Question about going to court for a misdemeanor?

Reply Sun 16 Feb, 2014 01:12 pm
So I'll try to keep the story short I just need some answers. Me and my wife have finally decided to call it quits and it's being tearing me apart. Were still married and I caught her at someone else's house, she wasn't caught in the act at the time but it made me so mad I took a rock and just chunked it at her car window while she was still inside. She has already filed the report so I guess Monday I got to a bondsmen and turn my self in? I have really have no idea how it works I've never even had a speed ticket. I'm 23 in the state of Arkansas and I agreed to pay for the damages but if she already filed a report then I guess she can't drop the charges correct?

I don't know I'm just lost and have never been in trouble my whole life so I don't what to expect or do. We also have 2 kids so I'm sure I'll lose them and be broken down even more. Also I'm guessing a misdemeanor stays on my record forever right? I just need to some guidance right now on what I should do and help prepare me
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@Swamp Swagger,
You are much more likely to need a lawyer than a bondsman.

If this comes across as domestic violence, you will need to defend yourself. A conviction can have long term consequences.
Reply Sun 25 Oct, 2015 01:56 pm
I would just schedule an appointment with a criminal defense attorney asap and meet with him or her and see what your obligations and responsibilities/options are.

My guess is that paying to repair the damage and some anger management classes will get it reduced or dropped to probation.

You are young with no criminal history but you need to get a handle on the anger and work through the breakup with a therapist.
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Reply Fri 15 Apr, 2016 06:46 am
@Swamp Swagger,
Depends upon the state. Here with no criminal record it would be doubtful if you would even see a Judge. It would be termed a property crime and diversion would have you paying for the damages and the diversion administrator might have you do some community service work. Completed diversion will erase the record-if there are no other problems you have failed to tell me.

Now- Was she inside the car or the house? I'm assuming the house so it will be difficult to procure a domestic summons. Were you on public property when you committed the crime-the street? The reason this is ask is if you were on the property that the incident occurred it would be trespassing as well.

If a marriage is going to break up it is imperative that you both get experienced lawyers and protect your rights. The hurt and sadness you feel now will be replaced in a few years with anger that you threw away your rights and signed something you didn't understand.

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