Neverending rap battle (legends)

Reply Wed 29 Jun, 2011 10:54 am
This is a rap battle forum for the best of the best if u can't contend with the beat don't bother to come on
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Reply Wed 29 Jun, 2011 10:26 pm
Ok verses poppin like oral redenbacher
My flow nice, fast, smooth. Porsche Boxter
I'm the beast coming out the southeast
I'll have anyone here fried, cooked, and greased
Mash competition like dough, no yeast
My game is explosive, not one bit peace
I bring the whole package, the feast
I'm like expensive clothing, mostly fleece
Flow like a perfect bow, all neat
Call yourself new, I'm not yet released
I'm like if Nas and Jay-Z had a baby
I'm the mash potatoes, you just the gravy
Ball up anyone like Derrick Rose
My game is invincible, everyone of your verses decompose!
Reply Wed 29 Jun, 2011 11:31 pm
Aight aight 
Im da kid that would come out if 2pac and biggie had a 3some with eminem
Murdering lyrics is a habit I just can't stop killin them
I got 2pacs heart em's whiteness and biggies lethality
I jump u with my verse... Lyrical brutality
I'm gonna beat you son get a taste of reality
But unlike them I ain't diein anytime soon
This is old time **** and I'm clearing the whole saloon 
Get ready for this lyrical typhoon 
I see u like long words here get a load of this line
My rhymes blow urs up like trinitrophenylmethlynitramine
U don't understand me? Then look up the definition 
Quit givin me such shitty raps it only more ammunition 
my rhymes haunt u at night u gone need therapy after this apparition
Talkin bout Derrick rose he's only 6 ft 3 inches tall 
Ohh he shoots... (buzzer) oh **** AIR BALL!
Just like u don't belong on this website he don't belong on the court 
So get outta here cuz rap is officially MY sport
Reply Thu 30 Jun, 2011 08:46 am
I'll just battle you here

When you heard me wanting to battle you, you were suprised
I'll drop a rock on his head, LORD OF THE FLIES
I dont understand **** when you rap
Like Mickey from Snatch
Lay out this ************, flat
The kinda **** I have with make you grin
Your just mad because when you lose you lose
And even when I lose, I win
You and your buddies had a mirror match
And the mirror cracked
Shows you how much I care about that
I must be stuck
In an Adams Family movie
Cause thats Esters face and Pugsley's gut
Im here to **** you up
Put you head on the guillotine chopping block
I kill these Emsees of the top
Whity, diddy, dont want to be fuckin with me
Mofo, Ocho, will be gettin RIPPED off you see
But this ************ has nothin against me
Lets be honest, this guy knows nothin bout me!

Ocho, will be gettin RIPPED off you see
(When Ochocinco got his name ripped off by Carson Palmer)
Just in case you were confused
Reply Thu 30 Jun, 2011 09:38 am
Watching sportscenter too I see I hear ur rap was on the NOT top 10
I'm on the highlight real I'm all over espn
I murder u with the ink in this pen
My raps are like ocho they got a bit of everything
U still sittin at home breastfeeding
Ur like Terrell Owens out with an injury
Imma make history with this victory 
Leave u diein of misery
But the cops still can't figure out I'm the culprit of this mystery  
Im burying you in lyrical fire 
And Carson palmer? U mean the guy who might retire
U can't escape this my walls are lined with barbed wire
I'm like lord of the flies too I light this little fire, then it goes out of control
I'm icy... Colder than the north pole
There's barley any good rappers on this site so quit makin such a fuss
“What I mean is . . . maybe it’s only us”
In case u don't know that's a lord of the flies quote
Ur rhymes give u strep throat
Write whatever u want I don't care whatever floats ur boat

Little fire that goes outta control is also a lord of the flies reference  
Reply Thu 30 Jun, 2011 10:41 am
I saw Nyjer Morgan's crash into the wall live, Im from Wisconsin

