The No Win Scenario

Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 02:32 pm
Well why do we not take a walk at night together through some of the neighborhoods that is fill of drug dealers in my home city?

I am sure you would be completely safe as most drug dealers and users would not dream of attacking someone for funds such as you as they would surely know you are a supporter of their rights to set up shop.

Being an internet tough guy with a CC permit in my wallet and a 357 in my pocket I will take my chances just to see you show me how safe you would be in such an enviroment that you state we all should allow in our neighborhoods and near our school and children.

Second how many dead kids should we allow to be kill every year for it to be
a problem in your opinion?

Oh well let me know when you are flying into Miami International Airport and I will pick you up for our little walk.

In fact I will find out just where that little girl was kill so we could visit the spot to pay our respects.

Do we have a deal?
Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 02:37 pm
Bill, why don't you just drop the internet tough-guy routine?

I grew up in a rough area of Houston and have a lot of personal experience living in situations like the neighborhoods you describe. I feel completely comfortable stating that I have more experience with these situations than you do, and yes - I likely would feel more secure walking around a rough neighborhood than you would.

Not because I'm tougher than anyone; but because I'm not a pompous asshole who is looking for trouble, as you apparently are. Self-righteous pricks like you are the worst.

I am no longer finding this line of conversation to be interesting, so I say to you:

Good Day, Sir

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Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 02:42 pm
BillRM wrote:
Well why do we not take a walk at night together through some of the neighborhoods that is fill of drug dealers in my home city?

The only conclusion one can draw is that drug dealers are found in bad parts of town.

Chances are, drug dealers can be found in good parts of town, too.
High Seas
Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 02:50 pm
I haven't followed the discussion for the last several pages, but that's not a correct statement. Drugs can be found in all parts of town, good and bad, but dangers to inhabitants are asymetric - in bad neighborhoods people literally risk life and limb by crossing into territories of rival drug gangs even if the crossing is inadvertent and unrelated to drugs. The 16-year old black student beaten to death in Chicago a week ago had crossed into some other group's territory; he had no known connection with drugs, was just on his way home from school. The most-often-heard comment on TV on that murder (just the latest of dozens of black students in Chicago this year so far) was that if the students caught on videotape beating that young man to death had been white instead of black Chicago would be on fire from end to end. That's the difference between "good" and "bad" parts of town, and it seems an important one, at least to those at risk.

High Seas
Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 02:57 pm
Bill - sorry, that's nonsense. Maybe you're safe with your 357 and CC permit, but drugs can be found everywhere including inside the schools. In the better parts of town if you're not buying the dealers aren't selling and that's the end of that, elsewhere you just stay out of gangs' way. Threatening criminals is stupid.
Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 03:08 pm
@High Seas,
And I am sorry as a teenager smoking pot in his bedroom and a drug house drawing heavy drug traffic is not the same thing!

A teenager do not normally have gun battles outside of his home with heavy weapons after smoking a little pot but that is not at all uncommon happening around large scale drug dealings.

But if you are happy with having one or more drug houses operating in your neighborhood be my guest you silly rabbit.
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Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 03:39 pm
@High Seas,
High Seas wrote:

I haven't followed the discussion for the last several pages, but that's not a correct statement.

You don't think that there are drug dealers in the nice parts of town?

High Seas wrote:
Drugs can be found in all parts of town, good and bad, but dangers to inhabitants are asymetric - in bad neighborhoods people literally risk life and limb by crossing into territories of rival drug gangs even if the crossing is inadvertent and unrelated to drugs.

I don't disagree with this; I just disagree with Bill's premise that one has to go to the bad part of town to find a drug dealer.

Something's amiss if Bill believes simultaneously that a) Brandon's neighbor is dealing pot and b) drug dealers are all found in the bad part of town.
Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 03:41 pm
@High Seas,
Here is three stories from a fast google news search concerning the joys of having a drug house near by.

Man convicted of manslaughter in gun-battle death of 9-year-old Miami girl

The Miami Herald

Friday, October 09, 2009

Take one key witness terrified for her safety, add another witness already convicted of culpability and throw in a thorny question of self-defense. All together, prosecutors knew that convicting Sherdavia Jenkins' accused killer on a murder rap would be no easy task.

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That's why they and Sherdavia's family were content with Thursday's manslaughter verdict against Damon Darling, 24. Though a lesser charge than second-degree murder, the conviction still could send him to prison for up to 50 years.

