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Regular folks don't get no respect. Maybe I can change that.

A lot of folks don't realize that neo is my sock puppet. I do most of my talking through him because I have a busy beer schedule.
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Sun 23 Jul, 2017 11:17 pm - Don't know any bureaucrats, right? (view)
Wed 30 Dec, 2015 05:01 pm - Allow me to introduce myself. Neo is my sock puppet and I darn him when necessary. But were he ever to compose an incomprehensible sentence such as this: "No. I don't come here to... (view)
Tue 8 Dec, 2015 04:45 pm - I could have sworn I saw the letter 'e' (view)
Sat 5 Dec, 2015 03:34 pm - [quote=Tes yeux noirs]. . . the usual word to designate that keyboard operation is to call them "shifted". . . [/quote]Good point and well taken. But. You failed to note that neo is... (view)
Wed 18 Nov, 2015 07:54 pm - I don't know where you get these ideas. [quote]Daniel 9:27 "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the... (view)
Wed 18 Nov, 2015 07:33 pm - Sorry to hear that dj. My father is buried in Prescott. (view)
Fri 6 Nov, 2015 04:15 pm - What will your family think if you just check out on your terms? Last third of your life? Are you saying what comes next is, what? Crisco sandwich? I'm enjoying every minute of my... (view)
Mon 19 Oct, 2015 02:00 pm - [quote=parados]So there is evidence of evolution then. That means you are simply arguing that evolution can't occur often enough to cause new species[/quote]Big difference. Real big. (view)
Mon 19 Oct, 2015 01:49 pm - [quote=neologist] You know its wrong to rape. Do you really have to think about it?[/quote][quote=InfraBlue]I'm also neither Adam or Eve. [/quote]Good. I had hoped you would not have... (view)
Mon 19 Oct, 2015 01:44 pm - Are you saying we were created to manifest denominational dogma. Or, is that part of the imperfection that has crept in since the rebellion? (view)
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