I'll punch your chest so hard I'll grab your spine
Waggle it around to blow your mind
You're right your raps are like Ocho
All you do is wine
The cops? The mystery?
Who fuckin cares
They still aint ever gonna catch me
Speakin of not top ten, I heard you were on there, you looked tired
You were the umpire, messin up every mistake
Plus your a faggot, countin balls should be a peice of cake
I should be on the big screen
Im like Deception, I play with your dreams
Hit you hard with wordplay and schemes
Now I realize this is a shocker
But I think you were the only kid excited for soccer
Bitch, Im a Heineken Logger your a vitamin water
Im commiting the crime, this **** is man slaughter
Don't be disturbed by this guys demeanor
He's Ben Rapelisberger's top reciever
You rap like you have some kind of virus
And your role model isnt only Emily Osmett but its also Miley Cyrus
Knock this bitch straight out of his socks, sorry
But Imma put this fake bitch in a box
Malibu Barbie!
Reply Thu 30 Jun, 2011 02:59 pm
Look I'm MVP, just like D-Rose
He did win MVP in case you didn't know
My rhymes suck you up like a vacuum
Then spit a bloody mess back in the room
Let me tell you how the fight started
I lyrically sliced your head off, departed
The reality is "I" caused brutality
Cause I rap with so much insanity
Your game barley fills up the cup
I'm overflowing the pool, to much capacity
My flow drives through the eye of your typhoon
Your a soft little caterpillar just making his cocoon
**** off with the long words
I'm going to decapitate, immaculate, and eradicate you
Separate your head, demonstrate to eliminate
Tear off your mouth, can't rap **** or communicate
This is why I dominate, Lay out the bait
Sucker took that ****
Your fake, people call you a counterfeit
Step back (buzzer) we win the game
Your shaking your head in disdain
My jump shot is like my waterfall of rhymes, they make it rain!
Reply Thu 30 Jun, 2011 09:54 pm
D-rose may be MVP but look who won the title 
He choked when Chicago needed him when 3 pointers were vital
"he goes for the three... **** a miss"
"Oh wait he gets the rebound all he gotta do is kiss.. it off the glass
This is an easy shot rose is gonna win it holy **** LEBRON BLOCKED HIS ASS
(buzzer) heat wins heat wins
Chicago fans start the depressing music cue the violins     
And guess who didn't go to the NBA final 
Yup rose now hes at home While I be off killin rappers... Homicidal
Imma get off the topic of basketball cuz u can't even make a free throw
I'll start off this next part with **** u! Srry I be quotin cee lo
Rap is a company I'm the c.e.o 
Ur just the janitor
I'm a pro u just an ameatur
I'm al Capone this is the valentines day massacre
Just stand there while I put 30 holes through your body
Haha world peace yeah right **** GHANDI
Decapitate me? Ur the one who seems to be losin ur head
My writtens leave u emotionally crippled and physiclly dead  
When we get to court I plea lyrical insanity 
The judge says I'm sorry sir ur lyrics have to much brutality and profanity
Were gonna have to ask u to tone it down for the sake of humanity
It's about time I neutrilze this threat
U drivin a station wagon while I'm Rollin in a corvette 
If ur lucky I might let u attend my next lyrical banquet 

And nothin against Derrick rose im acctually A big fan just spittin
Reply Fri 1 Jul, 2011 09:39 am
It's cross over time your ankles broke
I break ankles, but I make more rappers choke
I just made you fall, D-Rose to A. Miller
Then dunk over someone the size of a pillar
Get out the way Leandro Barbosa!
Deep fry you hotter then a chimichanga
Oh look who's back, Greg Oden
"Poster Time!" That's my new slogan!

**** off with Lebron James
Another arrogant lion that can never be tamed
Never winning rings, just glory and fame
"Lebron tries to chase down Kobe"
Oh **** another Kobe poster, what a shame
I heard his real name was LEBRICK LAME

Blow the court up and slice off the judges head
Your a pistol flashlight, I'm assault rifle infrared
I run the world, not some little ass company
Your lyrics caused to much suicide, put you into custody
Survivors with paralyzed hearing
People at the wheel instantly loosing there steering
One verse made someones head blow
I think its because you have no rhythm nor flow
Mess with the Chi Bulls you get the horns
Mess with me or D-Rose you get the thorns!

