written cypher

Reply Tue 14 Aug, 2012 05:22 am
i'll start it

red rose intill i paint it black
all the sodium when i fall into cardiac
arrest from a heart attack
limp forward with a broken back
knife to the arm felt like a deep slash
i walked away with a broken neck from a car crash
no angel just a dark apparition
i'm the darkness in the devil's vision
so into rap that my eye starts twitchin
i was in the devil's mind so i guess i was chosen
my body is on fire but my soul is frozen
i show people what it's like,.... but they say it's hard to see
they put a hole in my chest where my heart should be
i'm not tall and not the strongest
but i'm able to tough it out the longest
if i fail i'm back in my old life and i know this
no more playin around it's time for me to focus
i feel like the world is a tower
of a raining concrete shower
i say i'm the king.. yet i have no power
being the best, i guess, i could keep wishin
time for you all to just shut up and listen
cause with my lyrics you got no idea what your missin.
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Reply Fri 7 Sep, 2012 07:46 pm
cap the rap as i put my backwards hat on...
ha get it/ i spit like a tabbaco addict, at it again/ spin like a bottle, but i aint playing a game/ nah i flow likea broken damn., but i guess its becuz i dont give a damn/ man id say were on the same level, but ive already beat that game/ so taste my flows furry, i dont hurry, i hustle/ i dont huff and puff but ive used muscle/ and i bust like a head against concrete, cuz what i say is concrete/ i eat rappers like a cannibal, chew they're beef like an animal haha yeah theyre full of bull!!

...hey if u want me to give you all i got comment on one of my posts and ill go hard ... okay?
Reply Sat 8 Sep, 2012 03:29 am
i'll over throw the king even though its treason to me
people say become happy for once.......give me one good reason to be
if you step to the plate
and get in my face
i'll call for my army
i fight with my fist theres no way you could disarm me
your flow, metaphors, punchlines, and multies, dont harm me
dial the phone....get the calvary
all the way from calgary
advance, pay them hourly
to devour thee
why you look so surprised what you didn't know i could rap this
i'll choke you with the microphone cord that i use to rap with
Reply Thu 27 Sep, 2012 07:13 pm
Why should you be happy? Your reason is this-
Haven't we all said that ignorance is bliss?
Man, aint even trying ta diss. but every one of your lines was a miss
"I'll choke you with the microphone cord I used to rap this"
Man, what is this overused bullshit?
Acten like your hell bent on being jail bound,
Just another kid shouting "THUG LIFE!"
Cause you like how it sounds.
Man, I bet you never stepped foot outa your home town,
or even out from in front of your computer screen, it seems,
Yet you still believe your the real thing?
Oh, yeah, go ahead, call your army,
I'll do you a favor and pretend that's real alarming.

Reply Wed 10 Oct, 2012 08:54 pm
first of all you got my line wrong you retard. and if you have balls. then repost this verse to ME.. on neverrending rap battle.. go to my page and you will see.. i'll battle your pussy ass there well .....only if prof, whitey, bambi, or darknova gets you first lmao see you later
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Reply Tue 18 Dec, 2012 09:19 pm
Not replying to ur lyrics but just check my verse people, 1..

Lifes a depression, realities harsh for the human soul//
Lifes a blessin, life's a lesson and dont take life for granteed, u never know when ur gonna blow//
Forsake my soul, i bring peace as if i were living peacefully at home//
**** the magnums and the chromes, my minds deep i speak from the dome//
my lifes peak living alone, now that ive grown ive adapted to sleeping on my own //
Lookin at a stone, running with dogs, ayoo like give a dog a bone//
Sprintin with dogs to survive people claiming me evil as if running with my homies is illegal?//
Free bird with the wind like a segal, white, black, brown my homies equal//
Free my people, were all trapped in a maze and taught how to behave//
Bussin gold chains, rockin gold plates is the new trend of us being a fuckin slave//
But i'll fight back and say it loud in great accent, take action, imma fight like im fightin cancer//
magnums and macks wrapped with plasterd lazers ready for attackin in silence cause we masters and great acient assassins//
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Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2014 06:42 pm
Im unexplained, when comin in so derranged, i sit by the window drummin up on the pain, thaa pain, nothin to me gets something i've over came, but a mountain infront of me, something i over came , i ainy inspecable , oops insane my metal flow, best outta 3 , or 2 times to let them kno, and if your pedals flow, i never ride with you, because i grew up near a train on tricycle, nahh i'm just savin, im in the chest playing pieces like bombs, maybe i can rest later, you at a rest stop, im on a plane, 3000 feet writin verses on my desktop, yea i batted out the park like bombs, got power like dairy, if you kno whats going on , and my songs they get girls wet call them splash hits, **** it, its that time to make a clssic!
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