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Sun 16 Dec, 2018 09:37 am - [quote="farmerman"]youre getting on the boring side now.[/quote]I can only deliver facts to you. I can't make you like reality. [quote="farmerman"]You seem to be... (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 09:34 am - Refusing to believe reality doesn't make you a traitor. It makes you delusional. (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 09:27 am - All I'm doing is pointing out facts that make you unhappy. (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 08:00 am - [quote="farmerman"]PS, why are you afraid to know how many people are killed or injured in accidents and murders and the instruments involved??[/quote]I'm not. I use this knowledge... (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 07:59 am - [quote="farmerman"]one untrue thing is the part you ignored about who can the president fire.[/quote]The Constitution gives the President absolute power to fire anyone in the executive... (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 06:02 am - [quote="farmerman"]I understand why your head is so far up Trump's ass. You communicate in "NEWSPEAK" like he. He can look us in the eye and with complete sincerity, lie... (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 06:01 am - [quote="izzythepush"]Free people don't need guns.[/quote]You're thinking like a serf. Serfs are only allowed to have guns if their lords decide they "need" them.... (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 05:57 am - [quote="izzythepush"]Freedom is being able to choose your own government.[/quote]Freedom also includes the right to carry arms. (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 05:55 am - [quote="farmerman"]silly analogy. of course, then wed have 40000 killed by guns and maybe an additional 200 killed by knives for a total of 40200.[/quote]Wrong. If all of those people... (view)
Sun 16 Dec, 2018 05:43 am - Wrong. For the past 2600 years freedom has included the right to carry weapons for self defense. And as the only country in the world that protects this right, the US is the only country in the... (view)
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