Life Love Lust and Legitimate Legacy

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When I was two
My parents split from the room
Lived with mama in the city while my dad never did move
The city boy birthed on the countryside, steady
So when diagnosed with ADHD, my crazy mind wasn't ready

When I was three
My mama met a man who was never meant to be
So high but he
Did drugs and smoked cigs
Mama's done stuff, they both did
So when a puff puff, was witnessed
He was kicked out, and mum's pissed!

When I was 8
I lived with my mom down in the valley
Switchin schools as fast as rallies
And snapping back without reality
In actuality I was in my own world
Dad was a bad dad, not a father but a madman
Not a bad man, but a fast scan
Would determine how he's chasing selfishly like the pac man

When I was nine
Moved into mom's new husband's life
Two step siblings and a half one over on my dad's side
From only child to oldest sibling, ADHD still on a mad ride
I was the weird kid in the corner of their dumb minds
I was either cut, shoved, or punched outta the lunch line

When I was twelve
I realized I was in hell
ADHD was cured somehow with pills
But depression knew me well
I lost meaning, delved in sadness
My true love drove me to madness
Gladness was fantasy
Half of me wanted to stab my knees
Had me weak, every damn week...

I coulda ended it

But when I turned fourteen I became a soldier
Flipped off both the demons and the angels on my shoulder
Became colder and bolder
Tore away from depression and became strong as a boulder
I don't give in to pity no more
Empathy and sympathy lower the score
My sanity and vanity both on the border
Ever heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder? (Ha ha)
An ESTP, that's what I be
Life is a game, I must win, I must beat
Take a seat if you can't keep
Up with the peak
Every second I'm up I must duck
Kicked while I'm down like a puck
Two years ago I'd take it and crack
But now I have a knack to snap back and attack!
I hide the fact that I'm emotionless
Fake feelings, no showing it
Life is a chess game
You play on intuition so I'm controlling it
They call people like me, psychos
But I can feel love and joy I guess, but my goal
Is to end this life of mine successfully
Strive alive and when it ends, do it unselfishly
But being selfish is a priority
To get to my life goal, you see
Whether being a minority
Or leading on majorities
I'm prime time, no man in the right mind
Should fight crime, unlike my crime
(Psyche) this rhyme's mine!

Think like the killer to get him alone
Serial savior, something known and unknown
**** it I'm done with the stage that I'm on
All this pain that goes on is a face to take on
I must have a break on
Get this shake on and stay plain as the bank gone
I've been gone, can't stay long
I haven't been sane or the same since I was rained on
But I'll reign on, as the king
The ace of spades in the ring
Number one in pains that I bring
So crazed that I could just sing~
Look out for the hail, Mideast
Look out for the heil, big beast
Look down at the dope, big feast
Look down through the scope, missed me-

Bounce back like the balls of my feet
Hit the sac like the balls beneath me (ow...)
Drop a barrage of bombs to the beat
Then rewind time and put the scene on repeat (boom boom boom!)
Like I just tripped, click click, **** it's a pistol (bang)
Like I just flipped, flip switch, here comes the missile (uh oh)
Risky business, what is this
Button up, I'm wicked
Ripping bitches isn't my mission, kid
But if you's my obstacle, honest yo
I'll switchblade yo face quicker than a killer did
And finish it with no witnesses
It's the one and only Gliitch in this
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