Neverending Rap Battle II

Reply Tue 30 Mar, 2010 08:31 am
@King Jay777,
Let me run this by you, it’s important you listen
There are many curse words, that’s all that you’ve written
Talent, the thing that’s most important is missing
This ain’t a rap, it’s a drunk-and-disorderly competition
I sit back and let the clauses just kick in
This guy’s had poor intuition, plus his reports have gone missing
I’ma go ahead and slaughter this bitch quick
Talking about pieces, he’s a crumb short of a biscuit
You’re not gonna get away with talking that sick ****
I should be like Stifler and keep calling you “shitprick”
Who the **** let King Jay inherit the damn throne?
Somebody should strike in his head with a damn stone
He’s just a little kid attempting to act grown
I should parcel him up and send him back home
If you don’t like the way I flow, you can blow me
If you can't read my lyrics, you can blow them up on your home screen
wonda plus
Reply Sat 24 Apr, 2010 05:22 pm
you livin yo life based on a damn dream
u just met the realest g you've eva seen
listen close u little pussy n stand tough
i always play rough
cut your throught, watch you bleed
wait for a drout, tie you up, drive to the nearest cliff n push you off
watch you fly like the bird of love, a dove
and as you look up, watch as god above
denies you, sends u down to suicide you
call my bluff i aint playin
i aint afraid of nothin, so don't even bother
ill rape ur mom n leave just like yo father
you livin life by the day
i live it by the minuite
cause we playin life as a game n im in it
can't stop or finish, can't even replenish
i'm playin this just you n me
n everyone ignors as they hear u scream
ye im packin, n im not packin fudge you prissy sissy
u can't budge, your stuck
anywho beddy bye bye
good luck
/|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\
/|\W0nda Pluss /|\
/|\ /|\ /|\ /|\/|\
Reply Fri 25 Jun, 2010 09:52 am
@Mr Insane,
ahhhaaha wait up nigga who u callin a wanna be ? i bet yu don wanna fuk with me coz am a lil G plus iraqi , nigga moey is my name nd ive got a game yu wish yu could rap battle like me coz yur the one dat just a wannna be so keep that **** up and shut the fuk up nigga yu rap like a cat whoz haveing a heart attack if yu wanna start wif me i mak u suk my nine milli m ahh boi don ask weere i got m gun from am not a drug dealerr nigga ill take yur familys life and u will be callin me a stealer niggas yus are snitches fake ass bitches wanna rap battle ill make u cry nd call the cops coz yus are dog neve fuk with a lil iraqi yu fukn gronks !!!
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Reply Fri 25 Jun, 2010 10:10 am
@wonda plus ,
ahahha sikk onee nigga , nigga have yu heard of an iraqi ? man ill rape yu and yur family and make ur mums pussy bleed like a dynasty if yu win the game will i die as a G or an iraqi ? same coz yu will be stuck in this game with yur life and yur wife soo shut yur mouth and go 2 sleep befor i rape u and make a video clip nigga dont fuk with me coz am not a wanna be nigga i finshed 10 games and lookin for the 11th nigga ill finish yu and ill go to the heaven man yura pusy dont wanna see yu on this websit again cooz ill shot yu and rape yur girlfriend man yu cant rap battle fuk of befor i make u sit on a V bottle haha motherfukkaa
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Reply Fri 25 Jun, 2010 10:16 am
fuk yu sadkunt
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Reply Sat 26 Jun, 2010 03:23 am
shut up motherfuka am the best nigga ill kidnamb u and put 10 bulllets in yur chest yu will be begin nd say moey illl be yyur lil bitch just like the rest
bitch don look at me
yu got something to share with me
cant yu just live marely
motherfuka u just wish u could burry me
i make u missing
scream but no one would listen
beg beg beg at then end ill chop yur head !
Reply Sat 3 Jul, 2010 02:08 pm
what ya think
you diss everyone and now you are gonna sink
il knock you down in a blink
and when i do that your gonna need a drink
sell your house you cant affort a van
you keep your close in the garbage can
you beg people for money thats just sad
heck if you sell your house yo wont have the money to buy a bread
so thats it go to your bed
and if you reply you will be dead

Reply Wed 28 Jul, 2010 08:57 am
Pussy you cant rap
Your rimes r wach
Your mum suck
and you smell like a a trash back pak

You look like shreck from a medical centre after havin his head in a metal blendor
All u listen is Jason Derulo Boom whatcha say
but nigger i dont play
when i take you down and stamp u out till ur mom comes round , sucks man's **** and licks me out !
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Reply Wed 28 Jul, 2010 08:59 am
nice one mate Smile like it
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Reply Wed 4 Aug, 2010 03:00 pm
Moey schmoey - **** this phony!
You're not the best "nigga"..... you're just lonely
Don't "kidnamb" me, just blow me, homie
But don't worry - you won't be stomped by Obie
I don't live "marely"; I don't live a rich life
Had your sis force down my pants 'cause the frickin' zip's tight
Plus I stuck this dick in the bitch twice
And had the sis yellin', "You're the shiznit, guy!"
So I'm a "sadkunt", eh?
I think you need to stay off the Tanqueray

