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Wed 12 May, 2021 02:34 pm - [quote="izzythepush"] The Cherokee trail of tears wasn’t about self defence. [/quote] You do know that many of those tribes had join in with your fellow English country men... (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 01:50 pm - So IZZY it is ok for the evil settlers to defend themselves? (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 12:43 pm - [quote="snood"] You ever notice how racists are hyper sensitive to being called racist, but completely insensitive about practicing racism? [/quote] LOL love it...........strange... (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 12:31 pm - LOL love the blind followers of the correct PC position that the Indians was poor helpless victims and not granting them their standing of being proud warriors instead. Of course it was not... (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 12:09 pm - [quote="izzythepush"] Or you could just carry on the way you’re going. Just don’t be surprised when someone calls you a racist. [/quote] I guess it not too surprising... (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 09:57 am - [quote="snood"] [quote="edgarblythe"] It's the blame the victim syndrome. Just like it is today. Trayvon Martin gets murdered. He automatically is designated a thug.... (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 09:46 am - LOL daring to take the position that Europeans are no more evil than any other group in world history seem enough to produce such nonsense claims or that the natives was not just peaceful nature... (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 08:38 am - [quote="izzythepush"] It’s not about facts, it’s about your interpretation of said facts. You are using the fact that the native Americans were less than perfect as... (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 08:26 am - [quote="hightor"] I'm well aware of those aspects of pre-Columbian native culture. And, as a counterpoint, not all the Euro invaders were racist murderers. But I don't see... (view)
Wed 12 May, 2021 08:09 am - One thing I find amazing in this thread is that facts does not matter at all not to the smallest degree if those facts does not totally support the idea that native american tribes was just victims... (view)
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