Neverending Rap Battle II

Little G
Reply Mon 8 Sep, 2008 04:50 pm
Dude ur name is cool but ur ryhmes be wack
u cant just have a penis u gotta have somthin in ur sack
u cant just stand up and shoot breeze
thats how u get me to give a trigger a smooth squeeze
i see u dis my mom
but the mistake was that ur daddy forgot to put a condem on
and iam glad ur not my dad
because when a father gets owned by his son its sad
its u who should be glad
or in your case even mad
this battle is for real fuckin gangstas
not some fuckin cock suckin prankster
so this is wat is is
ur glory days are gone
so go on home and put in another of ur tampons!

Reply Tue 9 Sep, 2008 05:44 pm
@Little G,
whaddup son you cant diss me,
im your real father im the real g.
maybe i will grab a tampon
they make me feel secure and tight
but i do recall seeing that strap-on
tucked safely under your light.

im unstoppable bro
god above im right next to him
while im here stomping you low
all i can see is you should go back to the gym
you can try and spit rhymes but in all youre still fat
sitting on your computer seat trying to rap to my beat
and all 2 clicks you hear and never know its my gat.

-305 the beast-
Little G
Reply Tue 9 Sep, 2008 06:29 pm
yea you say u be a real fuckin g
but ur mutha fuckin rymes be pussy
tht strap on be ur moms
so she can make u cry before she sings u ur bed song
yea ur daddys little girl
ur like a fuckin prostitute in a real thugs world
so step away from the mike
before u get wrapped up in a real fight
and trust me u wont come out on top
because in this world im ur mutha fuckin pap
these are true fuckin hits
so go on back to suckin on ur mamas tits!

Reply Tue 9 Sep, 2008 07:02 pm
@Little G,
You say your a beast but all I see is the least
Little man is calling out pussies and he thinks hes a G.
While I sit back and watch you little bitches battle
You know one look at my lyrics and I'll be mounting you like saddle.
You bitches think you can throw down but we know you're not ****,
One step in the ghetto and your white ass will get hit.
Bleeding on the floor and begging for help,
while your crew can do nothing but sit there and melt.
I look at your rhymes and can hardly believe,
you passed the first grade with your grammar and speech.
But no your too cool for school wanting to live in the streets,
After one day in the projects you'll be covered with sheets.
I could go on all day but I want you to know,
To stop acting gangster until your ready to show.
You cant earn your name until you get to the street,
and roll with some real G's not the internet 'peeps'.
Grab yourself a peice and hustle some dough,
We all know your not **** so quit acting GHETTO!
Reply Tue 9 Sep, 2008 07:31 pm
@Little G,
Yeah uhh
I see this pussy who calls himself Little G
workin so hard on the keys to flex his e-peen
You say that people like to suck on their mothers tits,
Change of scenario, you were once inside your fathers dick
So go cry back to your crib, or even your cradle,
you keep lying to yourself, crating your own fable
you can call me the doctor,
butchering your lyrics on the operating table
you keep thinkin, tryin, but your unable
to create these lyrical legends diggin your **** deep in the pit
think it, write it, climb up a tree and i bark it,
ill be the silhouette laughing standing over your carcass
you try to mark us
but we already got you on the list
tomorrow's not lookin good for you i can see right through the mist
of my gun smoke i take a backhand stroke
or even a pimp smack at your lyrics i laugh
you can catch me riding with your bitch in the coupe
call the **** poop
and scoop up your group and shoot them up like a troop of grandmas, workin on their embroidery hoops
Little G
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 03:28 pm
keep on jokin bout name but truth be out
its little g thts gunna make u fuckin shout
and cry back to mom and dad
cuz the rymes u spit are just fuckin sad
go on on back to doin wat ur tought
when u go to take a piss u prolly pop a squat
and open ur legs and let ur pussy hang low
cuz like motha like daughta ur a fuckin ho
so cum on bitch i mite b little
but nothings smaller than ur fuckin diddle
and yea i am a fuckin beast
and this is how we rep the east!
dont drag ur self in fights u no u wont win
if this was wrestlin ud definetly be pinned
so dont try me u dont no wat ive been through
theres only one champion and it sure as hell aint u
so **** off go home and pretend
but im the true thug to the mutha fuckin end
so keep sendin ur rymes around
and ill just keep on beatin them down

