Extremely paranoid...?

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Okay idk what's wrong w/ me. My friends all tell my I have paranoid personality disorder but I don't believe that. But I've been thinking more about it. What do you think? I'm able to act normal and hide that I'm paranoid and only my close friends really know how paranoid I am. Pretty much whenever I make a new friend I never tell them any secrets and when I do tell people I have to 100% trust them. And I always think people are out to get me. And I'm 99% sure that people in my school are trying to ruin my reputation ik it seems crazy but I've been told how much the gossip about me and they've made up rumors about me. My curtains are almost always shut bc I feel like people are watching me through them and at night I constantly check all corners of my room bc I feel like there's a man in the corner watching me. At night when everyone's sleeping when i go to the bathroom I leave in a defense position (idk what to call it) incase someones standing there. and when I leave my room at night I have to have the light on so I can see everything. And when I'm home alone I constantly check to make sure the doors lock and all my downstairs lights have to be on. I get that I'm paranoid but I've looked up symptoms of ppd and it seems like it's more mistrust for people that's obvious and they're really odd. I make an effort to make sure It isn't obvious. I'm 14 currently and before you say it's schizophrenia I don't show any symptoms besides the delusions that I talked about here.
donna downing
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Actually I think you are being reasonable and just being sure of your safety. That's actually very important and highly commendable. However there is a limit on how much certainty and assurance a person needs. If your fears seems irrational then there can really be a mental health issue involved.

Now the practical thing for you to do is to tell your parents about your concerns and ask them if you can consult a clinician. A clinician will be able assess you and provide a diagnosis of your case, ultimately giving you a sense of certainty.

In the meantime try some self-help methods like meditation, mindfulness programs, and don't expose yourself to further fears and cause for concern. Regarding the delusions I don't think you are having one however I can only speculate which is why diagnosis is necessary.

In the meantime consider taking endoca hemp products. It's a nutritional supplements which has many medical properties. It has antipsychotic properties which battles psychosis disorders meaning that it can reduce delusions and/or hallucinations.
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People who diagnose themselves tend to have fools for clients.

Your friends are 13, 14, and 15 year old boys. They don't know WTF they're talking about, either.

Lots of teenagers have insecurities. This one is yours. If it concerns you this much, ask your parents or your pediatrician to put you in touch with a counselor.
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