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I'm a golf nut. Retired and playing 5 times a week. About 200 rounds last year--not bad for someone playing 100% of his rounds in New Jersey. But despite all the action, I still manage to play to a handicap in the high teens.

I write lots of letters to the editor and op ed pieces. I've had a letter published in The New York Times--and I was lucky enough a few years back to get a full page My Turn article in Newsweek. I've had hundreds of letters published in local newspapers--and have had tens of dozens of op ed essays and guest columns published also.

I also do crossword puzzles, much to my wife's dismay at night. I do at least one NY Times Sunday sized puzzle every day. (In pencil, with lots of erasures.)

I have become an agnostic activist because I truly think the world would be a better place if we all acknowledged our agnosticism. I believe, if you will excuse that seemingly incongruous expression, that everyone is an agnostic. It's just that we agnostics come in two categories--those who acknowledge that we don't know the answers to unanswerable questions; and those who pretend to know. That latter category includes the theists and the atheists (two sides of one coin)--both of whom suppose they know the answers to those unanswerable questions.
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