Neverending Rap Battle II

lil crew
Reply Tue 28 Feb, 2012 09:27 pm
yo mckings u can suc my juicy dick
u ******* queer
last time u saw me ******* ur girl u wouldnt apear
u think ur straight u damn wussy how can six dicks be pussys
lil fagget lil maget
bring yo posey at me bitch
just wait u got no posey bitch probley a bunch of ******* mexicans whole lotta imagrants
damn u weak i could dis u for the rest of my life when im gon tell mama ill be home at five ill be fuckin her alnight
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Reply Thu 29 Mar, 2012 03:27 am
yo nigga this is how i represent, i rock the mic one hundered and ten percent, its intimate, i keeps the party movin like an imigrant binay star super star, its no coincidence, yo i be a big bad body rockin bombay to boulevard so ya better bring a bomb to the battlefield, yo i can spit like that, you think you can spit but its just as bad as the smell of youre feet, yall just bitches in ya ditches nothin but filthy mutts, and a band of sluts, you all try be cool, but you all as lame as my stool, so there my beet, so you can all come and eat my meat!
nothin personal, just rappin
Reply Wed 4 Apr, 2012 05:13 pm
@Mr Insane,
It seems like they won't reply
Jst bcoz ur lines r wack now listen 2 me wen I spit fire
If u say my lines r wack jst like urs dat will make u a liar
I'm dope positive dnt need a cure coz I'm finer
My lines crystal clear I polish 2 make em shiner
Dnt make me angry coz cum n bust u in ur mother's house
Get a life and a jod, move out ur mother's plc boy bounce
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Reply Wed 4 Apr, 2012 05:25 pm
It seem like u gat no replies bcoz ur xit is wack
I can murder without lukin but u lukin behind my bck
Rhyme confidence and skills is what u lack
I gat load of punch lines in my room jst put em in packs
U r so dry I'm still wet I dnt need a wex
I dnt do pinks u hormo, copy my style n do blacks
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Vinni Sane
Reply Thu 12 Apr, 2012 09:32 pm
@mc kings,
Wata **** are you talking about
Stupid fagot, you sound like handicap
who just learn how to use a keyboard
and type this **** in two hours
By the way Look I speak English
Better that you can think bitching
You think you cool write from a London
**** the world but London first
City of fagots its mean you fagot too
Wanna hear something
Let's hear together learn language bitch
Before come and try for the battle
Vinni Sane
Reply Thu 12 Apr, 2012 09:38 pm
@dr eryk,
Dr. Eryk what name is that
Please come to suck my dick at your basement
Don't you hear me I screaming
Oh you got no ears, see me
Making a rhyme about you illness
You cannot rhyme
look you just crying like a baby
Do you wanna candy here we go have one
I know why you so mad like a bad ass
Cuz your mom sleeps with fagots
Who is 12 years old only
I'm sorry for touching subject
But without me battle is retarded
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Reply Fri 13 Apr, 2012 08:35 am
@Vinni Sane,
Its a dark war vinni but no charging just let me enlighten you
Only time u battle hardened?..is when two dudes is fighting over you!!!,lol
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lil crew
Reply Fri 13 Apr, 2012 04:28 pm
@mc kings,
mc kings more like mc dicks yo raps suck tell it to someone who gives a **** i dare u to battle me
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Reply Sun 15 Apr, 2012 09:13 am
listen up the lot of you go and suck a dick
and if you cant do tht right dont speak to me ya prick
yes i got a wight ass go a tell the world ya rhymes are ******* hoples
ive heard better from a girl Smile
lil crew
Reply Mon 23 Apr, 2012 10:29 pm
Damn u niggas are soft like when yo momma was jackin me off fight wit me gays u so lame u niggas got no game u niggas got no name u niggas will never get fame hey bitches im already off to the nba no jk cause i dont play like u fags
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Reply Fri 13 Jul, 2012 10:15 am
The weapon of your mouth are not canal but are mighty to the pulling down of grammar hood
You saints of vandalism, keep your mouth in your pocket, and stop fabricating and killing, with your
Mouth version crated from a time boom,,,,hahahahaa Am your new testament prove me wrong with your proverb and my lyrics come at you like the psalmist all things are possible but positivity is a decision i am so ill yha think am sick lol freestyl king yah knw how it is

If I spit wordz they say am a winch, now am so fly you think am a wizard but please am not spiritual but if I was I definitely be an angel sent from God. Safety first and duty next ma vision, ma mission. is facing up with reality kicking ou...
