My fiancee of 4 years and togeather for 6 has been caught cyber cheating

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Fiancee of 4 years has been caught multiple times either on diffrent dating apps, facebook msg, social media accounts such as tik tok and instagram , txt, even selling her dirty underwear online. She was living in low income houseing and had an ex who was in jail for abuse. I was apprenticing and making good money in the city. But met her online and grew a soft spot for the kids. After a year of long distance we moved in togeather. It was a small town in the northern snowy climate. Well up there i provided threw saved money , family helping me us out , loans , and the scarce work i could muster up by hounding my boss at the time. She collect child tax and welfare. Once i got us a place in an aprtmnet , she was took of welfare so she had child tax coming in at that point. The idea was i would raise the kids with her and go to work , and she would be the stay at home mom. Even through the struggles we went from low incoming government housing , to an apartment , and fianally the last 4 months we lived in a full 2400 sqft rented house. I helped bring staibilty into the kids lives and hers. Work dried up and i wasnt gonna sit around and let us flounder . So i made some phone calls and got on the jon search. I lined work back up in the city and my parents gave us there basment suite in tell we could save some money and get a place on our own again. In the past 3.5 years of living back in the city work has been steady and i have provide an amazing wage for my family , ($ 80,000 each ) the past 2 years. I work itleast 10-15 hours o/t minimum every pay check. So i feel in the trsditonal sense of a marrige / realtionship i am providing on my end plus some as i stated we have agreed she would be the stay at home mom well i worked and provided for us money wise.

So where our issues began about 1.5 in when i first moved up to live with her . She began going through my phone well i was sleeping and acussing me of msg other woman . Which she did find msg to other woman but from before we even dated ... and spam emails in my junk folder . Just random **** she began useing against me and stsrting fights. because of our money situation and trust issues she eventually convinced me that we both need acess to our phones and banking info, soical media passwords , ect. She began msg my friends threw my facebook and answer msg people had sent me. These where red flags buy because of her past realtionship and the trauma it caused, plus her less then steller up bringing i accpected people have faults and its something we will have to work on by building trust . So i went along with it . Eventually i found her with a dick pic in her msg box . And i confronted her about it. She said she cant control if guys are gonna harass her and that i dont have anything to worry about. It was in facebook , in her msg request box i couldnt disprove what she was saying but defentily felt she was lieing to me . I swolled my pride because at that point i had began this family and these kids needed a proper parent figure to guide them in life and i felt a moral duty to follow through with thst no matter the pain or suffering that the love i had for her could bring . So fastforward to us back living in the city . And she goes to show me a msg on her phone 1 day and its on facebook i see the man who sent the dick pic sitting in her online friends which told me she didnt block him like she said she had and she was communicating with him . I got mad and asked to see the msgs. She rulluctently showed me saying i was crazy . And it was the guy asking her for ass pictures. At the time she was clearly having a bad day so she told him to fxk off and she had kids to take care of . This tells me she was msg him at her conviance and she was having a hard time with kids abd didnt want to be pestered over a booty call and told him to fck off. So again she tried saying he was harassing her and she had no explantion for how he got unblocked but was adment he was just harassing her and beeing a pig. So i go okay well lets phkne the cops and make a report then . She admitlly refused and got mad when i did call them to our house. She deleted the convo they had , and wouldnt show the cops her phone . So they couldnt do anything . This again tells me she was fearful the cops could find the deleted msg if they prasued a harassment charge and didnt want to get in trouble for lieing because she in all reality was talking with him .

As these things start happening our life begins tumbling . She got pregnent and eventually lost him at 22 weeks. After that i began checking her phone as she would go through mine as i slept.(she never once found a txt or email , or facebook or social mexia msg to anyone. Only porn at times because of feeling inadequte , and un loved). She used me watching porn at times as saying i was cheating on her , even though she was setting up seeking accounts (sugar daddy / arragment website ) , pof, bumbble, tik tok, secret facebook and instagram accounts, all in attempts to talk sexually with other men . I got part 2 of this coming please chime in but i will explain more tomorrow , i will say she has been caught cheating multpile more times and there was pictures sent to other men . And i recently found it again .
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I don't want to be insulting, but I don't think you are very comfortable using English.
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bobsal u1553115
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Cyber break up with him.
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