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Fri 15 Jan, 2021 11:42 pm - [quote="MontereyJack"]getting kinda delusional here, eh?[/quote] That Republicans retaliate against Democrats is no delusion. Remember how the Democrats' blocking of W's... (view)
Fri 15 Jan, 2021 11:35 pm - [quote="TheCobbler"]The NRA Goes Down with Trump[/quote] The NRA is merely relocating to Texas. Mr. Trump is likely to win a second term in 2024.... (view)
Fri 15 Jan, 2021 08:18 pm - I dug up a couple articles from University of Michigan Public Radio from back in 2015 in my efforts to figure out the decision to not treat the water with orthophosphates:... (view)
Fri 15 Jan, 2021 08:11 pm - [quote="TheCobbler"][b]Ex-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder And 8 Others Criminally Charged In Flint Water Crisis[/b]... (view)
Fri 15 Jan, 2021 04:24 pm - I'm skeptical of the charges against most of the state officials. Most of them had nothing to do with the decision to not add orthophosphate to treat the water. I think the scrutiny should... (view)
Fri 15 Jan, 2021 01:55 am - Outlawing the Democratic Party will put an end to these abuses of power. And let's see about having Mr. Biden break that record. Let's see if we can impeach Mr. Biden five times in a... (view)
Fri 15 Jan, 2021 01:42 am - [quote="longjon"]What is it about basic math and logic that leftists have such difficulty with?[/quote] I don't think anyone knows. But progressives do manage to crash the economy... (view)
Fri 15 Jan, 2021 01:37 am - [quote="longjon"][quote]"Reality has a well-known liberal bias"[/quote] LOL! That's rich! according to who? [quote]Stephen Colbert[/quote] :lol: Oh, my apologies!... (view)
Fri 15 Jan, 2021 01:36 am - [quote="maxdancona"]"Reality has a well-known liberal bias" - Stephen Colbert[/quote] How come it's progressives (they do not deserve to be allowed to claim the title... (view)
Thu 14 Jan, 2021 06:45 pm - That is incorrect. "Saying that he cannot get anyone controversial confirmed" is not "saying that he has nominated someone who is controversial." I do sometimes misspeak,... (view)
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