Neverending Rap Battle II

Reply Sat 13 Sep, 2008 01:30 pm
@Little G,
yo little g you stil there ? do you have aim ? or any messenger
Little G
Reply Sat 13 Sep, 2008 02:12 pm
uh yea [email protected]
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Reply Mon 29 Sep, 2008 02:23 pm
Reply Tue 28 Oct, 2008 06:15 pm
any of yall niggas wanna bust
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Reply Thu 30 Oct, 2008 05:19 pm
@mc kings,
Yo mc king
U aint got no bling
You aint got enough money for a ring
Yo you’re so dirty
You’re so cheap that u can’t even afford Armani
U aint probably heard of Gucci
U living in the old trends where boys wore tight panties
Yo you can’t even rhyme
But I can do grime
If I gave u ten hours time u won’t even write 1 line
Actually your so weak dat if a gave u a punch the pain will go to your spine
Actually your so dumb dat all you can do is commit crime
Yo I’m a professional
I go international
But you can’t even go national
Like if I diss u hard u start to cry and go emotional
But you’re such a girl that can’t even go physical
U need 2 go to da doctors because you’re mental
That’s why people call me unbeatable
Because I can play with sweet words and they think I’m invincible
But they’ll think you’re just terrible
Reply Sat 1 Nov, 2008 05:47 am
yo ryhmes are weak
u should hire my lil sister cause dey need a little tweak
u should sell yo sell 2 da devil
maybe dat would help yo bitchass come close to my level
even wit all dat u still aint makin hits
like some otha niggah said ima take yo spirt away like christians turn athesis
stupid bitch
fuckin prick
im bout to implode u makin me tick

Signed, LiLObi
Reply Sat 8 Nov, 2008 12:03 am
I just wanna make it clear, YOU SOUND LIKE A QUEER.
Calling others' rhymes weak? Yo, that sounds kinda bleak.
Might as well post your face up as "**** up of the week."
I'm only in high school, but I dabble with you fools,
My teacher done told me that your flow is against the rules.
Get called down to the principal's office, he'll be off with your head quick,
He's got better rhymes than you for a 50 year old prick.
He's servin' out detentions without any hesitation,
My school'll teach you how to rhyme, you just gotta pay attention.
Calling yourself "unbeatable" is like calling yourself beatable.
Might as well put a target on your back and get ready for some heater pull.
By now you should be dead, I've theoretically crushed you.
Next time study your language so I can lyrically test you.
Reply Sun 9 Nov, 2008 09:02 pm
wat da 'ell u mean lyrically test me BITCH
i no more then u and im in middle school ****
ima go old school.. open yo mouth u need some listerine
talk spanish maybe throwin some *lateen*
tu' no tiene bolla'z
u dont got no ballz
come 2 my middleschool get fucked up in da hallz
left 2 die by da wallz

*spelled wrong on purpose*
mr batman
Reply Tue 11 Nov, 2008 05:28 pm
Yo joker u betta start confessin ,
u just a 12 year old white kid hu needs yo momas help for dressin,
you betta bow down to me and say u have clinical depression,
you cant beat me, i hit u with all my agression,
Jokesta yo mama think im hot, I gave her a erection,
she shud stick her dick up ur ass and give u a yeast infection,
where you from the windy city?
im from detriot if u come we beat yo ass without a pity,
Then ill travel to ur place and theyll send me a welcoming comitee,
you just twelve barely down the road,
ur dicks prolly like that, just a lil chode,
i tell u this for ur own benifit ,
I can tell ur rhyme are dope cuz u copied 99 percent of it,
im gona beat u like em' beat lickety split,
but this time its easier cuz none of yo **** is legit,
why rappin when ur twelve years old of age,
u aint even young enough to earn minimum wage,
and why you be so against chicksterz like a jerk,
why dont u go home and do ur grade school homework.

*my rap to joker in rap battle 1 cant get on it now but can get to #2 anything u say be used against you! same thing no harding feelings joker
mr batman
Reply Tue 11 Nov, 2008 05:51 pm
lil pork y u tryin to be so Spanish,
I look at u under a microscope on a petri dish.
and whats this stuff about listerine?
i bet u use it as ur daily routine,
cuz ur motha said that ur teath was yellowish green,
you think ur so young bein middleschool,
i hate to break it to u, but im just like u, not even in highschool,
i bet u is those little white boys gettin used as a tool,
tryin to be tough join this rap game and all,
let me tell u something dude...todays veterans day,
im a veteran in this rap game,
they be celebrating me all over USA,
and y u tryin to spell words wrong on purpose
im the diamond cutter u the diamond dust,
learn to rap, know how to rhyme
ill beat u faster than ur brains processing time

