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January 2017: Last year, 2016, was a slow year for traveling. Went to Hawaii in January, and to Yosemite National Park in October for three days. Planning on returning to Hawaii in February 2017 for a couple of weeks, and probably to Cuba in October with my travel buddy, Alexander.
Was nice to hear from friends, especially from Bill and Randee (from Canada) now living in Malaysia.

It's now May 5, 2016, and we're planning our next trip to Hawaii on a Trafalgar three island tour for one week. Planning to take plenty of pictures. Hope to see Faith in Kona.

It's now Feb 6, 2016, and my first trip this year was to Hawaii with my wife. We stayed at my nephew's condo for eight nights, and we really enjoyed the warmth of the climate and the people - especially my sister's friends who invited us for lunch. I'm ready to return to Hawaii again this year.
Looks like 2015 is almost over. It's been another year, but without any travel.
At 80, I had some health issues, but all is fine as we approach the year end holidays.
Will be going to Hawaii next month (January) for one week to visit with my sister and her husband. Staying again at my nephew's condo in Waikiki.

Apple is building a saucer shaped building not far from our home that'll house over 12,000 workers. You can view it at <apple campus 2> on any browser. 2/6/2016: Update. They're now installing some of the windows. They're huge.

Anyone visiting San Francisco and wish to have a meet, please let me know.

Lost a good friend this year, Andy M. He will be missed.

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