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Reply Fri 7 Sep, 2012 05:33 pm
Man your rhythms be weak sauce
Reality tv show
Cake boss
Try rollin with the big gloss
Slipped in your hoe
Like Gambino
I got the s plus what a dogs tail does
My **** be the greatest buzz
My beat so phat they be bigger than cows
Ur shits so weak they be raisin the brows
Take the time now to get out alive.
Stuff you head in a tree Straight through the beehive!
Claim to be intelligent
Roll the joint and take a hit
Get out now and dont ever spit
Fall so far stuck your as in a snake pit
trying bull **** your way out
Nelson this one for you!
Smart rapping the way to go
Stop wackin off to the muthafuckin hoe
Nigga this be the last battle
Killed the beat from a far with the atlatl
Speared through the mic straight to your head.
******* the same dike. Std's in yo bed
Come on speak up and rise again.
Let the next fake MC rip off the ten
Pass the mic to the next poster
but my beats so hot fresh from the toaster!
Reply Fri 7 Sep, 2012 06:03 pm
Talking about rhythms? this isnt a beatbox battle
Is it just me, or you is all rattled
Let's talk about rhymes, cause mine are the best
Second time doing it, and yet better than the rest
What's this you say about a reality show?
That's for dummies, I'm smart like Rousseau
Stealing rhymes from Gambino, that's Childish
Just learn from my rhymes cause I am very stylish
And you're welcome for introducing you to him
If you wanna be compared, start bulking up, hit the gym
You may be thinking that this verse is kinda short
But that's all I need to beat you. Contact sport
Reply Fri 7 Sep, 2012 06:27 pm
IS this gonna be a 3 day War
Cuz im kinda waiting for you whore
Hurry up your lines are so bore
Sighting down the barrel of rap
Hit you when you least expect it
Right when you be taking a crap!
But i forgot thats how you right your
Think my verses are so loco
Keep takin the nose candy
Blowin on the coke oh!
This is all ridiculous
Tryna stop this
Tryan prevent this piss
Drop the mic at my feat now
bend over take the heat plow
Fist so far in ur hoe like a puppet
Controllin what she does just like muppet
Give way to my name
Quit playing my game!
Reply Sat 17 Nov, 2012 11:18 am
This is a rap
So cut the crap
I autta bitchslap you
For fuckin eachother in santa's lap
Dumbass lookin like domos
My rap in yo stereo
I don't care ya know
Jus cuz I got mo flow
Makes me the better mofo
Makin the rugs run rojo
With blood and hot cocoa
You dumbass dodo
You don't know
My raps are freestyle faster than a, go go?
What the **** is a go go
I don't know
But it rhymes so I go
Put it in for mo show
My mojo
Will show
To say no no
You've lost to Wrathe yo
You've got yo fake ho
I'll play all yo
Like a yoyo
Time to change syllable, I'm unkillable, an willable to live and win riddles, of rap an original crap, tie it off by frap, spring a trap, and play my music, which makes you all fap.
So I know I'm not best, but if you insist, I'll put rap bullets in yo chest, full of zest, at the top of the crest, I caress, my rap like it was best, I pass the test, time to murder a couple MC's, them g's, think they're like them peas, get ready, cause I'll murder nations like mickeydee's, yah America frees people but I seize people and freeze people so bitch please
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Reply Sun 13 Jan, 2013 06:04 pm
@Mr Insane,
ha i laugh a punks like you, thinking thier top dawg
when when its face to face you just get up and jog
you think us white guys are taking these drugs you thick?
your a ******* hippocrit taking viagra for your 1inch prick.
your coming at me like a clingy reterner.
this should be the last time unless your a bad learner
one look at me will give your crew the turner there is no returner,
deserter thinking you have hearda the c supreme,
and my masteries. your living on cups of tea thinking you is the ******* G
you try and laugh at me and il rip out your spleen.
you smell like a farmer
im a lyrical harmer
after this is done your as hard as obama
you see these are men and you think your harder
but i bet if i could see ya youd be munching a tub of lard ha
your friends think your a goon
but il end that soon,
il mash up your face you look like a reflection of a ******* spoon.
but enough of words your rhyming dont mean ****
im going back to rubbing your girlfriends clit.
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Reply Tue 12 Mar, 2013 12:29 pm
@mc kings,
easy now everyone
this is obviously the first time
that mc king has come to the mic
and spit out his first rhyme
now i went over this little bitches lines
but i cant decide
if i should burn him over
or just draw the line
now go home
take the time
to improve your rhymes
or better yet
just take a quick look at mine
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