Racist costumes being banned

Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 11:39 am

Out of all of the examples I saw, the only one I would agree with is the bomb toting Arab. That is extremely rude, though I can see the humor in it. In a college, that kind of costume should not have a place.

But these kids are listing Geisha costumes, sombreros + donkeys, and a few other costumes that they deem 'racially insensitive'

Racially insensitive? Have they not been to Mexico? That is a huge part of their dress when you get farther away from the cities. How is that being insulting? It is not showing someone doing something derogatory, it is using the clothes of a society for a costume.

A Geisha is insensitive too . Again, ( my opinion only) this is taking it way over board. Sometimes it seems people look for reasons to be offended .
It is about perspective frankly. There will ALWAYS be someone who sees something and wants to think the worst of it. ALWAYS. Dressing in a costume or NOT dressing in one will not change that.

And why is it that only those races/cultures are the spotlight of being insensitive? Is it not JUST as rude to wear torn over alls, stained shirt, black out your teeth and be a white hillbilly? What about the woman who wears shorts, high heels and too much make up to be a hooker?

There has to be a stop to this forever drive to find something insensitive. And if someone wants to look for reasons they are being held back for what ever reason they have in their heads, they will always find justification no matter what.

But why are we as a so called free society really jumping on board this super PC behavior?

Why is it now ok to find the smallest thing to be offended about and throw it out as the new discrimination? And why are these rules only applied to two or three races? Americans, white , black, green, blue , short, tall, fat.. what have you , are ALL being made fun of in some way when it comes to costumes and halloween but only those 3 races get the red light? Isnt THAT racist?
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 11:45 am
If I went as the don't litter Indian, would I have to show my papers?

and as a tribe member, or as a Sicilian...?

confusing are these rules...
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 11:54 am
These students are bleeding idealism and haven't been tempered enough with time and cultural patina to realize that one should be able to laugh at oneself and one's cultural obsessions and that these costumes aren't the evil mechanisms of racism they are betraying them to be.
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 11:56 am
“We strive to facilitate a discussion about discipline and racism . . . "
I have not worn a costume for many a decade,
but in defense of free speech, I 'd be tempted.

I 'd make a point of refusing to submit to their discipline.
It woud be fun to annoy them n provoke them.

Concerning the funding, I 'd tell the Administration,
if I were its alumnus, that its anti-free speech expenditures
will be considered when future contribution$ are supplicated.

Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 12:03 pm
Excellent point David. Perfect time and lesson to learn about civil disobedience is for the students who disagree with this costume ban is to counter that newborn policy with some free speech flair.
Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 12:09 pm
Yeah, but I don 't know where I 'd get a donkey.
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 02:11 pm
It is carrying it to an extreme. Most of these are not to be mean - some are cute. Can you imagine that some little girl loves the Disney movie pocohontos and wants to dress like her. Do you think she is being racist? Or simply loves being a princess?

I hate to say it, but some of the more offensive costumes are the most funny.
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 02:36 pm
I was going to be a werewolf, but I realize how instensitive that would be to hirsute persons.
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 02:38 pm
I'm goin' as an overweight, middle-aged white boy of Irish descent with no fashion sense. Any of y'all who don't like it can kiss my rosy red Irish ass . . .
Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 02:44 pm
nothing to do with racism, but I love the idea of this costume....

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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 02:45 pm
Wait, no.

That could be offensive to groups that eat a lot of corn...

what to do?
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 02:47 pm
Oh! That's a costume!

(If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost?)
Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 02:52 pm
Here we go...


Before you choose a Halloween costume this year, it's important to consider whether it's appropriate. You may feel your costume is creative, but in these politically correct times, you need to take the feelings of others into account! The following costumes have been deemed politically incorrect, so beware.

Raggedy Ann. This costume clearly objectifies women.

Werewolf. Offensive to animal advocates and those with male-pattern baldness.

Cave man. The proper term should be "evolutionally challenged"; "man" is overtly sexist; also insulting to those in loincloths.

Cop. Authority figures should not be ridiculed.

Grim Reaper. Trivializes death; may also encourage children to use scythes without the necessary supervision.

Napoleon. Offends the French. (In much the same way deodorant does.)

Frankenstein's Monster. Pokes fun at those with psychological or emotional problems, as well as those with identity crises.

Bride of Frankenstein. Extremely offensive to women—they should not be known by, or valued more, merely because of their husbands.

Skeleton. Exhibits an insensitivity toward those with eating disorders.

Angel. Mocks religion and the religious.

Hunchback of Notre Dame. Ridicules those with physical deformities, as well as those suffering from "ligyrophobia," a fear of noise.

Dracula. Endorses the irresponsible practice of transmitting bodily fluids.

Sigmund Freud. Insults those with the lifelong opinion that a cigar is just a cigar.

Flapper. Demeaning to women and tassel salesmen.

Gladiator. Insensitive to cross-dressers.

Cowboy. Encourages violence, cruelty to animals and spontaneous "whooping."

Mafioso (mobster, "wise guy"). Unfairly stereotypes Italian-Americans. OK, actually, fairly stereotypes Italian-Americans, but it's still stereotyping.

Tarzan. Condones mistreatment of minorities and animals. Again, hurtful to those in loincloths.

