What do YOU do when you can't bear your job any more?

Reply Sat 28 May, 2011 04:19 pm
I see great advice in most of the replies Dlowan. The solution may not be in getting faster, more proficient but rather thinking seriously if it is time to start that proverbial Job Search again.
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Reply Sat 28 May, 2011 04:27 pm
Dlowan, have you given thought to doing your own job analysis? There appears to be a very large window of opportunity to improve on the "Paperwork" load. I hear the term Paperless Society and laugh but maybe you could break through that barrier and initiate a new approach to your job that not only improves your position but that of others.
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Reply Tue 10 Jan, 2012 02:14 pm
I reached the point where I just can't do it anymore. I look forward to going to work with dread, sometimes feeling sick to my stomach. I am the go to person, the one who everyone goes to for things, advice, help, etc. I'm an administrative assistant, but it's more like facility management combined with baby sitting and kindergarteners! I'm tired, I just can't do it anymore. I'm just too old for it.

I tendered my resignation last week. Not sure when my exit date is, as they are supposed to hire a replacement and I am supposed to do some training of this person. So my guess is I have a couple or a few more weeks.

I'm so tired of what I do. I need a break.

As for your questions about cool tricks or methods to motivate yourself again? I have no idea. I have been a fraud at work now for over 2 years, more likely 3, hating what I do and putting on that false smile.

I did such a good job of hiding my true feelings, no one saw it coming when I resigned, including my boss, who now looks at me with sad puppy dog eyes.

I tried to think of what would improve my outlook, what could the company do for me, and the fact is nothing. I have nowhere to go, nowhere to advance to, I am stuck where I am.

We've been acquired and merged - on our 4th owner, and they are in firing mode, which is not a good sign at all. We lost 11 in our office last week and there are more throughout the company to come.

Supposedly our end of the company is for sale, I'm not living through another acquisition. We lose more and more with every one. There are no raises in the near future and a raise (small though it would likely be if there was one) would not improve the job or change how I feel.

I just can't do it anymore.... I'm wishing you the best of luck, that you find some motivation to help you.
Reply Tue 10 Jan, 2012 03:23 pm
Good luck with your decision......are you searching for another job?

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