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Tue 10 Dec, 2019 03:05 pm - [quote="vikorr"] [quote] Truth happens at the level of information, not the level of the person telling the truth. [/quote]By the way, there are two types of truth. Factual truth, and... (view)
Tue 10 Dec, 2019 05:36 am - [quote="coldjoint"] [quote]In short, you can stop supporting the illusion of functional representative democracy by not giving your vote to a dysfunctional system. [/quote]... (view)
Tue 10 Dec, 2019 05:28 am - [quote="vikorr"] [quote]You have to understand honesty at a general level to apply it to the task of ascertaining what is intellectually honest and what is intellectually... (view)
Mon 9 Dec, 2019 06:01 pm - [quote="coldjoint"] [quote]I may choose simply to not cast a vote for president.[/quote] [color=#FF00FF]Then you shouldn't complain.[/color] [/quote] That's an old line to... (view)
Mon 9 Dec, 2019 05:58 pm - [quote="vikorr"] [quote]Honesty means more than telling the truth. It also means being an honest person in terms of not stealing, behaving maliciously, etc.[/quote]Not Stealing? We both... (view)
Sun 8 Dec, 2019 09:09 am - [quote="MontereyJack"] you've said it, but so far no one agrees with you. It's government that's got to make the chsnge haopoen.There's no way we can drive green... (view)
Sun 8 Dec, 2019 08:51 am - [quote="vikorr"] [quote]'Honesty' is a true orientation. [/quote]"True Orientation" is a problematic phrase. It leaves you going 'what exactly does a true... (view)
Sat 7 Dec, 2019 09:50 pm - [quote="vikorr"] [quote]You have recoded 'honesty' to mean something different than it means. [/quote]Not at all. Truth and honesty are two different things. You can deceive... (view)
Sat 7 Dec, 2019 06:43 pm - [quote="farmerman"] funny, I think that you dont seem to understand the concept of discussion. My response was perfectly in line between hightor and yours. [/quote] Except that my... (view)
Sat 7 Dec, 2019 06:40 pm - [quote="vikorr"] [quote]I've given the example many times of how your view of marriage for heterosexuals and not homosexuals as inconsistent and hypocritical as not being... (view)
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