Guns: how much longer will it take ....

Reply Fri 10 Jun, 2022 03:45 pm
Yeah. It's almost as if nearly 20,000 "good guys with guns "don' tcare that they instantly become a bad guy with a gun and a criminal with one pull of a trigger. It matters a whole lot to their victims, though.
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Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 06:42 am
The problem with this chart you mentioned it is not showing events in the timeline that would influence these changes.

Prior to 2014 was the 2011 Wall Street Protest.

Ferguson had Civil-Rights issues as well during 2014 protesting which partly responded with Bill-De-Blasio being elected in NYC. The same could be said about George Floyd via Eric Adams.

2016 violence was because of Trump election and his bs statements tied to good ideas. Like fetish ( when you tie one idea to another idea ). During this time the BLM ( still civil-rights ) was gaining ground, with ideas of Xenophobia, and clear reports of hate crime often involved with race.

2019 things spiked up again via the ELECTIONS. 2016 + 4 = 2020.
2019 was problematic towards LGBTQ

2020-2022 = George Floyd + Covid19 + millions of students, employees, and job searchers, was not mobilized as eyes and ears.


Bare in mind the violence levels is no where near what it was in 1991. It is way down in comparison of those reports and events.

It just seems violence only spiked up due to


Wall Street Protest - Which was caused by Iraq and Afghanistan
Violence caused by anti-privacy
Violence involve race
Violence involving elections
Violence involving LGBTQ ( most likely due to bathroom sharing bs )
Violence from people guns being ceased during new law in big cities like NYC
Violence involving people not slaving in school and work from virus

Yup so it is racism aka post Civil-War
Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 08:10 am
that's all entirely irrelevant. The inescapable point it we are now experiencing close to one mass shooting a day, for whatever reason, from gun loonies. We didn't have anywhere near that happening years ago.. It is unacceptable in an allegedly civilized nation. It's the guns, stupid.
Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 10:46 am
The problem is when you give people a reason to take up arms.

Look at the Boston Tea Party that led to the war of 1812.
Look at the Waco Siege which led to Timothy McVeigh bombing.
Look at the Civilwar which led to Assata Shakur being labeled a terrorist.

How much longer will they bann religion, break into your home and tell you to march off to some concentration camp for destruction ? What will you do then ?

Seriously somebody getting mad at a medical doctor/physician is normal. What is the difference if that same person marched inside with something sharpen. It does not have to be a carbine tool, it could have been just about anything at all.

People are being mislead like sheep marching and hailing like the masses of post WWI. A giant crowd of morons who thinks banning guns will solve those problems or save lives. Look at 2001, their was no guns involved at all.

2017 person used a truck.

USA does not have any enemies.
USA creates it's own enemies.
The "War at home" has been a war that we have been fighting for years, since post WWII. To get women back in the kitchen, to not have to see anything un-American or different, that people would go outside with pride and work for their bread and not beg for it. The problem with the war at home is that when the only real cause of victory is by pumping money into the military and not actually solving the problem with the great depression ( people jumping from buildings in Wall Street ), and the creation of problems like Japanese ( any foreigner ) owning Detroit property and business and not actually working for the people we have a problem.

Then US invented communist scare and sent troops off to die for nothing once again. Created the house of un-Americans ( now called Homeland Security ) and pretended their was no race problem in the US at all.

You know what the truth is ? people ( old racist morons ) are so afraid of big strong educated men of African decent of actually taking up arms and infiltrating their racist pathetic communities and actually taking their place in the world. It is the greatest fear that they have.


They ( dead people ) brought these people over like parrots, lemons, and coconuts from these "exotic" lands only to be robots, Geonoids ( Roman/Greek term of idea of moving stone comes to life ),. To be given the dog-tag of being slave.


But instead via media, brainwashing, propaganda, they created this "March of the Wooden Solder "White washed" mentality. Made people of African decent instead be label as mindless monsters being led by Jew-Devil-Abe-Lincoln, who disguise himself as one of the own people holding power via rent and mortgage rates in order to systematically push out the Christians.

However in reality there is the Chinese debt that nobody is making a big deal of instead lets focus on the bs old idea instead of the reality.


Violence is a response. It takes time to generate that response. For example
1. We go to courts,
2. We protest, civil-assemble, picket,
3. We market the idea, talk about it, word of mouth, propagandist, media, teachers, learn it, educated by first hand and not via a book.
4. Then comes the brick through the window ( or in racist terms the T on fire which means "Time to leave" ) or the other kind of "non-racist" ( a group of men walk to your house and kindly bid to purchase your house AKA call this number to sell your house/car ).
5. Then comes the "acts of terrorism" from people knifing your tires, keying your car, and so forth. To the lame bombs.
6. Finally comes all out war, when people give responses.


