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I hesitate to write about myself because I’d just as soon be perceived as just who I am in my answers; my background does not say much about who I am today. Still, just so I won’t look like an anonymous troll, here are the mundane things about me.

Drafted into the Army shortly after flunking out of college, I panicked and asked my first and only girlfriend of a few weeks to marry and she accepted. We had two wonderful daughters and lived unhappily together for fourteen years before divorcing. I was married twice more before deciding that I was unsuited for married life. I still love women anyway.

Was employed as an electrical engineer by Sperry Univac/Unisys/Lockheed Martin for 20 years before leaving to start my own company building specialized parts for people who build their own airplanes. Flying has always been an interest (or possibly obsession). Actually, anything able to move under its own power fascinates me.

More significantly, ever since around age seven, the question of what life and “All This” is for has occupied most of my thinking from that time on. That is what motivates most of my posts here on A2K.

While killing time here on Earth I enjoy auto, motorcycle and air racing, building things of all kinds (built all but one of the houses I’ve lived in), long road trips, reading, programming, and music. And of course talking theology/philosophy.
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Tue 8 Sep, 2020 12:26 pm - A ship in port is safe, But that is not what ships are for. Still working on my airship in hopes of a voyage before winter. (view)
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