Ghost. Glorifies the occult.

Witch. Religious persecution. Also pertains to warlocks, Gnostics, conjurers, chiromancers, shamans and Druids.

Leprechaun. Shows contempt for the Irish-American community, as well as the diminutive.

Presidents. Encourages scorn and contempt for authority figures, at least half of whom have no criminal record whatsoever. (See also "Cop.")

Characters from Star Wars. Offensive to Star Trek fans.

Characters from Star Trek. Offensive to Star Wars fans.

Mummy. Offends Egyptians, embalmers and the undead.

Genie. Objectifies women; subjects those who may be "buxom challenged" to ridicule. (Note: Same applies to wenches.)

Pirate. Distasteful to those with hooks for hands and the vision impaired (wearers of eye patches), not to mention parrot owners.

Zombie. Disrespectful of the dead.

Princess. Contributes to myth that women must be "rescued" to live happily ever after (same goes for Snow White); also insulting to certain Jewish-Americans.

Gorilla. Condescending to our friends in the wild kingdom.

Medusa. Exploits animals; sends the wrong message to young girls by implying women are defined by their physical appearance.

Gumby. Ridicules those with disfigurements (especially of the head).

Knight. Offensive to dragons, I imagine.

Baby. Promotes a lack of respect for youth, human life and those who drool voluminously.

Biblical Figures. Religion is no laughing matter, except for that part about Noah fitting four million species of animals onto one boat.

Ballerina. Cruelly mocks the short, not to mention the waif-like.

Indian. Native-Americans have been oppressed, slaughtered and persecuted—imitation buckskin and feathers are the final insult.

Devil. Affront to demons and those currently possessed by demons; Satanists are people, too, all right?

Sports Figures. Belittles our heroes.

Convict/Prisoner. See "Sports Figures"—the groups often seem to overlap.

Fairy. Offensive to interior designers and choreographers. (Note: The same guideline applies to sprites and pixies.)

Priest. The Catholic church has enough to worry about without being the butt of jokes (if you'll pardon the expression).

Bandito. Racial stereotype; subtly condones handlebar mustaches.

Headless Horseman. Blatantly sexist; wrongfully pigeonholes equestrians; also involves another physical deformity—offensive to amputees and the headless.

Viking. Endorses razing; in addition, glorifies pillaging and ravishing.

Porky Pig. Insensitive to members of the Jewish-American community (as well as members of Weight Watchers).

Klingon. Unjustly hurtful to illegal, as well as resident, aliens. (See also "Characters from Star Trek.")

Hobo. Derides the economically and hygienically disadvantaged.

Professional wrestlers. Offensive to just about everybody. (See also "Sports Figures.")

Mermaid. Slights women and aquatic life simultaneously.

Daffy Duck. Unkind to those with speech impediments. (Same goes for Elmer Fudd and Barbara Walters.)

Phantom of the Opera. Unfeeling toward those with physical malformations; shows contempt for those committed to ridding the civilized world of musicals.

Ninja. Perpetuates stereotype of Asians; also promotes "lurking."

Albert Einstein. Insulting to those who have a problem comprehending the particle nature of light.

Chinaman. Sexist; racist; upsetting to immigrants and honor students.

Clown. Deeply offensive to Geraldo Rivera.

Aunt Jemima. Racially inflammatory; serves to exacerbate the already incendiary "pancake vs. waffle" debate.

Robin Hood/Merry Men. Suggests an intolerance for those with alternative lifestyles.

Aside from those costumes, you should be just fine. Get out there and enjoy your Halloween! Oh, and don't use the phrase "trick or treat." Hookers are people, too.

Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 02:56 pm
Genie. Objectifies women; subjects those who may be "buxom challenged" to ridicule. (Note: Same applies to wenches.)

But what about the Genie on Aladdin is that allowed? He had a large belly and was blue -
Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 03:13 pm
Linkat wrote:
Genie. Objectifies women; subjects those who may be "buxom challenged" to ridicule.
(Note: Same applies to wenches.)

But what about the Genie on Aladdin is that allowed?
He had a large belly and was blue -
For the record:
I have always found small breasted women to be very acceptable.

From an esthetic point of vu,
if I had to choose between a woman whose breasts were either
exceptionally large or too small,
for SURE, I 'd choose the smaller breasted girl.
I have witnessed women make fun of a smaller breasted woman.
I felt bad for the victim.

I have already had one girlfriend, Maralyn, who was ashamed
of her breasts. I re-assured her many, many times and I was sincere.

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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 03:16 pm
You'd have to ask The Girl . . . she buys all my clothes . . .
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 03:24 pm


has spawned this:


and many, many other parodies.
Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 03:32 pm
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Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 03:33 pm
boomerang wrote:



has spawned this:


and many, many other parodies.

That's a good example of taking a reasonable (I think) complaint (against people running around in blackface, talking in broad "Ebonics" while brandishing watermelon or fried chicken, and calling it an "African American costume"), and juxtaposing it with a ridiculous ill-fitting analogy.
Reply Thu 27 Oct, 2011 03:43 pm
Now if I had this Chaz costume - I could really offend people...


Bonus - I am offensive to transgender and the disfigured.
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