Coincidence or is some one out to get us or am I paranoid?

Reply Fri 1 Jun, 2012 09:14 am
Luckily you have only a few weeks left, but the people who bought your place will be screwed for years to come.

You should really do something funny to them on moving day, something
they'll remember forever!! Oreo their car (take the Oreos apart and stick it all around their car), or bury something stinky (Limburger cheese) close to their place where they won't find it. Something that satisfies you to know that you got them in the end! Laughing
Reply Fri 1 Jun, 2012 09:32 am
Yeah I know the evil side of me sometimes thinks that - however, I figure if you are a nasty person like that, well they can't be very happy if this is how they act.

I do hope though that this moving into our place has a better relationship with them. I honestly think for some reason she just doesn't like us so much that she is acting this way.

She did, when she first move, happen to mention that where she lived previously and this was a house, people did not like her. She said that people were buying houses/land in her previous neighborhood and building larger houses there and there's was a smaller older house.

I think they probably did not appreciate the way they like to leave trash about (husband leaves his cigar just sitting out in front of their place which is common area/she has left the dog's poopy bags/her flip flops/throws cigarette butts around/seen her just toss a gum wrapper on the ground, etc.) - we have just tried to ignore it now. So I only imagine how they kept their yard and I'd imagine she let her dog roam around - they probably didn't much like her dog peeing on their nicely kept lawns and bushes - I've caught him doing the same to a garden area we have cleaned up and planted.
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