Look at this. One young man who is a college student, collecting cans for his grandmother who shops at the company store, being beaten down because he refused to leave of a receipt. Actually the two Asian/Latino officers did made him leave but decided to "trip him" to the floor and began beating on him, which led to more officers being called in. He was not violent at all, they just tripped him and then started to take turns abusing him. That is why they did not rush the officers, at all. They could have taken out all of these officers standing in a circle beating down the young man. Yet nobody did.

That is what they fear the most. All of these people prove the amount of racists still walking the earth who needs to be put out of their misery, because they will never wake up and realize everybody is the same human being.

Everybody brainwashed omgsh here comes the Titan, omgsh here comes the man of Earth, we need to send out of the wooden Soilders who are painted white no doubt......just like Huckle-Berry-Finn.
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Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 11:01 am
The gun loonies think it's acceptable for other peoples children to die so they can hold on to the one piece of protection they admire, in other words, offend me and you will die. See, look at my big powerful gun!!!!!! I might be nuts, but I get to buy huge guns.
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Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 12:25 pm
If you actually read up on these so called shootings "which the media marketed 27" you would read that most of them have nothing to do with "school shootings" for the most asides for people planning shootings around events or even post/pre graduation.

1. Gang related.

2. Discrimination

3. In places where "stand your ground law" still exists.

4. I mean seriously grand children of nutjobs being told to carry guns, or somewhere related to rapper, hip-hop, black on black gang violence bs.

Insanity ? I want you to actually read the list consisting of these alleged "shootings" and tell me how any of them will be solved via gun-control???

None dude....none. It is only going to continue and sooner your going to realize people rights are going to be taken away.

You think anybody is being saved? You think somebodies family, friends, and love ones will be spared because of these anti-gun laws? Remember DNA testing? That created an entire new "violent" action to add to the dish of charges created would reveal. It would be better that people just accept things, get along, promote men in a positive light, and keep our sons away from stupidity. However for some reason the family is too weak to act as one let alone a single parent who thinks they could make things better.

All that is being done is creating more covert ways of carrying malicious activity instead of actually solving the root problems, via a pacifist means. Meanwhile these imbeciles you see in office just continue to play puppet with our nation.

Just like the way the United States got rid of the British leading to the worlds first civil-war ( roll eyes ) where both sides used Guerrilla tactics.

That is where this is going. People will just invent new ways. Like the saying goes. "Turn on the music and everyone went insane"
Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 03:08 pm
MASS shootings, can't you read?
Shootings at schools, churchesa, businesses, birthday parties, barbecues, Walmaarts, barsm clubs, drive-bys, road rage. massage parlors, nail salons, neighbor's yards, just murderous gun violence in general. Of course we can kill ioun other ways than with guns, so what? We've proved repeatedly over the las fiv
e th
Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 03:13 pm
continued/ five thousand years we are endlessly invent when it comes to ways to kill each other. but it got a whole lot easier with guns, and even easier and far more destructive with high velocity semi automatic weapons it IS the guns, stupid.
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Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 04:50 pm
Insanity ? I want you to actually read the list consisting of these alleged "shootings" and tell me how any of them will be solved via gun-control???

None dude....none. It is only going to continue and sooner your going to realize people rights are going to be taken away.
To answer your question, you would have to answer why the US has so many mass shootings compared to any other western country (many of whom have gun control). In my view it is:

- the number of guns per capita (which is related to other issues, like whether or not they are stored in safes, how easy they are to obtain illegally etc)
- border control (which relates to how easy they are to obtain illegally)
- Ease of Access to guns for nutbags
- the prevailing mentality of the population, or suffienct % mentality of the population who think any of the following:
... A. Guns solve problems (think about a nutbag thinking this;
... B. Guns are my right (think about a nutbag thinking this);
... C. they are trying to take away my civil rights (think about a nutbag thinking this, and the 'guns solve problems' attitude); Guns give me respect (only if you threaten to use them - though this is a misunderstanding of respect - think about nutbags who are constantly bagged for their nuttiness) etc
... D. the outrage of nutbags that people are trying to take away their right through gun control, combined with the outrage of others on the internet, works together to radicalise nutbags even further (from the 'guns give me respect / guns solve problems mentality)...

- in no other country is your argument a big issue (your 2nd ammendment); meaning in no other country is it debated so much, or so much in the peoples mind...meaning it is far less in the mind of nutbags, and not much to work with regarding radicalisation (to the point of a mass shooting)
- gun control is the most effective tool available to keep guns out of the hands of nutbags. When accepted it also means a much, much lower prevalence of 'guns solve problems / guns gain me respect' mentality.
- guns aren't easily accessible for them

Ie. in other countries (as a generalisation) I don't think it even crosses the minds of nutbags to go on a mass shooting rampage because it is nowhere near the forefront of their society's mind, and if they somehow did gain that mentality, they wouldn't have easy access to them. This in total means it rarely happens in other countries.

