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Thu 20 Feb, 2020 05:33 pm - [quote="oralloy"] [quote="livinglava"]The solar system works fine. The Earth has sustainable biological ecosystems and atmospheric/geological cycles that keep its climate more... (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 03:53 pm - [quote="oralloy"] There is no need to constrain our energy use. If we drastically increase our energy use, the waste heat could be countered by blocking more sunlight. [/quote]... (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 03:16 pm - [quote="Olivier5"] At the moment, the main threat to our survival is climate change. Let's deal with that first. [/quote] That's correct. Everything done on Earth has to fit... (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 02:51 pm - [quote="coldjoint"] [quote]I once knew a guy who would invite Jehovah's Witnesses inside to pitch their views only so he could shoot them down. He wouldn't actually listen to... (view)
Wed 19 Feb, 2020 05:51 pm - [quote="hingehead"] Pro Tip "You have to understand" Is not how you start a proof - or even a convincing argument. Redefining terms for your own purposes isn't a... (view)
Wed 19 Feb, 2020 05:45 pm - [quote="Real Music"] 1. Since [b][size=150]all of us[/size][/b] fly by jet air travel, how would this affect the little people and the elites any different?[/quote] Not everyone flies.... (view)
Wed 19 Feb, 2020 06:24 am - [quote="RABEL222"] If Trump gets a second term I have been told he is going declare all who have helped a immigrant enemies of the state and have all of us shot. Won't that make CJ,... (view)
Wed 19 Feb, 2020 06:18 am - [quote="hingehead"] Prove "Santa is a metaphorical descriptor for the Christmas spirt" [/quote] You have to understand 'spirit' as a form of culture, i.e.... (view)
Tue 18 Feb, 2020 06:59 am - [quote="Setanta"] You shouldn't shoot your mouth off when you don't know what you're talking about. Gravity is not some big magnet. It is an expression (and an imprecise... (view)
Tue 18 Feb, 2020 06:42 am - [quote="farmerman"] [quote] it doesn't really work to just cultivate a biological-fit species and then introduce it into an unfamiliar environment. There has to be cultural... (view)
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