Let's pretend my penis is a jellyfish!

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Thank god!!!!
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The state of Oregon
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I guess she'd be 17 now and I hope she's doing well.

She's been in care outside her bio family since she was 3.

I'd imagine she has the resources to find you and her other family should she ever want to. From what I understand it usually isn't until they start considering starting a family of their own that women who have been adopted start trying to find members of their biological family.

I understand your concern but I think you should wait to hear from her instead of trying to find her.
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jesclarke07 wrote:
Kayla is my biological cousin. Our family has been looking for her. When we came across this we were crushed. Granted our family isn't perfect but her mom loves her. DHS took her and her sister out of their moms custody because they were in "danger" and look what happened. She would have been "safer" with our family. this makes me sick, and whats even sicker is they only got 5 years. Kayla is going to have to deal with this for the rest of her life. Kayla if you read this we are looking for you
WELCOME to the forum, Jes!

In regard to your quest to find Kayla,
lemme advise the use of private detectives!
In my experience, thay have been really good
and surprizingly inexpensive. Thay worked fast, too.
I used to know a genius at that, but he's been dead for a while.

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