"As long as he's convicted, that's one less person off the street that we have to worry about,'' said David Jenkins, Sherdavia's father. "Our lives have been upside down for a while, but this is a milestone.''

Two jurors told The Miami Herald they didn't believe Darling acted with the ill will or malice required to convict for second-degree murder.

But they still wanted him held accountable.

"We didn't think he wanted to kill the girl,'' said one juror, who asked not to be named because of safety concerns. "But it was negligence on his part.''

Some facts were never in dispute: Damon "Red Rock'' Darling, 24, and Leroy "Yellowman'' Larose, 31, traded gunfire on July 1, 2006 in a courtyard of the Liberty Square housing community. An assault rifle round struck and killed Sherdavia as she played with a doll on her porch.

The stories diverged from there.
Man arrested in connection with drug deal shootout
By Nick Zeigler - Reporter @ October 8, 2009 5:22 PM Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0)
DAYTON, Ohio -- Police say a man who was critically injured in an apparent drug deal shootout on Euclid Avenue likely won't be charged with killing the two men who died in that house.

Edward Heflin, 25, was arrested last night by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on federal drug and weapon charges -- because there were no witnesses, police say he probably won't be charged in the July deaths of 21-year-old Ryan Daniel and 29-year-old Thomas Casey.

Daniel and Casey were found shot to death July 8 inside a home at 857 South Euclid Avenue. Police said Heflin was at the home when the two were killed -- he later showed up at Miami Valley Hospital with a bad gunshot wound.

Investigators said in July that the three men were believed to be the only ones involved in the shooting and that two guns were found in Heflin's vehicle. The whole incident is believed to be a marijuana deal bad, but cops haven't given many other details.

Heflin is currently in the Montgomery County Jail. According to jail records, he has a long history of arrests and several convictions on charges including drug trafficking and heroin possession.
Police: Drug delivery turns into shootout, leaves 2 dead
Staff Writer
DAYTONA BEACH -- A marijuana delivery ended in the death of two people, one of them the man making the delivery and the other a resident of the same apartment complex trying to get his hands on the drugs, Police Chief Mike Chitwood said Monday.
The shootout and the attempted robbery of the marijuana occurred Sunday night, just minutes after Merton "Shrimpman" Lindsay and another man arrived at the Jean Street apartment of Leavitis Golthin, Chitwood said.
The suspect, Armando Navarro Jr., 24, lived in the same complex a few buildings down, the chief said. He had left his front door unlocked and his TV on while he went to Golthin's home armed with a 9 mm handgun just before midnight.


Lindsay, 27, and the father of two toddlers, was shot in the abdomen and leg after he struggled with the would-be robber, police said. Navarro in turn was shot to death by Golthin, who used two guns simultaneously, Chitwood said.
Navarro died at the apartment and Lindsay died a short time later at Halifax Health Medical Center.
"He (Golthin) was selling the marijuana," Chitwood said. "Leavitis has several priors (arrests) in Jacksonville where he lived."
Chitwood said Golthin made a call and "ordered up some pot" late Sunday night. Some time later, Lindsay and his friend arrived at Golthin's second floor apartment at 521 Jean with the marijuana. About five to six minutes later, someone knocked on the door and when Lindsay answered, he was confronted by a gun-toting man, Chitwood said.
When Lindsay struggled with the robber, he was shot. That's when Golthin, wielding two .40-caliber handguns, fired at the intruder, striking Navarro at least once in the head, Chitwood said.
There were four other people in Golthin's apartment aside from Lindsay and the man who accompanied him to make the drug delivery. They included an unidentified woman, another man and two children -- a 14-year-old girl who is believed to be Golthin's daughter, and a 4-year-old girl.
Also found in the apartment were the three handguns -- including the one that belonged to the robber -- and the marijuana, Chitwood said.

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Reply Tue 13 Oct, 2009 03:49 pm
Would you care to point out where I said only the bad parts of town have drug dealings?

However most drug dealers tend to keep a very very low profile in good areas as the police and the citizens of those areas are far more likely to come down like the hammer of god on them in such areas. IE there are a lot more people like me that will demand actions if a drug house come in to the area.

You normally do not have as many shootouts as a result and you do not have open drug houses that operate openly in the better parts of town.

Nice that you can not attack what I do say but try to put words in my mouth instead.
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