If I had to summarise - the fervent attitude that supports the 2nd ammendment without question, the 'debate' that causes as a society (combined - the sociatal mentallity), and the resultant ease of gun access, is what exists solely in the US in the lead to so many mass shootings.

Of course, that is only my opinion
Reply Sat 11 Jun, 2022 09:53 pm
The right to bear arms also refers to a well armed militia (before the US had a professional army), to protect against an England where the monarchy was far more influential than today’s basically ceremonial role, and was instituted when guns took a minute to load. It’s a lie that it’s required now, and has been bastardised far beyond its original purpose. They’re now little more than dick replacements.
Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 03:43 am
How many of you gun owners ever stop and say a prayer of thanks to all those brave children who have sacrificed their lives for your right to own a gun?
Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 09:05 am
What children?

"It’s a lie that it’s required now, and has been bastardised far beyond its original purpose."

The right to bare arms means that one day the government could make up a fake law as with the patriot act and anti-privacy in order to gain access to your home and further incarcerate you via the debt you already put yourself in. That being said appear before an unfair court without understanding and be told to accept that you did something wrong in which you did no harm to anybody at all, only via choice of other people.

It is when the pro Zionist Israelis decide to make pro Zionist US a thing, and further discriminate various forms of Christianity and Islam while selling your land out to Chinese debt holders who literally have no rights in their own nation. You see China does not want a train system built that connects to Hong Kong for ideal purposes. China wants it's built so when they go inside of the homes of these Hong Kong people, and separate them like cattle for breeding, for organ harvesting, for all the bs you hear from other communist nations like USSR territories and North Korea. That is what the so called "ruling class/sellouts" of China wants to do. Just like the wet markets featuring giant bears in tiny cages have.

Then one day that horror could come to the US, but it will not be in the form of violence ( at first ). It will be confusing paperwork like the type seen in the film "Brazil". Papers upon papers dropping the weight of so called services in order to cease peoples lives and turn them into debt puppets.

Like being pulled out of your home on sputnik day to peel potatoes. In fact if people in the US could work together to cleanse to debt that China has on the US everything would be okay and alright. Speaking of horror stories with Zionist Israel being used as a hub for fleeing ______ ( who live poor compare to their homes in the US ), the reality even in China Kosher foods are grown via their land ( no really Kosher food is grown in Mainland Asia check it out ).

That is the reality, that is one reason why we need guns to protect us from.
1. The day China uses debt to cease US land.
2. The day Zionist Israel becomes Zionist US.
3. The day they make up some act/law ( which they have in the past since 2001 ) to violate your privacy, or rights of something you do that is natural.
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 09:24 am
I mention the right to bare arms in my previous post.

When the US freed the slaves they did not give back money that those slave owners paid for those slaves. Abraham Lincoln did not own any slaves but his wife sure did. Before it came time to free the slaves he ( everyone else that knew it was coming ) made sure to sell their property off for something that was worth it AKA gold/silver, etc.

It created a new class of poverty stricken people in the South. Land owners with no workers to tilt the land, and crops unable to meet deadlines or picked at all.

Guns are and was seen as a type of value in the South. In fact more recent in the 1990's they had a trade in for weapons of any sort to get rebate for the value you trade in. Sad reality those guns meant fighting power and ability to defend yourself. My grandmothers father died of a broken heart because his son ( one of her brothers ) sold his prized possession. A gun that was handed down from father to son for generations. It was her families prized possession. The sad reality of respecting families nowadays is that people would trade in everything for nothing or be left with nothing.

We are living in a world where people are so stupid they are happy owning nothing, depending on services that are limited. They are happy living inside of a closet on top of a toilet seat.
Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 09:47 am
What if we mobilized the military just to walk the streets in areas where gun violence is high? Like literally have a bunch of military trucks and tanks roll around and make their presence known??? Would that be a deterrent enough to stop some shootings out doors???

United States was founded on Guerrilla warfare. If you take away rights instead of attempting to correct peoples method of thinking then your just creating more problems. The reality groups like Pro Zionist Israel, Red Han Chinese debt, and maybe even some other groups wants to confuse people in the USA so they could manipulate it to their own advantage. It is like a poor defenseless person asking for help when in reality they are a scorpion lying flat pretending to be dead waiting for prey to come to it's aid in order to strike it. This prohibition with guns will only make people purchase more weapons, and make puppet politicians look like they are doing something about the problem when they are doing nothing.

