Are there are no heroes in our world?

Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2012 10:09 am
Elegant the wander around infinite perplexity, Of late the zero made slighter sense and with yesterday a myth, non extinguishable twice, you teach me my error, internal, of late. Thank you

It is truly a stake in the heart of evils spawn to watch the truth be vanished to Hells, non-avoidable by worldy endeavor to be right, skewed, mirrored in your post and diverted to my receptions.. Particularly when the Spwan itself is such, thus evil is the term applied to hide it.

I wonder, does the Lord rattle a sound akin to most embarrassing feminine output. Not concerning, is usual it seems, some days.
Yet again it is Christmas, flock though ye will, Jesus wept at state of thee.
Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2012 10:53 am
wat elegant?? how any mistake could mean elegance, u prove being of lies and to having no least relation to what is true while all to fake and overrantin life
and that is why u keep throwin nonsensical words as ur way to b of codes prints, such as lord or jesus or feminine as ur exclusive sentence pointin a one reference to ur head

mister if nothing exist it means existence is true in the sense that only truth exist, so what is not new or nothing stop immediately being existing, which explain the evil ways as u must b through abject direct violations to existin true ground

so keep ur back smile hot to urself with ur jesus head, while nothing from ever stop existing as soon as it appeard being present free source

keep tryin to use my posts for any claim that u got to know smthg or credit to whatever pretenses u want about truth
truth is always else that is how it is always only truth, so keep tryin again the same copy when i put it already all in garbage as the real nothing of now

Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2012 10:58 am
I have slight need to rebut that, though I must because of other external factors

And a 'lie' is to you what?.

Your attitude stems from believing independent posts relative to singular argument, are completely tied to the nature of a person as constructed, this will not serve you well.

The 'proof' around the concepts pertaining to 'zero', 'existence' and Multiple universes and/or timelines, cannot be termed a 'lie' whatever view put forward.
We are merely human. (we are also not advanced).

I look to your post before as 'elegant' because it reminds me of those times I would encode the revolutions around infinity debate... The same hatred, would occur to me if I spoke on it, it is a 'singular' issue.. In the sense, no-one here is my friend and I am alone. So I have no spite for you, also I help and slightly mock Jesus types myself.
You may be interested the evil I speak of is myself and I am the spawn, I did indeed digress. Apologies.
Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2012 11:50 am
when truth exist, then u r free from, since it is what exist while u as a result is out
so it is my choice to focus on a point in a post instead of another

life is all about freedom right existence so freedom that do not exist really as truth
when a livin is through words realisations in abstraction of himself being, then he is a free living right for sure definitely

and for what is a lie, unfortunately lies are much more variety then truth while truth is infinite else

bc lie by definition is infinite living, keepin deformin replacin reversin holdin grasping forcin inventin willin denyin abusin usin etc etc.. while any single lie of those different pretenses must lie to its last present to stay related to the same pretense
this what prove how lies cannot exist bc truth is the only existence, so the result in fact
that is why mayb truth presence dont want to interfer and do what i say to hit life and mostly any living one, but it shows the face of truth being nothing at all
so it is what exist but as infinite superiority so never a face, so any true present face is worse then monsters since monsters are what they are relatively while truth is being any and all so concentrated bitch livin present

Reply Mon 17 Dec, 2012 12:44 pm
I try not to think in terms of essential types of people. For me virtually all individuals can perform actions that I might classify as heroric and cowardly. Everyone contains a wide range of capacities. Moreover, the same individual will be seen as charismatic by some but not by others.
An approach to life that operates only in terms of dualistic (black and white) categories misses so much of life's complexity, subtlety and ambiguity, and in so doing reduces the capacity for creative perception, understanding and appreciation.
Reply Mon 17 Dec, 2012 01:02 pm
u keep meanin pretendin how u r true quality instead of truth
truth is the superiority that mean freedom and the freedom that mean superiority
then freedom from true superiority is a result but only freedom rights exist as being relatively truly existing so never truth existence rights nor true existence

also superiority from true freedom is a result, but only superior rights are free like being present truly, but relatively so nver present reality nor truth freedom out

one act done dont make someone, any is objective so one is simply itself alone so cant b ever a word nor an object to itself even, it is only evil perspectives that could mean it being a thing

one is from what it does in constant terms so as an absolute result of itself abstraction one, it is not attitudes it is him the constant self abstraction being objectively aware

u keep meanin also others bc u r evil so liars ways

one cant see another ever, one sees objective things and facts done of things absolute present realities abstractions

one is only that, he could know that others exist from realizin itself objectively out of things existence, that is why one to another can only interact presently as new thing

i can go far if it must to prove the evil and lies
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Reply Tue 18 Dec, 2012 03:45 am
It is important to remember the good, the honest, and the admirable qualities. But truth is the judge in determining the heroes from the average population. Truth is not biased; it is not fictions; it is not pessimistic; nor is it always good.

If you look at any hero in this world, whether they are historical figures who have deceased, or is currently living, you can find faults and foibles at one time or another during the course of their lifetime.

No, there are no heroes. There are only humans and heroic moments.
That's just a belief. I choose to believe in heroes (though not necessarily the ones the media puts up as heroes), therefore they are - in my world.

Logic has little to do with it Smile

Admiration, connectedness, and belief do.
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Reply Tue 25 Dec, 2012 03:50 am
Ahh, I see what you mean here now,

Yes, thank you..

My sincere apologies, I know you not, or at most very slightly.
Yes do not mind my stinking attitude, I forget you this day.
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