A guy that I guess acts flirty, but it's naturally very extroverted

Reply Sat 10 Jun, 2023 08:45 pm
Hi, how are you?

I met this guy a few months ago, he is doing an internship in the place where I'm working until the end of the year. He is a very extroverted person. He has no fear to express feelings, so he's warm and expressive verbally and physically with everyone, all genders (basically, a very friendly person).

On the other hand, I'm a bit introverted and don't like physical touch until I am closer to another person, I'm not so talkative until people pass some kind of threshold. Then, I turn into a very affectionate person too.

We both get along very well, as he is very smart and talkative and it feels so easy to be with him. I like a lot his personality, I feel like he shines. I know that also there are things that I don't like so much, but right now I think that the things that I like are much more important than the others.

I'm asking for advice for the classical reason. I don't know whether he likes me or not, because he is so nice to me but he is naturally extroverted, and I don't know if it's only his way of being or If I'm special to him. I'm gonna tell you some things that he has done and make my heart race a little bit.

For example, I went on a work travel for two weeks. When I came back, he left a chocolate on my desk with a little post-it with "welcome" written on it. He gave me a strong hug when he saw me back, but I cannot tell if it was a strong one because of me or him.

He is willing to help me whenever I need it, without me asking for it. Is like he knows somehow...So I feel that he cares for me.

We talk in almost every pause I do (he is at my work twice a week, and I don't like to get distracted from what I'm doing, so I suppress the "urgency" that I feel to go to where is he and only talk to him at this moments). We laugh a lot together, he makes a lot of jokes and we have many types of conversations. He seems very interested in my thoughts and who I am, as he asks lots of questions about me (and that gave me the chance to return the questions). But I repeat, I don't know if this is part of his personality and it's driving me crazy because he is a person that's normally curious.

The last thing is what happened last night. We went to an event with some common friends. It was really freezing at night and even though I bundled up well, I was shivering with cold and not saying anything. He saw me and ask if I was very cold, so I nodded with my head. He came over to me, partially hugged me from behind with one arm, and began stroking my arms and back gently and tenderly, asking me if I was comfortable with that. I felt blushing and butterflies in my stomach, but I let him hug me and get closer because I really like him and I felt that it was a special moment (and I really was freezing too, so it was very nice). It didn't happen once, but twice. Later he traveled with me on the first bus and accompanied me to take the second and did the same while we were waiting. Honestly, I can't stop thinking about it and I felt myself falling in love more, the butterflies come back every time I remember it. He asked me to send him a text when I get home, and I thanked him for the company. He replied, "Thanks to you, for staying late (at the event) and also traveling with me. Double prize". My heart melted with that text.

I'm so afraid of these feelings, they came stronger each day that passes by. He is so sweet...And I don't know how to disambiguate if it's only a very nice guy or if these are signs of interest, due to my inexperience in this matter. I ask for your opinions and advice, what do you think and what would you do in my place.

Thank you all for reading!
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Sun 11 Jun, 2023 12:51 pm
Maybe if you give him a little peck on the cheek the next time he hugs you.
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