Little G
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 03:48 pm
u fuckin judge me like my life is wat u know
but my life is not a glamourous show
my mom gets beat
and my brothers been shot
then u got u pussies come
who think ur hot and ur not
tryin to make it sound like u no wat a hard lifes like
but u just sit back and listen u little dyke
keep tellin ur self ur for fuckin real
u prolly feesed up on ur first steal
keep on talkin bout the ghetto alot
but u better watch ur back, thats how u get shot
straight bullet in the head
people out here will leave u for dead
so go on back to playin wit ur dads dick
cuz all u b spitin is a bunch of bull ****
my rhymes are the truth and i never stumble to tell them
ur lines are pussy comin from the mouth of a women
so dont talk about wat u no nothin about
go tell ur "peeps" u got schooled so u can pout
and keep actin tough with ur foney white t
but u just got schooled by a real fuckin G!
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Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 05:55 pm
@Little G,
bro for a little G you got a big ******* mouth on you
its like money on the floor pick it up jew
you talkn bout knowing how **** goes
but youre the kid walking
and im riding with the bose

yah your mother gets beat
and your brothers been shot
but who the **** do you think did it
im the real G you had better admit defeat
you think youre fly think youre throwing alot
but i tear you to pieces and you throw another hissy FIT

you just keep coming back for more,
the 3 of us laugh at the way you spell.
your mother is the real damn whore,
when your fingers cramp up on ur cheap ass dell.

you trying to act "thug"
you got a high pitched voice
i just squashed you like a bug
i find it pretty funny cuz im the BEST
cuz all my bitches REJOICE
when the little G is put to rest. . . .
Little G
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 06:30 pm
Ha ha u laugh at the way i spell?
really is tht all u can say
dude just it out of the way
and make room for those
who will prolly end up stealin tht bose
shut ur mouth and sit tht fake ass down
im just make a fool out of u now
u keep tryin to insult me nd show me up
but ur a fuckin wannabe and thts wat up
it gunna take a little more to get me pumped
and yes i just destroyed all 3 of u chumps
in a game u say ur the best tht ever played
but i just blew u all away like a grenade
so u keep comin back and try
but wat ill do to u will make ur mutha cry
u say i spell weird wat r u some grammar nerd
cause to me u sound like some weak ass turd
so go ahead nd throw out ur pathetic rymes
nd ill just keep spit back my real lines
the same lines tht u sit in ur seat and studder
when u hear wat i say i make u shutter
u no im not lyin
wat i said yesterday made u spent the nite cryin
so i told u once gunna tell u agian
alex just stop for embarres yourself
nd let ur mom know i think shes a MILF
u rhymes are those of a 4th grade battle
so go on like u wanna do and be the bitch thts tattles
and yea u make fun of my life?
wont be so funny starin at a knife!

Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 06:48 pm
@Little G,
you claim you a beast and that you rep the east
but its pussies like you whom upon i feast the least
cause you ain't got no meat
and your about to not have a heartbeat
comin in my house, fuckin with the 9-4-1,
step up to the lyrical gallows and you'll get your tongue hung
your insults are comparable to steaming piles of dung
on the message boards actin all lyrically sprung
but your not
your molecules gonna need to work to make the blood clot
when i put you down in the dark vacant lot -- that is your life
Little G
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 07:02 pm
wow thts weak rhyme numba six
and u say my arm are sticks?
dude i dont need pecs
i got tecs
u say ur gunna be my grave digger?
u aint got the fuckin balls to pull the trigger
cum on dawg im still standin
wat cant back up the rhymes u be landin?
but i will, ill blow ur ass away
and yea i rep the east nd im here to say
**** you ur just another fuckin actor
so go back to ur farm andur tractor
thts rite go graze on ur corn
and fondle urself to ur gay porn
o ouch thts a bad depsit
aint u told ur pap ur comin out the closet?
so keep stickin with tht bitch ass alex rite?
cuz im ur nitemare when u turn out the lights
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 07:13 pm
@Little G,
grammar nerd? I dont think you understand,
i spit out more **** than just how to spell.
my **** is sick shut your damn mouth,
before i bust it with my ******* right hand.
ima come up to you crush you like an eggshell
you cant touch me man im like a bombshell,
next time you try i guarantee youre dead.
coming here serving bowls of pain
riding around in the ******* main train
youre the lonely one in the lunchroom,
you got a bit just before you eat my damn ****.
smelly **** all over you're face,
im walking all over you at a ridiculous pace.
talk some more smack,grab your computer,
just riding back home on ur little scooter.
just listen to RealEyeZ to understand my damn spit
pumping out these lines so you can just realize
youll never amount to anything with your fake ass ****
you think ill cry? come over i wanna see you try.

