someone teach me how to rap battle

Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 05:33 pm
i have no idea and i want to learn
Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 05:42 pm
Oh, this I gotta see!
[Gets popcorn, pulls up chair]
Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 05:44 pm
can you dance?

no rhythm, no rap...

(and a cool hat helps)

gonna sit and poke fun from next to the latin guy...
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Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 05:44 pm
My name is maporsche.
I'm going to buy a Porsche.
You're too poor to afford a Porsche.
Sup bitches!
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Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 06:44 pm
1. Think up what you want to rap about. Since Porche doesn't rhyme with anything, let's say you want to rap about speed.

2. Go to www.rhymezone.com and type in your topic.

3. Get results:

Words and phrases that rhyme with speed: (168 results)

1 syllable:
bead, bede, beede, bleed, brede, breed, cede, creed, dede, deed, diede, eade, ede, fede, feed, frede, freed, freid, fried, friede, gaede, grede, greed, he'd, heed, keyed, knead, kneed, lead, leed, mead, meade, nead, need, nied, peed, plead, read, reed, reid, ried, riede, schmead, schwede, screed, seed, she'd, skied, smead, snead, sneed, steed, streed, swede, teed, thede, thiede, tiede, tweed, we'd, weed, wied, wrede

2 syllables:
accede, agreed, aidid, black bead, bur reed, cane reed, concede, creep feed, decreed, degreed, dill seed, dill weed, ditch reed, exceed, fern seed, force feed, french weed, ghost weed, gilead, hadid, hamid, impede, indeed, laclede, line feed, lipide, misdeed, mislead, misread, omead, pay heed, precede, proceed, quirk bead, rasheed, rashid, recede, reread, reseed, saeed, sand reed, secede, shaheed, stampede, succeed, take heed, trust deed, vahid, wahid, waleed, walid, white bead

3 syllables:
alwaleed, aristede, aristide, cancer weed, chicken feed, common reed, crazy weed, devil's weed, disagreed, double reed, fennel seed, giant reed, guaranteed, harris tweed, intercede, jamestown weed, jumping seed, mortgage deed, mustard seed, overfeed, polecat weed, poppy seed, pressure feed, pumpkin seed, rattle weed, silkworm seed, sinead, stinking weed, supersede, title deed, trumpet weed, walter reed

4 syllables:
balm of gilead, butterfly weed, canary seed, caraway seed, celery seed, consumption weed, corn gluten feed, edible seed, fenugreek seed, pickerel weed, pineapple weed, rattlesnake weed, safflower seed, scorpion weed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, turpentine weed

5 syllables:
alligator weed, coriander seed, rheumatism weed

6 syllables:
egyptian paper reed

4. String all the rhyming words together with other words that make you sound like you're cool.

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Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 06:48 pm
Can't you be kinda creative with the rhyming, a license if you will?
Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 07:30 pm
None of it rhymes, jespah,
Porsche has no silent "e" on the end.
It's a German word, n'est pas
every letter is pronounced, don't bend
maporsche wants one badly
will get lots of tickets - sadly!

Oy, I suck!

Robert Gentel
Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 07:38 pm
First I recommend this Breaking and Popping course by Carlton Banks for some smooth moves. It even comes with a rap sheet. Just make sure to tell your parents that it's the safe stuff.

Then you need this instructional video on how to rap by Mr. T:

Next you need to know what themes to talk about. Here is a rap battle translation that will give you some material:

This video should give you potent lines like:

"The living conditions here are much worse than in your aforementioned city of residence."

Now you are all set, post a video.
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Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 07:52 pm
Pronunciation of Porsche

His name is Maporsche
He digs the Porsche
When he low rides,
It's nuttin' but tortcha.
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Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 08:22 pm
Battling is a hip hop tradition as old as the genre itself--about 30 years now.

I'm too lazy (as usual) to provide detailed insight. But I present to you the best battle song ever put to wax. Nas' answer to Jay-Z after Jigga called him out on "The Takeover."

It takes him about two minutes and fifteen seconds to really get nasty.
Robert Gentel
Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 08:35 pm
As far as diss tracks go, I think Hit em Up > Ether

Reply Tue 27 Jan, 2009 09:27 pm
@Robert Gentel,
Jesus, Pac was so abrasive.

Completely different stakes, though. This is clearly a man convinced the person he's dissing tried to kill him.

Kinda sad, too.
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Mc Eks-vador
Reply Wed 28 Jan, 2009 05:50 am
aright geeza, m8t if you wanna learn to rap you need to keep it real in the way of rapping about life experiences or just general big ups to urself or m8ts etc.
to many mc's/rappers fall hard as they woffel crap! lyrical content is the key....

Hears one of mine signature bars that I'm renowned for......

Teroise your town like I'm chettchnian reble
I'm working wiv the devil come to rase your Bass & treble
if stop the rebel devil turning up dem levils
you get flat on ur bk and feed a coffee revils

Everybody Beats & bass is mashing up da place
sweaty jungle ravors wanna get messy of my face
if we pull together wiv me on da mic as one
for the junglistic ravor lets go raving in da sun

inta outa whatta whatta nutter
inta, outa ravor
say inta, outa whata whatta nuter
I'm da mandem-vador

I said the badboy vador
I spit all round da eqatore
get up on da mic
wiv oldscool junglflavor

wave up ur hanna
if ur swetting in da manor
dont u dare wanna dasabay
ul end up in the slammer

End up with no grammar
get court by cam mar
made to sit it out
when weer rising out the gabba.

if you get that you will get how to rap/ Mc'

hope its of some help..... POW!
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Reply Wed 8 Apr, 2009 04:08 am
say word your tryna rap,
all you gotta do is let it flow out
n it be easier than tryna force out crap.
random cats come in the forums sayin they kno how n whats what
but i like your motivation kid, n thats whats up
dont worry bro, i was once just like you
couldn't rhyme or do anything
but with practice i eventually broke through

all you gotta do is keep your head up high
and give it some time..
the rhymes will just come out
and you will dawn a new style..
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Reply Wed 15 Apr, 2009 07:49 am
check out the masters at my16bars, look out for me Macwieze
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joker AKA gangster
Reply Thu 4 Jun, 2009 03:59 pm
u dont even hav to concentrate on the name,,,

hey yo its maposche up in this ****,
am hear teachin u how to spit,
all these ideas are not legit,
shove em off ur shoe lyk u do wit grit,
cuz dis thing iz the new hit,

go with the flow ,,
jus chill wid it,,,
n if u hav tym to prepare,,,
den get all ur lynz in ur head,,,,
start off easy,,,


hey am so kool,
dont need to go to skool,
chillin in ma outdoor pool,
n ur juss a fool,
fallin off ur stool,
think am bein cruel,
well follow the rule,

Maporsche is the best,
dont muthafukin mess,
hav u fukin less and less,
got u so fukin stressed,
now y dnt u jus confess,
that maporsche is the best,

see, i jus made dat up on the spot,, now its ur tym to shine,,, learn som words,, get a feww linez,,make sure they rhyme,,,, and der not crap,,,n nw its a rap,!!!!

hope dis helped

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Tyrus Shira
Reply Wed 5 Mar, 2014 08:11 am
plz teach me
Reply Thu 13 Mar, 2014 04:06 am
I'm with you, I want to learn too
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Reply Thu 13 Mar, 2014 04:07 am
@Tyrus Shira,
how much progress have you made so far?
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Reply Thu 7 Apr, 2016 07:08 am
You just got served beeyotch!
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