Slavery Still Exists. Where’s Black Lives Matter?

Tue 14 Jul, 2020 12:02 am
@Real Music,
The quotes from the article prove otherwise.

The only thing BLM cares about is preventing police officers and white people from defending themselves when black people murder them.

She'd been expecting a conviction, for manslaughter if not murder, but Zimmerman was acquitted.
On Black Friday, four days after a grand jury declined to charge Wilson in Brown's death, protesters shut down the St. Louis Galleria with chants of "Black lives matter."
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Tue 28 Jul, 2020 01:31 pm
oralloy wrote:
BillRM wrote:
Lol so the muslin man who own a small grocery store near me I should ask him to stop murdering for some reason?

It is wrong for him to murder his female relatives for going out on a date.

It is wrong for him to murder people for drawing cartoons criticizing Islam.

Yes. This guy should not murder anyone. Please ask him not to commit any murders.

It's also wrong for Muslims to steal everyone else's holy sites.

You should ask him not to steal other people's holy sites as well, as long as you are passing along requests.
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Dr Sliptinschit
Tue 28 Jul, 2020 02:16 pm
You got to be kidding me as both whites and blacks who are members of Black lives matters are overwhelming law abiding citizens who are damn tired of black men being unneeded murder by police officers.

Do you have an example of a police officer ever murdering a black man?
Thu 30 Jul, 2020 08:18 am
@Dr Sliptinschit,
Botham Jean
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