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So then, that Barney-fife-ass deputy sheriff came pounding on my door. I didn't open it. I just yelled "You got a warrant, pig?"

He said: This isn't an arrest, Layman, I just want to ask you a few questions. I stepped out on the porch, but said: "I aint got nuthin to say to you."

He asked: "Where were you at 3:00 A.M. this morning?" I said: "I don't rightly recall, but I can tell you where I wasn't. I wasn't at no warehouse at 3rd and Vine, loading flat screen TV's out of the back door on to my pick-up truck. I ain't sayin no more about nuthin."

He said: "We know you did it, Layman. We got your prints."

I laughed in his sorry face! I said: "Nice try, pig, but you ain't got shit. I wore gloves. Now git on out of here."

That's along about the time the damn fool hand-cuffed me. Ain't no thang. They can't make it stick.
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