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Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2021 04:14 pm
I am thinking about converting my audio tape recordings of dad to several USB devices. Each tape is 90 minutes long. How many tapes of 90 minutes each can be recorded into one USB device?
Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2021 04:24 pm
Depends on the size of the USB device. And it depends on the quality of the conversion. The lower the Kbps rate, the crappier the sound for the digital file.

It also looks like an hour long CD would convert to 600MB. It's safe to say, your cassette tapes will have smaller audio resolution. And since many USB drives are talking about GBs of storage? One or two 32 GB drives might even be overkill (depending on how many cassette tapes you're talking about).

Code:MP3 File Size Calculations
Kbps = bits per second / 8 = Bytes per second x 60 seconds = Bytes per minute x 60 minutes = Bytes per hour

Bitrate File size
per second File size
per minute File size
per hour
8 Kbps 1 KB 60 KB 3.6 MB
16 Kbps 2 KB 120 KB 7.2 MB
32 Kbps 4 KB 240 KB 14.4 MB
40 Kbps 5 KB 300 KB 18.0 MB
48 Kbps 6 KB 360 KB 21.6 MB
56 Kbps 7 KB 420 KB 25.2 MB
64 Kbps 8 KB 480 KB 28.8 MB
80 Kbps 10 KB 600 KB 36.0 MB
96 Kbps 12 KB 720 KB 43.2 MB
112 Kbps 14 KB 840 KB 50.4 MB
128 Kbps 16 KB 960 KB 57.6 MB
160 Kbps 20 KB 1.20 MB 72.0 MB
192 Kbps 24 KB 1.44 MB 86.4 MB
224 Kbps 28 KB 1.68 MB 100.8 MB
256 Kbps 32 KB 1.92 MB 115.2 MB
320 Kbps 40 KB 2.40 MB 144.0 MB
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I was thinking about 2 or 3 tapes at most per USB. Each tape is 90 minutes long. I know nothing about this, honestly. You talked about the Kpbs rate. What is that? You also said 600MB in your reply. What is that?

My dad passed away in April 2010. I have about 15 or 16 audio tapes. It was a project we started back in the 80s and 90s called LETTERS ON TAPE.

I would send my dad a letter via regular mail service with questions. He would be so gracious to reply by audio tape recordings. I want to listen to my dad again. What is the best option for me? The audio tapes are pretty old but in good condition.

You say?
Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2021 04:59 pm
A USB device has a size given in Gigabytes. You have to give more details. But lets take typical numbers

You can get a 16GB for under $10. You can record decent quality audio quality audio at about 1.92 MB per minute.

That means you will fit over 8300 minutes of audio. It sounds like that should be enough. You could easily fit all of your tapes and more on a single 16GB usb drive.

They sell 4GB drives which hold a quarter of the music but are more than a quarter of the price Even 4GB would be more than enough for 20 tapes.
Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2021 05:56 pm
Thank you. I will try to fit 4 audio tapes per USB. This is all I really care to do. Very informative reply. Thanks again.
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Reply Thu 9 Dec, 2021 07:27 pm
I just move hundreds of my music collection onto a 20 dollars MP3 player using only 7 GB of it 16 GB memory.

Compression rate of 128 bit/second which is plenty in my opinion for walk around music.

Technology is now amazing.
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