~305~ and ~941~
- Beast-
Reply Wed 10 Sep, 2008 08:56 pm
@Little G,
Little g come on is that the best you got?
back in my hood you step and your the one to be shot.
Keep making death threats and put us to the test
cause all your going to find is 2 to the chest.
we dont **** around with young guns like you
walking around like your the **** without a gang tattoo.
lets go all day with these hurtful words
pull out my pigeon and make you fly with the birds.
You say your mom always gets the bitter end?
that just means your to big of a bitch to defend
watch out for your family cause they come first
cause when your family is gone there's no way to be reimbursed
so squeeze it nigga only if you can
or just go back prancing like peter pan.

~941 Mafia~
Reply Thu 11 Sep, 2008 08:26 am
you're rhyming is so devine
its music to my ears while i'm restin
the melody is sweet
the metre so neat
I wish I could be so complete
but of course not, I'm only jestin..

make way for the herbett I'm the melody king
its time to cross the line and be a part of this thing
I'm a lyrical taxman
put you on the back foot faster than paxman can
but you ran
now you're sh*ttin the bed pan after your brainscan
cos I Smack you in the face with my walking cane
while you still complain and you're rackin your brain
for an answer to my attack
but you don't wanna come back with the wack
rhymes that you've put in today
cos the sh*t you write is a scandle
and I think its time I put my d**k in the souffler
I'm a lyrical vandal
tearing at your lines while I'm dissin in time
and you'd better take some advice
while you've got your d**k in the vice
and appreciate its me that's turning the handle
see you secretly confess that I lyrically impress
I'm the best
so you should be closing your gob
nothing less
give up now and go back to your day job
with all the other whores on the street givin out blow jobs

Little G
Reply Thu 11 Sep, 2008 05:50 pm
dude why do u keep coming back
i went easy the first time then i didnt cut u any slack
uve been burn shutp up and trashed
and u try to come back after i whooped ur ass?
its embarissing dude ur lines are crap
tryin to use other people so u dont get capd
i told ubfore u cant hang with me
so shut ur fuckin mouth and end this killin spree
u couldnt think wat to say so u made fun of my spellin?
just cause u couldnt compete wit the **** ive been tellin
so alex just end this beat down
cause rite now ur lookin like such a clown
u put 305 and 941 at the bottom
tryin to use other peoples balls cuz u no u aint got um
so before i bury u six feet deep
shut stop ur pathetic ryhmes i dont wanna hear a peep
wat u say just makes me laugh
cuz i no u havent been down a tough path

Reply Thu 11 Sep, 2008 06:00 pm
@Little G,
yo i thought i was done with you
i **** on your face but you say im coming back
i dont want to fight anymore
i want a little peace
lets make fun of the bitch who thinks he can shoot his piece.
mcherbett thinks he can rhyme

i owe you an apology
someone who can spit like me is little g
fight after fight after he came back for more
stepping his game up raising up the bar high-er
good game bro lets take mc bitch next
Reply Thu 11 Sep, 2008 06:06 pm
mcherbett you came from no where what a suprise
yet another bitch who thinks he can spit
but yet again he says the same old ****
you bitch bitch herbett is the next that dies
that has to be the worset rhyme i have ever read
my rhymes are complicated they are so hard to beat
oh and by the way its you who should go back to giving head.

[941] and [305]
alexthe BEAST
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Little G
Reply Thu 11 Sep, 2008 06:08 pm
ok i could be down wit that
it ll relese my tensoin with somone watchin my back
ok well call it a tie
and let fuckin mcherbett eat **** pie
u ready mc for a tru ass kickin?
cuz after this battle its my boots ull be lickin
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Little G
Reply Thu 11 Sep, 2008 06:14 pm
dawg if ur pac man im a fuckin ghoast
better eat quick or ur ass is toast
u entered ur self in a real heated battle
now everyones goal is to shake u like a rattle
theres a her in ur name prolly cause u beat around the bush
ur afraid to eat pussy so lick around the tush
so shut ur mouth and walk ur sad ass home
cuz around here i sit on the throne
Reply Fri 12 Sep, 2008 01:44 pm
@Little G,
i love how he just posted once but now is gone -.-
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