Be like "no more guns" while they have your son/brother on his heels, and your daughter/sister on her back. They do not care it is a waste of money, we need to change the method of thinking when it comes to gun and foster an environment where people could get along.

What mass shootings ? You have to look at the reason ( The root AKA Lowest common denominator ) of why things are.

Shootings at schools/political - usually involves political motivation, racism, ignorant parents who are unable to be open with their children ( vice versa ),.
Selfish people, possibly girls, and so forth. In India and Pakistan you have men who throw acid at women for refusing their marriage. In US you had mothers who boiled their children feet because they do not want them to run away from them, or even drown their babies because nobody cares. In Israel you have doctors/physicians who gave

churches - The only instance of churches is because they drop some stupid flags in the South or renamed some parks. I mean omgsh some guy got upset over that. Those flags stood there and nobody really care about them at all.
A black man was run over by a bunch of stereotypical N-words, just for wearing a confederate Uniform in defense of the flag. So we should bann all cars without computers to control us next ???? More rights taken away because of a piece of "pussi/bumba-cloth" was taken down from a pole ???
Does that make any sense?

businesses - We have supervisors who are stupor-visors. We have parents who are just the same. If an entire neighborhood needs to step in to talk to somebody and make sure they get back on their feet then they should.

birthday parties - Things happen.

barbecues - Method of thinking

Walmaarts - The reality walmart is the only place of congregation a low middle class person could afford in those areas so that is on them to secure the store. Till this day their are no cameras in the parking lots.

barsm clubs - It depends. The ones I went to will have a portable scanner.

drive-bys - That is a method of thinking, and could be corrected.

road rage - That is not going to stop somebody from coming out of the car with a baseball bat. I know what you mean already but again method of thinking that needs to be corrected.

massage parlors, nail salons - Again that is random and you can not jump to conclusions.

neighbor's yards - Well you have to do your research when buying property, or just save up for a pent house or apartment with garden front.
Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 09:53 am
PoliteMight wrote:

I mention the right to bare arms in my previous post.

They are happy living inside of a closet on top of a toilet seat.

There is nothing wrong with bare arms. Some people don't like sleeves.

What's a toilet seat doing in a closet? I, personally, do not know of anyone who lives in a closet. Perhaps you do?
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 09:58 am
PoliteMight wrote:

It is like a poor defenseless person asking for help when in reality they are a scorpion lying flat pretending to be dead waiting for prey to come to it's aid in order to strike it.

Be like "no more guns" while they have your son/brother on his heels, and your daughter/sister on her back.

Most of your posts are gibberish and I won't even get into your spelling and grammar.
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 03:26 pm
What complete gibberish. Trump voters are so easy to pick
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Region Philbis
Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 04:02 pm

better than nothing, i guess...

Bipartisan group of senators announces agreement on gun control

A bipartisan group of senators announced an agreement on principle for gun safety legislation Sunday, which includes "needed mental health resources, improves school safety and support for students, and helps ensure dangerous criminals and those who are adjudicated as mentally ill can't purchase weapons," they said in a statement.

Notably, the announcement includes the support of 10 Republican senators, which would give the proposal enough support to overcome the Senate filibuster. The agreement is significant given how divided lawmakers have been over the gun issue, but the actual legislative text is not yet written.

The proposal includes support for state crisis intervention orders, funding for school safety resources, an enhanced review process for buyers under the age of 21 and penalties for straw purchasing.

Critically, the legislation includes a so-called red flag provision, with the government providing "resources to states and tribes to create and administer laws that help ensure deadly weapons are kept out of the hands of individuals whom a court has determined to be a significant danger to themselves or others," according to the release. The proposal would also include "major investments to increase access to mental health and suicide prevention programs; and other support services available in the community, including crisis and trauma intervention and recovery."
Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 04:13 pm
@Region Philbis,
So they did nothing I guess. I mean honestly all they did was raise the age of buying a gun to 21. But again that makes no sense at all in my opinion.

Why can't we have random psychological examinations for any officer that carries a firearm in the United States added since the George Floyd murderer???

I find this to be stupid. All they wrote was "You can not buy the gun and nobody can buy it for you". That is basically protecting the Gun Companies without solving the problem with Method of thinking ( Mental state of anybody with a gun ).
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2022 09:10 pm
@Region Philbis,
The gun psychos control congress, so all we're left with is piecemeal legislation that hardly begins to well regulate the keeping and bearing of arms.

We need to ban assault weapons, establish a national registry for gun ownership, restrict the manufacturing of guns, and restrict the total number of owned guns per individual.

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