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I guess!
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Wolf ODonnell
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J_B wrote:
RexRed wrote:
What does happen when you get a blood transfusion does their DNA mix with yours?

No, the transfused cells circulate with your own, but the DNA does not mix.

Actually, the cells are removed from the transfused blood, as well as anything else. After all, the white blood cells of the host may react to anything in the donor blood and start immunorejecting any cells or foreign protein in the blood.

Unfortunately, somehow HIV can't be removed.
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I think we're talking about different cells, wolf. I was referring to the blood cells that are transfused. They circulate for up to 120 days along with the recipient's blood cells until they are destroyed by the R-E system as they age. Red cells are crossmatched for compatability before they are transfused and are not usually destroyed by the recipient's white cells.

HIV virus that is transfused does, in fact, integrate itself into the recipient's DNA, but it is not born on the red blood cells. Usually the source is plasma or white cells. HIV is continuously removed, but unfortunately the replication of the virus is so fast that the antibodies can't keep up. Also, the virus is continually changing itself to avoid being completely wiped out. The antibody production is specific to the virus as detected and continuous formation of antibodies do the best they can. That is why, in the early days before HIV cocktails, most HIV positive people eventually progressed to full blown AIDS. The immune system simply couldn't keep up.

Sorry for the thread detour, folks.
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