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Reply Thu 26 Aug, 2010 11:28 am
I just got on here, and I'm already suspicious,
I'm the only dude in here, yall r just bitchs,
Now, I could sit here and call u evry name in the book,
And get on the radio cuz I got T-Pain on the hook,
But, that does nothing for the game of hippity hop,
In the past couple of years that games gone flippity flop,
And that's cuz of u faggots! Rapping bout drugs and hoes,
I'm a truespitter bitch I'm in the game so I can buy clothes!
Now, we could rap about taking bullets to the chest,
And get a beat from DJ Khaled and shout out "We the ******* best",
Or we could rap about some real **** yo,
Like how I just cashed my paycheck, and bought a ******* ho-ho,
You faggots rap about living the hood life,
But look at Haiti, and you be living the good life,
I'm almost done, but please hold the applause,
And try to stay on my good side like I'm Santa Clause
Reply Thu 30 Sep, 2010 04:29 pm
thee thigh foe thumb,
your slicing with puns, well my rhymes are second to none
your so addicted to drugs your now injecting your skunk
im selecting you ****
please stop infecting your mum, better stay erect when i 'cum'
or ill be disecting your lung

ill slap you so hard that mike jack will turn back black
and bubbles will finally take his finger out your crack

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Reply Wed 1 Dec, 2010 09:34 pm
all u fools are wack thats why ur bicth got me on speed dial yeah i know im crazy my head need too be re wired im 4rm the ghettho were everybody has free cable stay strap no hesitation too too blast
Reply Mon 3 Jan, 2011 08:00 am
Get ya rep up? That's easy son
Stop sitting on ya laptop
And stop fingering ya mum
You'll murder any1?
My mate please
You'll murder yourself from a dirty decease
Its pretty obvious ya can't spit frees
Call yaself contagious cuz ya got H.I.V
And that's a nasty thing to have
Even worse ya passed it on to ya dad
And you wonder y he's sad
That's his sons name contagious isn't just a cold gone bad
I could beat u at battling,shuttle cock, tennis, top trumps
Ill beat you online on the ps3
And I havnt even got one
But nevermind maybe u could be good at something in life
Maybe setlle down with kids and a wife
But it isn't gonna happen kid no way
Because we all know you drop your anchor in poo bay
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Reply Mon 3 Jan, 2011 08:24 am
After battling me you won't go out
Ill have u hid up at ur fathers house
Shiting your chicken biryani out
On brick lane I was just tryna step on
And you tried drag me in ur restaraunt
And that was some good **** but ur still a f*cking batty man
For f*ck sake aladin man
Put the jeeny back in the magic lamp
Try and reply man I'm not arsed
Cuz fling ninja stars through ur quicky marts window glass
And if u want ill punch ur iraqi dad
Then clothsline that faggot off his camels back
And don't take personally the bars I just wrote
Cuz iraqs a great place to come from
If your a goat
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Reply Mon 3 Jan, 2011 09:02 am
I'll lyrically rape you then others will follow
Only called truspitter cuz u refuse to swallow
Come across all serious I just come across comical
But let me be serious when I say ur freestyle was horrible
I bet ya got a nappy head that could not be tackled
What u brush that **** with a toffee apple?
probably tell us ya won battles before and ur a good mc
Well congratulations dick head ya still gonna loose to me
I bet ya work at texeco and don't get no gash
The closest you came to a shag was putting a petrol pump in a petrol cap
probably behing ya laptop with a fitted and gangster joggers
Wishing you were less inbread than jake the snake roberts
Alls well that ends well shirley so don't get ya bat
And don't forget to tell ya grandad I sad he's a twat
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Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2011 05:54 am
Always strapped? That's some fairytale bollocks
The closest u get to being a gangster is playing cops and robbers
I'll meet u face to face and see if ur hard
Then slap u and ur mum with blatant disregard
U rhyme like a boy just learning the trade
Thinks its good to make threats so just act ur age
Go play with ur train set and don't start beef
Cuz ill tear u up lyrocally without a beat
U read this message and had an instant ****
Just like ya nans irritable bowls when ya lick her clit
Now I'm not there's interbreading in this lads house
But ur lips wana shag ya eyes and ya ear wants to **** ya mouth
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Tic Tac Nic
Reply Mon 17 Jan, 2011 12:01 am
Me and my step dad are having some difficulties
He's mad at me because I don't respect my responcibilities
but i keep on telling him if i do that my life will get worse
my head is twisting and turning and it is about to burst
He's on my last nerve, but hes on his last breath
im tired of this ****, im nearly close to death
the clock is ticking, my mind is flicking, im tripping, im gripping my life as hard as i can, to remind God how i once loved this man,
i dont know what to do, the times run out, decission time,
my life flashed before me while making this rhyme
he wouldnt even give me a dime, to find the right line, to find the right crack
that will lead to the right track
this rap is dope, but its my life story, im expressing my feelings so dont worry
i will come back with better attitude, and a damn better mood
but there was one day, where my relationship with him turned different
he cussed at me bc i couldnt help him pay the rent
he pushes me on the ground and leaves with my car
he goes to this pub and gets drunk at the bar
im alone with no phone, i groan and moan about what just happend
im losing it, my dad just happen to leave me be, like a sting out of a bee
but i aint gonna trip, im not gonna give up,
i put on my jacket, and i walk out the door with dignity
my heart is ready for this fight, embrasingly, intensivly
i find the bar, i slash the tires from the car,
i walk in the door, but i find him dead
that day I just wondered what have gone through my head...
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Nigga town
Reply Wed 19 Jan, 2011 04:32 pm
Mr Insane,
Quit playin the game,
I think it's time somebody talked bout ur ma,
she ain't Asian but she banged my kok,
while ur too busy just usin a sock,
cuz ain't nobody wanna make ur bed rock,
and during the after shock,
I'll have pussy coming in a flock,
straight to my cock,
leaving u as the laughing stock,
of what? The 3rd grade,
cuz u can't make it in the rap game
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Reply Sun 23 Jan, 2011 10:54 pm
my rhymes are dirty
my verses are small just like ur birdy
i can rap 10 times better then you
and i just banged out a thirty
you say drop drop a line
but i dont got time
i dont play games when i rap
thats why my rhymes are nice and yours are crap

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