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Sun 9 Jun, 2019 02:40 pm - [quote="coldjoint"] [quote]that inspires fear in the hearts of non-Muslims. [/quote] [color=#FF00FF]That is exactly what it, Islam, is intended to do, and says so.[/color]... (view)
Sun 9 Jun, 2019 01:55 pm - [quote="coldjoint"] [quote]So now ask yourself whether the Quran verses you've read are sufficient to bless you with grace of fear, that you might begin to seek, find, and believe?... (view)
Sun 9 Jun, 2019 12:28 am - [quote="coldjoint"] [quote]I'm aware that Islam uses very rigorous language against sin and sinners, [b]but the purpose of that depends on your POV. [/b]To me it is mainly about... (view)
Sat 8 Jun, 2019 09:34 pm - [quote="coldjoint"] [quote]why do you think terrorists/killers are honest about their real motives when they commit these highly publicized acts?[/quote] [color=#FF00FF]Because terror... (view)
Sat 8 Jun, 2019 08:17 pm - [quote="coldjoint"] [color=#FF00FF]Don't hear to much of this on the MSM. If anyone is keeping track of a problem people deny exists.[/color]... (view)
Sat 8 Jun, 2019 04:19 pm - [quote="lmur"] It strikes me that you may have no idealogical issue with the elimination of oligarchical hegemony but rather the replacement mechanisms. Open to correction, obviously.... (view)
Sat 8 Jun, 2019 10:56 am - Every habit, including mental habits like thinking in terms of vulgarity, can become addictive. People who get used to vulgarity find it boring to listen to clean language. It impairs there... (view)
Sat 8 Jun, 2019 10:50 am - [quote="Lash"] I used to read your posts when you first arrived, but each time, I’ve found them to begin with some peripheral or unrelated premise which then meanders off into some... (view)
Sat 8 Jun, 2019 10:26 am - [quote="Lash"] The word socialism is being used to scare you. I keep hearing a lot about... (view)
Sat 8 Jun, 2019 09:28 am - [quote="Lash"] ‘Socialism’ has been the boogeyman in this country since McCarthyism—even though the US has several popular, helpful policies taken from the socialist... (view)
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