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I am a free speech absolutist.

able2know continually censors what I have to say, and deletes my comments for no other reason than it goes against their politics and ideology.

I have received multiple bans for years at a time because A2K fears me speaking the truth.

able2know allows many, many abusive tags to be attached to my thread topics by other users who have repeatedly broken A2K's rules on trolling, name calling, harassment, and bullying. These tags have never been removed, and the users have not been reprimanded.

Literally everything here is selectively enforced against certain members and completely looked the other way and ignored when certain other members do it, repeatedly. Solely based on ideology.

Things like "trolling" are based on whether the member in question is expressing views the leftists that run this site approve of or not. There are no objective standards that are enforced here whatsoever.

No admin support is available if I try to contact

I even updated my email address here and keep checking the spam folder, nothing.

No matter how many times I message support, I get no response at all.

Then the admins block me from commenting on other threads simply for things like asking how to contact support admins.

Every single one of my older threads, even the milktoast ones, have been permanently locked.

A2K has no integrity, no objective standards in regards to fairness for members, and no respect for the 1st amendment.
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Thu 16 Apr, 2020 05:08 pm - this is my old handle. Also, I just followed you layman. You're one of the only honest people on this site. I'm sorry you get so much abuse for being honest. (view)
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Thu 16 Apr, 2020 02:10 pm - hi Izzy! did you miss me sweetheart? :mrgreen: (view)
Thu 16 Apr, 2020 02:08 pm - Who hurt you? (view)
Thu 16 Apr, 2020 01:02 pm - the downvote abuse of conservatives hasn't changed one bit since I've been gone from a2k (view)
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