Now whats this about a wagon
I'll light your ass up like fire from a dragon
I'm rollin' in a Lancer EVO
Took over your company, "Wheres my cappuccino!?"
I got you as the mascot up front
Beating me is just an impossible stunt
It's like Lebron winning a finals game
Of course the ball hog here is to blame
Tone it down, "I can't here you!"
Your rapping clipped of my ears!
Like Hancock, rap again and I'll stick your head up someones rear!
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Reply Sun 4 Sep, 2011 11:05 am
Reply Tue 6 Sep, 2011 09:29 pm
its bout time i come back
wipe my ass n den crack
im learning the hard way
i dont no the facts
or the opinian
im be cum a boss
your just the minion
every rap i do is greener then grass
so i hate when people take it to the ass
im thinkin fast
tryna make sure how long i can last
i cant even ryme right
but it was a good test flight
now im leaving
im done scheming
and maybe your bitch stop screaming
man i suck at raps
i need sum 1 to watch my back
but i c no help here
all fukkin queers
acting stupid cuz you drank a couple beers
man i out im done
so when sum 1 replies bad 2 me
ima rip out my tongue
im calling a bluff
imnot tryna act tough
its diminshed
im done
its finished
Reply Wed 7 Sep, 2011 06:18 pm
What was that disgrace?
Reply Wed 7 Sep, 2011 08:30 pm
aww hell no. niqqas confusing me
if your gonna kill sum 1. chose me
people is cuming from left feild
but the power is wat i weild
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Reply Wed 7 Sep, 2011 09:09 pm
you can rap? man your delirious
you suck so bad i cant even take you serious
aww here we go
time to hear gjay pro's irrelevant **** flow
sounding like a mexican hippo
are you a virgin by choice?thats from my wisdom
i bet your always sayin no to women
heyy.....its your decision
man u extra lame
before u even red my name
your the fat guy in the back ground
man im fresh and you know it
i dont even have to show it
Reply Fri 7 Oct, 2011 03:16 pm
yo im spitting bar after bar, your not the best by far
your a fake bomb threat, ima put one under your car
this empire will strike back, get your family hijacked
you wont happen, like fat albert fitting thru a tight crack
expressing yourself, they should of gave u a limit
just look at this gimick, you need to one eighty pivot
what u talk about in your rhymes, i actually live it
they call me dope, got your ass trying to sniff it

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Reply Fri 7 Oct, 2011 05:20 pm
this rap battle is for legends, you should get your account deleted
apoligizing to GjayPro, like "sorry dude i didnt actually mean it"
go back to high school, its obvisous you didnt complete it
fool your the one whos delirious, that or your still dreaming
spitting a kitty kat flow, when im the ******* cheetah be warned
your a broke bum, i make it rain like a tropical rain storm
my lyrics always stay painful, like u stepped on a nail
i dont need pencil or paper, i write my raps in braille
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Reply Wed 26 Oct, 2011 03:33 pm
It feels like you forgot me , what hip hop be ...
mental karate , tounge fu , wing chun
u say ur bright wanna Dim sum
microphone pimpun's
on the street , hop on a beat , an gonna skeet skeet skeet
tounge the gun to the teeth , when shooting the mouth off
mean right , jabs a south paw
sanity's nexus
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Reply Wed 26 Oct, 2011 09:24 pm
Sick pick twitt ya chick, wat jit is this, gimmicks are pricks
Never gana spit wat they want me to, beat animals down like its a barbecue
Chew, spit ya niggas out, tobacco, army beast mode, come at u in commando
Stand low, I hear tows, why is ya flow up in my cove
I'm about shoot them hoes, in a couple a days, killin' them "May's"
**** all the "back"'s too, trust wat I say, I'll come out and smack they crew
Illuminati is wat they fuckin' bout, never spittin' good lines
I hate wat they shout, joustin' the fools that be swimmin' up my river and they just like da' trout
Maulin' they ass, flesh comin' fast, crawlin' out the jungle, borderland em like shuttles
These homies are fake, callin' em Best Buy bundles
Still droppin' wit a couple a hundred, but they dungeon is flooded
I made the wave blooded... Now Rick is corrupted
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Reply Sun 24 Jun, 2012 09:21 am
nigga nigga nigga nigga can't u see u
can't even ******* catch up with me
u Still see me busting all the beats
and still eating motherfucking DOG TREATS !
so keep this in mind when I return
And remember how much of this was a burn!
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Reply Fri 17 Aug, 2012 03:19 pm
yo i wanna battle with you on a game of rap
i heard you online it was just a load of crap
half of your rhymes are just some wack
imma bout to own your streets so you might wanna pack


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