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Thu 20 Feb, 2020 06:25 pm - [color=#FF00FF]Looks like WP has to recycle news. Slow period?[/color] (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 06:08 pm - [quote]When you have a leader of the Stalin/Trump variety, you get this sort of thing[/quote] [color=#FF00FF]You missed the post saying Trump is nothing like Stalin? Looks like it. Sanders is much... (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 05:13 pm - [quote]Time for another propaganda video. [/quote] [color=#FF00FF]People do call it "Pallywood". The propaganda is all on you. [/color] (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 05:07 pm - [quote]That’s kabuki. [/quote] [color=#FF00FF]It is also the way it goes. How anyone can bitch about justice when it is mangled by the Democrats daily.[/color] (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 04:51 pm - [color=#FF00FF]What is this crap? Trump has the least to do with Epstein. This is over and done with as far as Trump being involved. :lol: [/color] (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 04:24 pm - [quote]That vote, in essence put the U.S. into a possibly irreversible coma. [/quote] [color=#FF00FF]A coma is preferable to what Democrats would do to this country. [/color] (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 04:19 pm - [quote]No, nor should they be. [/quote] [color=#FF00FF]They broke the law. Why are they special? That is one more thing that will garner votes for Trump. The dual justice system has pissed people... (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 04:15 pm - [quote]by oppressing Palestinians[/quote] [color=#FF00FF]There is no oppression. They are treated better in Israel than other ME countries unless they are killing people, then they are killed.... (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 03:46 pm - [quote]Says you. Next. [/quote] [color=#FF00FF]There is no next for the Palestinians. Either they make peace or they deal with Israel.[/color] (view)
Thu 20 Feb, 2020 12:28 pm - [quote]I am not dead! [/quote] [color=#FF00FF]Your right again.[/color] (view)
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