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Mon 1 Jun, 2020 02:37 pm - It is not my position at all. That you need to misrepresent my position should be a clue to you that your own position is weak. (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 02:09 pm - I never advocated killing anyone for jaywalking. I spoke of killing people to protect the life of your pet. (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 01:58 pm - Wrong again. He told her that she wasn't going to like what he was about to do, and then he tried to lure her pet away. Defending your pet from a killer is not murder in any way. And... (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 01:50 pm - The fullest extent of the law for not leashing your dog in the park won't be more than a ticket. (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 01:47 pm - [quote="MontereyJack"]There is NO evidence his aim was anything other than trying to put the dog on a leash. That is entirely your own wildly unfounded malign opinion.[/quote] Wrong... (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 01:45 pm - Don't be silly. Not leashing your dog in the park doesn't warrant anything more than a ticket. You are just as much of a menace as this woman is because of your speeding and your... (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 01:36 pm - That's because her supposedly criminal action is a trivial offense. My reasoning does not justify killing someone for a trivial offense. It does justify killing someone to protect the life... (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 01:32 pm - No you weren't. People have every right to protect their pets when a black man tries to kill them. (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 01:31 pm - Wrong again. Gunning down black men who try to kill your pet isn't murder. People have the right to protect their pets. (view)
Mon 1 Jun, 2020 01:29 pm - Wrong again. When a black man tries to kill your pet, there is nothing racist about calling the police. There is also nothing wrong with gunning him down and slipping away undetected so that... (view)
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