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Fri 2 Oct, 2015 05:22 pm - Temperature doesn't change during phase change. The amount of energy is the product of the mass and the specific heat of that phase change. Rap (view)
Fri 24 Jul, 2015 03:57 am - Colddoperino that is the most salient response that you've ever made on this board. Keep up the good work, Doperino - Rap (view)
Wed 22 Jul, 2015 07:06 am - [url=]Georgia Military Shooting: Gainesville Recruiter Shot Himself Accidentally 24... (view)
Tue 21 Jul, 2015 11:46 pm - Whatta collection of clowns [img][/img] Rap (view)
Tue 21 Jul, 2015 02:13 pm - Are you in Texas? If your in Texas they're part of the Jade Helm conspiracy. They're benchmarks that tie together all the abandoned WallMarts to the Federal Troops doing terrorism... (view)
Tue 21 Jul, 2015 02:08 pm - It's easy to ignore anything when you have your head jambed up your ass, right ColdDoperino. You're well practiced in that tactic==== Rap (view)
Tue 21 Jul, 2015 09:29 am - Nopper Cold--you missed it again (as usual) Doperino you gotta minus five ([size=200][color=#FF4040]-5[/color][/size]) Hee Hee Hee You are so phuquing easy. Rap (view)
Tue 21 Jul, 2015 01:23 am - The cylinders spin and the boundary layer separates farther on the side where relative velocity is maximized. It's called the Magnus Effect and its the secret of the curve ball in baseball.... (view)
Mon 20 Jul, 2015 04:47 pm - 21st century sailboat---not as pretty but interesting technology. [img][/img] Rap (view)
Mon 20 Jul, 2015 09:37 am - The Big Tent--AKA known as DIA. [img][/img] Rap (view)
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