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Thu 29 Jul, 2021 02:54 am - [quote="Real Music"][quote="maxdancona"]Any national healthcare system will involve health care rationing.[/quote] 1. I don't necessarily accept your assertion as being... (view)
Thu 29 Jul, 2021 01:48 am - [quote="maxdancona"]That being said, I find the "dew-point" another function of temperature and humidity to be more predictive of how miserable I am. But that is just my... (view)
Wed 28 Jul, 2021 08:14 pm - [quote="edgarblythe"]He is totally allowing apartheid.[/quote] Your neonazism is despicable. Shame on you! [quote="edgarblythe"]He could move our embassy back.[/quote]... (view)
Wed 28 Jul, 2021 08:13 pm - [quote="edgarblythe"]He can try harder to get those kids out of cages.[/quote] He's the one who put them there in the first place. Those kids are in cages because he [i]wants[/i]... (view)
Wed 28 Jul, 2021 07:43 pm - [quote="edgarblythe"]I consider this the acts of traitors and I would love to see all dealt with accordingly, from Trump on down.[/quote] Have I mentioned that progressivism is Stalinism? (view)
Wed 28 Jul, 2021 07:41 pm - [quote="MontereyJack"]Just did as I've done before.[/quote] Except you didn't. You merely pointed to truthful statements and falsely said that they are untrue.... (view)
Wed 28 Jul, 2021 07:40 pm - [quote="MontereyJack"]Trump supporters were in fact enemies of the state.[/quote] Progressivism is Stalinism. (view)
Wed 28 Jul, 2021 07:39 pm - [quote="MontereyJack"]I would appreciate it if you would stop lying about me.[/quote] Everything that I say is true. [quote="MontereyJack"]I have repeatedly pointed out... (view)
Wed 28 Jul, 2021 07:37 pm - [quote="MontereyJack"]Strange. Yours is the screen name that keeps coming up when people talk about toxicity.[/quote] Progressives hate anyone who posts facts and logic. (view)
Wed 28 Jul, 2021 01:53 am - The pressure on her must be enormous. I can't even imagine what it must be like. (view)
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