My best friend is ignoring me

Reply Wed 6 Oct, 2021 01:33 pm
She started ignoring me for the past 2 days.When she feels moody and ignores me,it normally lasts for like half a day or so.Since it's been a bit longer thanusual,i think i've done something wrong but idk what.When i wave to her she flat out ignores me and looks away and screams our other friend's name,when i came out off class normally she waits for me but she ddint this time,when i waited for her she didn't even acknowledge my presence,when she saw me far away she ran to the opposite direction with our other friend,when I asked her a question she said "no" but in a really annoyed and deep tone but within a few minutes later she happily talks to another friend.It doesn't piss me off but rather makes me upset.Like if she doesnt want to hang out with me anymore than,okay!But atleast tell me first...

Like a week ago she told me about how her mum emotionally abuses her and i stayed there for her for when she needed someone to rant to.I even wrote an entire letter for her with a drawing and some prints for her.I don't understand what i did wrong.I thibk i do maybe have an idea of what mad he that way but its kinda minor.Her mum voiced messaged me on her number but my best friend told me to not listen to it,i was really curious so i lisnted to like the first 2 secs then deleted it.maybe thats why? but i honestly dont know what else i did wrong for this to happen.
Reply Wed 6 Oct, 2021 06:13 pm
Listen, a person's actions and what comes out of their mouth is all about them. It is NOT about you. But even if it were, the mature thing for her to do would be to talk to you about it, not act like a big spoiled baby.

Why you would even want to be friends with someone who could and did treat you this way is something serious for you to think about.

We are all egocentric individuals and the most instinctive response is "What did I say or do?" when really, we more than likely did nothing. This is all on her.

Plus, who wants a moody friend? Ugh.

Good luck, Kamochii.
Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 11:02 am
tysm for the feedback!Today she didn't ignore that much so i guess she was just rlly moody,still was kind rude tho...
Reply Thu 7 Oct, 2021 05:35 pm
Your friend is being brought up in a dysfunctional home. She follows the model she is shown.

So she will treat you like her mother treats her.

You should speak up when she abuses you!
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Reply Fri 8 Oct, 2021 09:29 am
You're still very young, plenty of time to make new and better friends.

I don't keep in contact with anyone I went to school with.
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