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Guitar King
Reply Tue 11 Nov, 2008 06:08 pm
@mr batman,
Hey yo, you talk about confession,
well mr b-a-t, believe im coming with agression,
no question, im steadily progressin',
im ryhmin' with time and money invested,
I've been stressin', since I was an adolescent,
Boi yo' ryhmes are fake, but im keepin it spiritual,
Don't trip or you'll get, whipped out this miricale,
I'm very cool when put in a hot situation,
for real, i'll send you on a permanent vacation,
I got these D's all stacked in my back pocket,
Be careful son, this a game of hot potato - don't drop it,
just stop it, can mister B take a hit?
We'll see about it
You rap like and old lady, im better than you,
So just sit back in your chair,
Knit one pearl two...

mr batman
Reply Tue 11 Nov, 2008 07:17 pm
@Guitar King,
Your rhymes dont make any sense,
like a dime worth 69 cents,
boy those rhymes are the same ones you use all the time
matter fact today i heard them for the 100th time
Im the bad guy here
no im the magic man, watch me dissapear
this aint no game of hot potato
this is a rap battle and the audience be throwin tomatoes
plus why u call urself guitar king like ur a rocker
welcome to the game , wen im done this'll be a shocker
seems like u got split personalities,
one being a fag and the other one a nanny.
Y u tryin to tell me theres two of you
cuz i only see one of u
you seein double vision but im standin right in from of you
ill do u away like N.W.A. shits
like when cube and dr.dre split
if u really wana fight
ill punch faster than Flash runnin the speed of light
and make the sky black as tupac after midnight.

Guitar King
Reply Tue 11 Nov, 2008 10:02 pm
@mr batman,
So dog, where you get off, sayin my personalities be split?
your just jealous, cause you can't make it flow when you spit,
Here you be talking, bout my boys tupac and dre,
Hell man, you definitly aint know bout N.W.A.
You may be a bat, but you sure aint fly,
your just pissed, 'cause your ass be getting beat by a white guy,
so what if I, mulitiply, and look up to the sky,
my various licks and spits and tricks and #1 hits got you shook,
Man your cornered, I caught you like a fish on a hook,
Your scared to look, at what I've written above,
Man, **** all this hate, and show ya' boy love
mr batman
Reply Tue 11 Nov, 2008 10:37 pm
@Guitar King,
Man how come all of sudden u gettin so tense
you started out good but lost your common sense.
Hell man, **** tupac and dre
eminem can beat their ass anyday
so now u admit that ur white?
startin to sound the jack johnson, a dyke
and yeah i will make a racial issue outta ur facial tissue
but i can tell u one thing leave and yo mama wont miss u,
U talk about all ur various licks and spits
sounds like u givin bjs to men with bit tits
and if u wana talk about that, take a ruler look at the size
my dicks twice as long maybe even longer, dont be suprised
man i see u at school everday listen to ur led zepplin songs
thats just like saying ur gay by wearin a man thong
i aint gona show u no love
especially no white wigga beside Em' who thinks hes a thug

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mr batman
Reply Tue 11 Nov, 2008 10:38 pm
@Guitar King,
yo joe this shits pretty fun
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mr batman
Reply Wed 12 Nov, 2008 07:17 pm
@Guitar King,
this guy tried to rap cpied from till i collapse lol on rap battle
Reply Fri 14 Nov, 2008 11:24 pm
@mr batman,

what you know about tight
throw out sight
throw out night ,day
like clay
and a discarded sculpture
of our culture
your nothing but children of the corn ,mulchers
nothing but serial cannabilists and vultures
this is nothing but serious analysts sacraficial ulter
watching your mind state and dimension alter
climb straight through the grape vine
and make some great wine
out a the great minds
it takes time
break binds
of fake swine
take ya mind off it
playing highstakes poker now you see we take the blind off it
asked the bloodsuckers to define profit
no devine prophet
scaled the mountains of ladders
weighed the poison down in the bladder
cooked the recipe found in the batter
never forget never forgive
just let live
you get what you give
so ima get life, death , keys and locked doors
this is my gift to you i hope you got yours
got more then you asked for
swallowed your last sword
strung up hung up your vocals by glass chords
last honda ,last beamer , last ford
ima blast from the past
bringing explosives from the future an blast forward
ima crash every finish line im running pass
you wanna know something come n ask
the answers are comeing faster then the questions
lessons manifesting
when man is resting
human essence peace ,hope an agression
you know prof he's dope an interesting
giving you a hand when you need grasp hope in depression
leave the airwaves of creativity open this session
Reply Sat 15 Nov, 2008 01:32 am
lol? u posted tht to me on the other thread .. LLOL
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mr batman
Reply Sat 15 Nov, 2008 11:20 pm
LOL ur good for a begginer
But follow me if u WANa be a winner
Rap isn't just rhyming
It's also about the timing
U just blabberin on about no specific reason
Your outa shape, slim up for the season
If u Wana be like me make ur rhymes sound pleasin
Your rap is annoying
Seems kind a boring
Changing it to make like a lion roaring
U gotta lot to learn
U got respect to earn
I'm here on my ground, I stand firm
Now don't come back till u learn how ta spit
Cuz this is one hole piece of ****
mr batman
Reply Sat 15 Nov, 2008 11:22 pm
@mr batman,
Yo joe hurry up and respond
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