** So i Went To Ur House and i Fucked Ur Bitch if u mess with me ur gonna get it hard u can run all u want but i promise u wont go far ill Get a Gun and Aim it At ur Face u cant call me a loser otherwise ude be one in the future yo let me give this a twist u dont know me so u can have alot to say after this rap all this **** will end today i got my own crew u were making fun of me till ur mom said my dick grew hold on im still not threw u talked alot of **** for a guy who has a fking 3 inch dick

<srry guys im kinda of a begginer too>
Reply Mon 10 Aug, 2009 12:31 pm
@King Rabbitss,
Use this beat to match my rap >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_InbSgG38eQ&feature=channel - The song starts at 0:13.
Look who's speaking, Mr. Wigger Nerd/
Dude please, **** off and go hump your baby bird/
Stop playing with barby dolls, your probably getting addicted/
Probably a gay, but anyways you need to admit it/
You need your brother to help ya' rap, I'm sorry but I have to say... That's really sad/
Or maybe you use google.com to learn how to diss, your raps don't really hurt, but everytime you try to rap it's just a miss/
You need to admit to your self, that your a fat ass/
Even if you try something, you'll eat it up/
That is why you can't even do half a pushup/
You'll shake the entire earth, I even imagen when your momma' gave you birth/
What are you gonna do if I call you a loser? Do not try to rap again cause your definitely a cager/
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Reply Tue 11 Aug, 2009 07:52 am
@dr eryk,
"King u think u got the crown, u ain't **** ill put u down
U cant rap ur neck ill snap while u mama sits on my lap
and then we're about to do the tap tap,
Little kid do a run around the track
cus ur skills lack and i think ur wack
wen im done with this, ull need to take pills
cuz im just doin this **** just for thrills
and if i ever see u, ill run over u with my escalade
then cut ur throat with a sharp blade,
to the point that u cant call for aid"
Reply Tue 11 Aug, 2009 07:58 am
****, u so weak, u about to feel my heat
ur rhymes i'll eat, and when i am done with u, u gonna leak.
cuz i do hit after hit i got the game lit putting u and these punk asses in a fit
god damn no one can mess with my wit

Reply Fri 14 Aug, 2009 11:55 am
@mc kings,
mc kings your waste
i am put u back in ur place.
smash ur face. i am ur worst fear so stay clear.
Cuz if I see you I nail you to a crucifix bring fags and make u suck dicks .
Then bring ur mother and **** her without a rubber.
In which world r u first place your ur lyrics bring me some distaste.
u bastard child ur shitfaced. If i ever really wanted to battle u its like opening pandore's box it would rattle u. I am trouble I'll kill u be looking like rubble bitch run away on the double.
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